Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Shirt wonder

I've worn this skirt (I made myself ) a couple of times but not with a shirt .My God, what a difference does it make!!!The two garments fit fantastically together.I am amazed how this white  shirt makes the look more grown up.I've seen young girls sporting this kind of skirt usually shorter but almost never pair it with a shirt.
So another stylistic problem solved.
On the real life front I'm still hunting for a house plus I organize our family life as tomorrow is the first day of the school year. So I will be working long hours again and it's still so hot I can only dream of the deep blue sea.

 These ballet flats are hand made by a local shoe maker and I have worn them to pieces.

Monday, 30 August 2010

White ,denim and gold .


Not an unusual outfit ,it will not rock the stylistic world but one with charm and class. Lately,I seem to be into shirts ,and amazed at how easily I can create outfits out of shirts. It gets a bit boring to say that a few years ago I wouldn't know what to do with them. White shirts are good as a canvas to accessorize .You can go over the top or keep it simple ,a white shirt won't mind.

I've used my colourful beads necklace and my shoes to bring some colour. other than that the day was busy with errands ,hunting for a house to rent ,Monday morning errands topped with high temperatures and 3 needy kids.Now that i think of it ,it's a wonder I even got dressed.

Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jungle chic

I hope i was decent enough when I went to the super market this morning. I'm not a big fun of animal printsbut they definitely add the wow factor to an outfit. I mixed my hippie beads into the outfit and put on my classy lady like shoes and I 'm pleased with the result.After all that's what counts,ain't it?

Friday, 27 August 2010

My cotton T shirt collection

I bought these cuties 3 summers ago .It was one of my first conscious buys .I was shopping for basics and it was the first time I bought something red since I was a kid.I wear those two hard and every time I do my face lights up.Seriously.

I bought those from the same big retailer the same day as the ones before 3 summers ago. Nude shades were big hit this summer.They have proved quite versatile basic pieces and because this shade doesn't really compliment my skin   I often wear them with colourful scarves.The third one makes for good preppy styles that i love.

Guess what !!! I bought this super nice green top the same day ,same place as the ones above. that much you can tell. What you cannot tell is how supple is the weave of those T shirts. They are thick enough to fold  my body nicely  and thin enough that I can wear during the hot summer months.

Although navy blue is a basic easy colour I don't make much use of it .Maybe I should try harder bacause the fit of this cotton t shirt is really good. I take notice.

White,way basic and I have worn it a million times.I bought it the same day as the ones above and it was the best stylistic decision I've made so far as these t shirts have proved the back bone of my wardrobe.

My tank top collection

This is my favourite tank top.It has a powder pink colour shade that I adore and it fits well with black. Pink and black a really strong combo.
I've worn it well through the winter as underwear and in the summer as a basic.I love this piece.

This is my second best tank top and the reason is it fits me perfectly. It was bought in a big retail shop but it is supreme quality.The colour is rich and among my favourites. It has served me really well until now.

This is my basic black tank top.Really versatile and good quality cotton.It was given to me by my sister in law about a year ago.I like it and use it often even though it's a bit on the loose side.

The brown tank top is the last one I acquired .It was given to me by my mother in the beginning of the summer.I like the colour of it but it's polyester and I don't like the feel of it as it gets sticky when it is hot.So, I only wear it in the evenings and only for a couple of hours.

 My blue tank top fits me well and it's a great colour but it shows signs of wear and  I'm gonna have to replace it soon. It also spots a small hole when my younger son decided to... bite it.What was he thinking?

This is my light pink tank top that I haven't figured out how to style yet. It was given  to me by my mum recently and I 'll use it as a layering piece in the winter .It's polyester and thus very warm for the summer.

With  the gray tank top my collection is complete and serves me well. I haven't used this one as much because I'm not a great fan of gray but  it's a good solid basic and it's turn will come.

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Hot heels

Lately I seem to wear more of my heels.And guess what .The more I wear them the more I'm able to walk on them. So the rule practice makes perfect allies to heels ,too. How is it that I had never thought of it?
Other than that I make use of the clothes my mum handed me (Thanks mum).They all have a vintage feel to them and some date actually back to the 70's or 80's.
Like this pink camisole which is hand made by my aunt and I remember my mum wearing it when I was younger.By the way camisoles are so versatile once you get the hang of layering.
Shoes are cheapish and not good quality but the design is sooo good and they look great.

All in all I'm happy with what I do with my wardrobe.I live it more and more and I don't feel like buying more stuff.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

shirt with a twist

When my mum handed me this shirt I knew it would be difficult to style it but I was up for the challenge. It must be a shirt for men but it brings a vintage feel to it.
The pattern of the shirt screams for denim and the white tank seemed the only option to team the two together.It served me well for an errand day in town with the kids.
Not that anyone cares a) but to my surprise I could walk on those heels and b)I'm into mixing my necklaces to get a more interesting result.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

preppy style

This skirt has been proved very versatile .The white belt was bought 2years ago and I always knew that it was keeper but I couldn't find a way to incorporate it to my wardrobe.I'm sure I will find more than one.
The preppy bit is the pearls and pink shirt.
Nude shades on shoes really look great for legs.

Come back

Today was the return from holidays. We spend as a family 3 weeks in a summer resort in Crete. It was the first family holiday that I really relaxed since my kids were born.I read 5 books. That says it all.I think this skirt fits better with the top belted above the skirt .