Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Catching up... Outfits #13# , #14# , #15#

An easy way to up lift this outfit. Just add a belt and a scarf!

Another belt and another scarf!!!

This time I went overboard. A belt  and a ...necklace !!! Just to remind me how lucky I am!

Friday, 26 November 2010

Stripes n' Flowers Outfit #12#

Today I simply wanted to wear stripes and I wanted to wear florals and I happened to have both.So, I threw them together and kept the rest simple!
That was a spontaneous outfit, all the rest until now I had somehow planned ahead.
There is a little something I've been meaning to ask you , do you always write what you wear ,you know the name of the brand...etc.Why you do that? And if you don't why not!I'm in two minds.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

No comments? Outfit #11#

I thought that the best part of the challenge would be the remix of clothing itself.But I was wrong!It's the comments! Almost like a random act of kindness your sweet,encouraging ,smart comments give me motivation .
And what's more,this exchange of comments builds up and some form of closeness happens with some of the bloggers! And this along with my family and friends makes everyday life a lot more rich and fun!!!
How do you feel about the comments you get? Do you feel a kind of connection with the bloggers you comment more or get the more comments from?

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

The crash test Outfit #10#

 Today a young boy at school told me that during the weekend he met a woman that looked like me .When I asked she looked like me exactly how, he replied that she wore well...(he paused to find the right word) exotic clothes.
Exotic how?I asked again.He said that she wore colors,skirts and colored tights.This innocent conversation got me thinking that  I dress outside the conventional way thus... the exotic.
But how far away have I gone down the road  of style ? Am I turning into someone funny ? Where is the thin line between personal style and turning into a weirdo? Do you ever worry about these things or is it the lack of shopping?

Sunday, 21 November 2010

My Fashion breakthrough Round up#1-8#

What I realised in this challenge until now is that
  • I've never worn so many pinks before in my life!
  • I've never used the same belt so many times!
  • I've never had my husband taken my photos before!
  • I've never been that organised before!!!
  • I only have 4 poses!

Friday, 19 November 2010

Take my time Outfit # 9

Keeping a blog has a lot to do with taking your time! 30 for 30 challenge has taught me that!
In the middle of the week I started feeling a pressure of posting one outfit a day. The thing is that each post needs time to brew as I like to say. From the selection of clothes to the take of photos, the editing and the actual writing is a lot of work and it takes time to be done.
I'm a working mother of 3 primary school children and I have that much time left. I was almost ready to quit but then I realised that we don't have a dead line and we can skip a few days if we are busy and that this challenge was about having fun with our clothes, not stress over it.
Have you faced similar problems?Do you post every day? Have you thought of quiting!

PS this is my first attempt with colored tights.What do you think?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

That's unfair Outfit # 8

Isn't it happiness when you meet someone new in the neighbourhood who turns out to be a great personality? What I mean by great is honest , unpretencious and creative. On to the outfit now.  In case you are wondering, my husband told me this morning that I look like a color  samplebook and he hasn't taken that back yet!!! I ,on the other hand think that I made good use of my LBD , my summer shirt and my black cardi, not to mention the belt and my favorite necklace! Are you reading my loved one? What do you think? Will you prove him wrong for me?

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

The Italian job Outfit # 7

This was a totally unexpected outfit. It wasn't planned or thought over like the rest of my outfits. I simply wanted to wear black today but don't look like a widow.
To my utter disapointment my husband said I looked like a gondolla boy feeling cold! I made a serious attempt to prove him wrong and I  loaded myself  with accessories.
Before I go out the door he said I looked classy!!! Men are so unpredictable!!!
Do the men in your life approve of your stylistic choices? Do they have a good sense of style that has saved your butt occassionally?Do they notice of the things you bring back  home?

P.S Yesterday wasn't my lucky day but it was an easygoing, productive, happy day I got to spend with the people I love! Isn't that luck after all!!!

