Wednesday, 28 July 2010

First monochromatic.

It's my first monochromatic outfit ever. That I built consciously I mean. I'n a lot into colour combinations lately and my wardrobe has expanded seriously. I discovered that the more I use what I have the more I love my clothes and the lass I need something more.
I also like the fact that the more energy I put into my blog and my hobby the better I become.

Feeling bad but looking good

Today was one of those days that I destroyed what I tried to build the days before. I tried to be kind and polite to my children to give the good example and get them trust me . Unfortunately today I blew it and I got angry and shouted at them and couldn't stop myself.
I felt so bad .I apologized and tomorrow is another day.
 A few words for the outfit now. Scarves make excellent belts and shoes in neutral shades truly
elongate the legs.

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Red power

viva la combination of red together with leopard print .It rocks and it takes a lady to do it well.

Keep my promise

I promised my self yesterday that I would wear something purple .So here it is .Purple tank top styled around my hand made skirt. I recently sew it and I extra enjoy wearing it.I plan to sew a few more .I already have the fabric that my sweet aunt gave me. As for every day moto I try to have fun and live and enjoy the moment. I also edit my book teach my 3 children English take care of the house and still have time to blog. Go me!!!!

PS Tomorrow I'll try something green.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Practice makes perfect

I'm amazed at how much easier it has become to keep a blog and chronicle my outfits almost every day. It becomes more valuable as the time goes by as I can see the changes in style and in the way my life goes.
I think that both are inseparable .
As for the piece of creativity today I matched this vintage hand made  by my mother belt with the flower of witch I love the colour .
The sandals are also hand made a greek type of shoe with a modern twist.

From now on I will choose an assinment and plan my next days outfit around a key word .Tomorrows is purple. I have the whole day musing over an outfit that has something purple.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Stylish yet simple

Sunny summer days are here and we enjoy summer in the city.My outfit for today is remixed and  kept it very simple but hopefully elegant.

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Yet another combination

I love how the stripes fit the gray cotton dress and how they much the pearls.So super simple and stylish.

Enjoying my clothes collection

After a winter of intense consumerism I finally arrived to the point of enjoying what I own without this   feeling of never being quite satisfied.

I mix and match a lot ,I do my own sewing if I want something new and my mum gave me plenty of lovely tops that are priceless to me and can never be found in stores.
I also enjoy reading blogs in my free time and get inspired. It's a hobby to me.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My favorite dress

 I sewed this dress about a month ago and it's the second dress I made .It was super easy for me and I got a lot of compliments.I'm thrilled because I'm no longer dependent on the retail shops.I don't like their policies .
I can always get fabric and make my own garments.It's definitely more creative and fun.

Moving up

Pattern and dots together is definitely an improvement up the ladder of style .It's super cute and moves along the retro theme (or so I think). shoes are super stylish and comfortable.

Retro inspired

After my recent trip in my hometown I became the proud owner of a variety of vintage clothing given to me by my mum .A lot of them is hand made by my aunt who being a professional sewer paid much attention to the fabric.I try to accommodate the clothes in my everyday wardrobe .The timing couldn't be better now that my interest in retro inspired clothes is roaring.
PS this lovely skirt is made by me following easy tutorials on the web.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Old clothes new ways part 2

Here is another summer dress that I shouldn't have bought .Was i blind when I tried it on? Why didn't I see how poorly sewn it was or how bad the patterns fall .Anyway ,I want to believe that wearing it over something white and belted is as good as it can be. The aspiring sewist has spoken << I will turn it into a skirt>>.

Old clothes new ways

I'm even more surprised as the time goes by because I seem to find combinations that didn't know were there.
That's the perfect example of a simple summer dress worn over an old white t shirt.Sprinkle with a bit of colour and there you are...presentable morning attire.

Now the sewist in me has plans of lengthening the skirt/dress by adding a nice piece of cloth!!!

Monday, 19 July 2010


This is a photo of my wardrobe. Why on earth do I get so much pleasure out of organising it ,looking for combinations of clothes ,wanting to know exactly what I own and then admire or just spend time looking at my clothes. Like they wishper stories to me or are about to make a revelation of some kind.

I will make a record of my summer wardrobe just because I like it.
black and beige retro inspired dress(self made) 20euro
little black dress(Marks &Spencer)45euro
printed linen dress retro inspired (self made)16euro
jersey patterned dress wrap around like(given to me)
white cotton blouse no sleeves(made by me)
white t shirt (given by my mom)
white shirt short sleeves(given to me by mummy)
red sripes t shirt(zara)10euro
blue checkered shirt(given by mom)
pink checkered shirt(given by you know who)
red checkered shirt (bershka)12euro
pink no sleeves blouse (given by mom)
yellow long sleeve cotton t shirt(zara)10euro
bright pink long sleeve cotton t shirt(zara)10euro
dusty red cardi(zara)10euro
black cardi (marks &spencer)35euro
patterned blouse(self made)5euro
liberty print camisole(hand made by my aunt)
floral cotton t shirt (zara)10euro
light blue top (hand made by my aunt)
bright pink camisole(given to me by mom)
dusty red camisole(given by mom)
dusty red lace top (given by mom)
 floral print skirt(self made)2.5euro
light denim skirt(zara)25euro
dark denim skirt(zara)35euro
dark denim skirt(max mara)70euro
dark denim trousers(levi's)90euro
light denim trousers(zara)19euro

The revelation is already made ...I have way too many tops ,I only have denim bottoms and I paid way too much money.