Sunday, 31 July 2016

Basic black dress

           This is the outfit I came up with today. As you can see it wasn't much of a trouble.

            Basic black dress/ Kourbella    slippers/ Zara      head scarf/ Sradivarious  bag/Thiros

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A basic outfit

Terribly basic black pants and terribly bored teenage boy. The first can make my life oh! so easy and the second can make my life oh! so difficult.

                                shoes/grey tshirt are from Zara     pants/ Stradivarious  

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

New bag

Another simple on the go outfit. Silk plain top and my favorite black pants. Instant elegant outfit!

But this post is about my new bag. After my last bag was down to pieces I had to buy a new one. Did you notice? I had wasn't an impulse buy but one out of nessesity. A glimpse of my old bag when it was still new

My new bag is by a Greek company called Thiros and is very elegant, modern and easy to carry. It's good quality fake leather and has pockets in all the right places!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

How to wear a crochet top over 40

The outfit today is built around  the black cotton top which is made with the fillet crochet technique. I made it last winter and totally enjoyed the process. A black tank top under it for obvious modesty reasons and a black tight skirt (modesty reasons gone with the wind) complement the look.

top/ made by me     skirt/ Pull&Bear shoes/ Bershka  necklace/ made by me

I hope you can get a more clear view of the top in the photo below!

See you all over at Visible Monday to check each others outfits.

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Bermudas over 40

New denim bermuda and new haircut. I'm officially going back to the natural grey color of my hair.

I'm still in the process of simplifying my style and I'm sort of done with experimenting with my style.
 I've done that the years before. I now yearn for elegance and simplicity. 
Bermudas are a new style for me, very practical and I hope age appropriate.
Linking up with Visible Monday ,In the writer's closet

top/ Mango       Bermuda/M&S          shoes/Zara         banbana/Stradivarious

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Wear with pride

     All jewellery you see is hand made by me and I wear them with pride. Another thing I can say about this outfit is how nicely grey and yellow go together.

                                    tshirt/ZARA   pants/ CALZEDONIA    shoes/MOM SHOES

Ideal shirt

I could wear this shirt everyday and never get tired of the possibilities and the instant style it brings!

                                               shirt/ H&M     skirt/ZARA    shoes/Anesia  
It's Monday today so everybody meet up over at Pam's Visible Monday. See you there.

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Modern strippes

I fell in love with this tank top a while ago and bought it for just 1 euro! I wear a lot of tank tops in the summer as it gets terribly warm and occassionally terribly hot. This one has all colors of the rainbow which makes it so easy to combine.

tank top/ M&V    pants/ZARA     shoes/StOliver       bangles, necklace/ made by me

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Classic strippes

Recently, it's all about using what I have in my closet as a source of inspiration. I no longer spend time on the net to get inspired and pull looks together. I mostly care about what I have and how to make the most and best use. And although I don't have a large wardrobe ( downsized a lot) I still own enough to be able to put together numerous outfits. Frankly, more than I have occassions to wear.
Top/ Zara   pants/AnnaRiska   Scarf /Bershka    shoes/Zara

Ps  I'm into making my own jewellery at the moment, so I made supplies on beads in my favourite colors to keep me creatively busy.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tunics are cool

An inspired look , I love everything about it! Loose top and tight bottoms are so forgiving for the mature figure. Be on diet for ever, also helps!
Tunic from M&S and colored pants from ZARA


Olive green

I love to go monochromatic from time to time in other colors than black. Olive green is a new addition for my wardrobe but has potential and can be used as a basic. Other than that this outfit is a bit on the " I have to use as many of the clothes I have as possible in one outfit"side.

White to go

I was for decades a fan of black color. Although I adore colors I was a fan of black versus white. There is a huge amount of sophistication and practicality to black that is difficult to find in other colors. However, over the last year this has changed and I'm becoming a huge fun of white as well. It's just as sophisticated as black and practical,too if you have a number of white pieces and wash them all together in one go.It also helps if you buy multiples because white becomes yellowish quickly.

I noticed that white color lights up my face and makes it look younger and less tired. Plus, it is a great match to graphic patterns like this black and white pattern on the skirt I wear today. 

Basic dress

This black cotton dress is a newest addition to my closet. It's very minimal and absolutely matches all my accessories.                     
 (Yes, I'm so all over the place when it comes to matching my bed covers. Never have I managed a well matchy matchy made bed.)Not that I care much!

In this case accessories happen to be a thrifted scarf which echoes my love for equestrian style and a wooden colorful beads bracelet I also thrifted for 0,50cents but I know retails something between 16-20 euro. I have found that this kind of elastic bracelets get the most wear from me as they are very practical and don't get in the way when I'm busy.