Monday, 15 November 2010

My lucky number Outfit # 6

Six is my lucky number. Six was the date I was born and I'm telling you I'm a lucky woman! I hope this will be my lucky outfit. If so, I will wear it once a week!
It consists of a fairly simple colored sweater, one of the skirts I made myself , my trusted belt and a lovely scarf.
But are you familiar with the consept of lucky clothes? My husband wears a shirt he considers special every time he wants to make a deal. He swears it 's working everytime and he has yet to be proved wrong!
Do you have clothes or accessories that bring you luck? I will put this outfit to test and report back tomorrow. Have fun!!!

Friday, 12 November 2010

One more chance Outfit # 5

After almost a year in the fashion blogospher I'm under the (false maybe?) impression that you shouldn't wear florals in autumn.
Well,today I'm gonna break this rule (if it ever exists!!!)
This dress (yes,it's a dress)has made it's debut in spring and was worn most of the summer.I love the color so much  that I want to give it  one more chance before I put it away for the winter. See how good I am with my clothes?
Do you put your clothes away according to season or wear all of them all the time? How good are you with your clothes? Do you give them many chances before throw / keep away for some time?

Thursday, 11 November 2010

A special kind of magic Outfit #4

What kind of an outfit can be made out of a 4 year old capri, a 20 year old blouse made by my aunt, an old fashioned cardigan bought for a few euros in a local market and an impulse buy of shoes?
An outfit with personality. My personality! That's the kind of outfit you get when you remix the things you love!
Does the following happen to you? The more I remix the same clothes, the more I love them and the more I love them, the more creative I get in wearing them. Or is it just me?
If I'm allowed one style tip, this cardi is long but for today is nicely & carefully tacked under my brown belt!

capri zara, vintage blouse made by my aunt, shoes impulse buy

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I love Paris in Fall Outfit # 3

Pink and black is my favorite color combination. Every time I see both together I think of Paris. I still haven't been there because I'm afraid once I go there I'll want to stay forever! So getting dressed in what I think is French flair is the next best thing!
Do you also beleive that Paris is a magical place? Do you also think that women in Paris have the style gene inserted somehow in their DNA?

white shirt swapped, pink skirt mango, shoes bargain and loved , scarf lilalo (bought when deeply discounted)

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Sweet memories Outfit # 2

Yesterday,  I confessed how super organised I am when it comes to my clothes. I've already planned ahead all 30 of my outfits. It's a long list but I pick and choose as I wish every morning. Then I adjust, polish the look and I'm ready to go...and pose! After that, I'm off to work as fast as I can !
Today's special item is a purple top, which, I swear, I remember my mum wearing back in the 80s .It's pure silk and it has got the best shades of purple I've ever seen.
In an attempt to  impress you all, I did my double layer trick. I layered a top over a dress and  a  cardigan over the top. That's the next level in layering and in this way, I hope that I scored high in comfort and creativity!
What do you think of my outfit? Do you do the double layering thing? and the most important how far ahead are you in planning your outfits? I'm sooo curious!

black dress zara, silk tank top Louis Ferraud, cardigan zara cropped by me, shoes impulse buy

Monday, 8 November 2010

White canvas...fresh start Outfit #1

Hello fellow remixers, let the party begin!!! I was getting
a bit anxious as to what to pick for the first day but then I thought anxiety is out of the game. This is supposed to be fun! 
So, with no further a do, I grabbed the skirt I proudly sew a couple of weeks ago out of vintage fabric and my trusted black cardigan. Then, I added a bit of colour and a belt.You see, you can't go wrong with a bit of color and a belt. I put my favorite oxfords(too  fashion forward at the moment) , I took a pose and shoot! I wish I was that decisive with ...the rest of my life!
What do you think of my first outfit? Was it difficult for you to choose? Have you any stylistic advice to offer?

cardigan marks&spencer, red top zara, skirt i sew out of vintage fabric,shoes thrifted, belt... god knows

Saturday, 6 November 2010

30 for30





I'm over the top thrilled to participate in the fall 30for30 remix hosted by Kendi. I'm a big fan of remixing mainly because I have a large family to... feed  and there is never enough money but also because I want to be a responsible consumer and good role model to my kids.
By taking part I hope to push my boundaries in creativity , connect with other bloggers and keep an eye on what they do. I'm a bit anxious though, if I picked the right 30 but I guess I 'll have to wait until the challenge is over to know that! Happy remixing everyone!!!

Just checking if the colors blend well