Saturday, 6 April 2019

A week's of worth outfits and a comeback

 It's been a while but here I am again. Let's see if I will be here for a while. I want to. I went through a tough minimalist phase only to return to thrifting and enrich my minimal wardrobe so that I can be more true to my style.
And have something to talk about because minimal is self explanatory.
So in my today's outfit I wear 2 dresses on top of each other and enjoy the contrast.I top both with a short denim vest hand down to my daughter from one of her friends. 
I wore it to give me a bit of shape and to add interest to the black and white dress. i'm happy with the end result.
Out dress/ Julia Bergovich inner dress/ Primark  Denim jacket /Bershka scarf/thrifted bracelet/diy

  I love this new thrifted skirt in olive color. It's synthetic velvet and curdouroy mix and it feels sassy when I move.The musturd yellow top is a bit dramatic but hey! a girl has to wear everything she has one way or another! The short  cardigan Isuspect will be one of my favotite versatile pieces. it's neutral and defines my upper body in a way I like.
               Skitrt and cardigan / thrifted the same day necklace/gift from mum

  Cold day so I had to pile up but not get lost in my clothes. So, I wore my new jacket which is very warm and elegant and I tried my new vest to give my cashmere turtleneck definition. And yes, the skirt is new and thrifted. Someone has been out there thrifting!

On day 4 I wore color and only  of the clothes is thrifted the tank top you see coming out of the knitted by my mother sweater. The cardi is very neutral grey and compliment my grey jeans and grey hair.
Cardigan /H&M  jeans/Bershka tank / thrifted sweater /knitted by my mum jewellery diy by me shoes Marks& Spencer bag/Doca