Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Mum's woolen sweater

This is me sporting my new knit edition of a top specially made for me by mum . It's simple , it's soft and calls to be reproduced in all colors. That's the things that inspire me now and there seems to be no end to the inspiration.

All I need is yarn that can be bought in bulk via the net in good prices and lots of my time and my creativity and I can come up with gorgeous stuff.
Gosh!!! Do you think I need to come down a bit??? I'm searching the blogs and bookmark all sorts of lovely projects and I pray to the self dicipline gods to take care of me and bless me with some hard work attitude.

 In the main time I wear anything knitted I own and like I said I will soon knit me a simple bolero. I have found the pattern but I can't decide on the color of it.

 In the granny squares part I have already made 50 squares and I still have to make 50 more and then connect them. It's much work but I only take pleasure in doing it.
Have a nice mid week and excuse my not posting often but family life comes the moment.

Friday, 16 November 2012

How to refashion a tray...with lots of love

 I had the tray for 4years and I had the adhesive paper collecting dust for 3 years but it wasn't until today that i thought of putting them together . Oh ! wild winds of inspiration...

But it only took a nano second to decide how to use this refashioned tray !!!

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Love this vase?

Are you in for a little bit of no money  decoration? Well , while I was freshing up the rooms I gathered a few items like some string, a doilly I recently made and an old ugly glass vase. Plus flowers from my wild garden.

Just follow the photos. It's so easy....

Almost there

So much better now. You can use whatever piece of cloth and whatever glass thing like bottle or mason jar ...just use these simple steps.

Now stand up and go look around the house can even send me a link of what you transformed and I will post it.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

My first granny square ever

Today feels like a very special day for me because I made my first granny square ever. Something deep inside tells me it is the first one of a large number of granny squares that I will make.
For those of you who have been visiting my blog for a while you know how much I longed for a creative outlet and you understand how greatful I am I found one in the shape of crochet.

It's not an exageration to say that it can even make all the difference between going crazy and keep my posititive outlook for life.
But what is amazing and gives me hope is that many others I know are taking up crochet or knitting I suppose for the same reasons I do.
In my home town many speed course groups for crochet /knitting/sewing are formed and already in my school we are 3 teachers proudly presenting each other our production.

 I may be over positive or wrong but I think that people who have been desperate and have lost hope they slowly make small steps to change their attitude and how they feel even if it is with crochet. It's sort of babysteps for a whole nation to find ways to go out of this crisis. Who knew crochet can even be a political action.

 As the day progresses I make more and more squares and I'm amazed at how quickly they go and how happy I get when I finish one.

 The kitchen table looks like this and I find this photo so symbolic of how technology and tradition when combined in a good way can change peoples lives for the best.If it wasn't for the web which is a great resource of tutorials and inspiration I wouln't have loved crochet so much.

At this point I have to give credits to mickeyssmail for the great tutorial I used to make my first granny square. I wish you all a great rest of the week and make sure to get involved in something creative ....just to keep sane in these crazy times.

Monday, 12 November 2012

Wool happy

 Today , I'm super excited bacause I bought my first collection of wool in several beautiful colors. I get so happy even by looking at them. All ideas and beautiful project are running through my head and I just have to make a little organising as to what I want to do first. 
What I already know for sure is that I want to make things to decorate my house and turn it into a small sanctuary.

 In the main time I got inspired and made a small flower garland to decorate my daughter's room. I saw something similar on the web and I tried a few stiches to have a similar result.

Finally I want to share with you how I looked today while teaching in my preppy look and equestrian scarf

                                          plus you get to see my new loafers

Have a great week and don't forget to visit Patti's blog fot the latest addition on Visible Monday !

Saturday, 10 November 2012

A great new adventure

Fashion me blog started as a blog primarily on clothes and has been a great outlet for my creativity since then. However , without me planning it , a brand new section has been added to my blog and that's about crochet.
I suspect that what happens in my country , Greece, has forced me to find a new creative way to keep sane and to celebrate my passion for life.

Everyday life has to go on , the kids have to be kissed goodnight and the laundry has to be done , no matter how terrible the situation is. Even more now my house must be a refuge away of it all . I have this urge to decorate and make beautiful every little corner of my house . I want , in a pressing way , to close the door of my house and leave everything behind. Suddenly relaxing in my house has become of great value. Simple things like electricity , the smell of food cooking , a warm house are not there for many of my fellow citizens. 

I only have words of gratitude that my family is safe for the moment .Crochet helps me a great deal because its repetitive moves sort of put me into trance and keep my mind empty or other times I get flooded with inspiration of great projects or ways I want my life to go.

Browsing through lovely crochet blogs on the internet I realised there are zillions of projects of crochet about clothes and accessories and I'm also becoming fascinating about knitting . And there seems to be no end about what  I can make. So I better go crochet for a while and I will keep you posted soon about my adventures. 

What I wore today??? Well , riding skinny pants , riding boots and my favorite scatf , pearl earrings and my Cartier like watch and yes, my nails are painted red... but you've seen me in these clothes many times before so you won't miss the photo.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

How I love to make things

What can a woman do with a piece of cloth and a bag of this fluffy stuff ???

Well, four pillows that will soon be covered with fabric and some kind of lace and will be given as presents to friends and relatives for the holidays coming

 This is my first doilly ever and although it's not perfect I feel proud first of all because I had to be disciplined to finish it and secondly because for the first tine I could sort of understand the instructions ...It was a big thing for me

I took the last two photos to illustrate that decoration on a shoestring is a new challenge for me and one that takes my fancyat the moment. Here , you can see a wine bottle in the middle that i painted white, a bouquet of wild oregano picked up by a friend and an elegant orange juice bottle that was brought home by elder son , filled with flowers from my garden.

I really think of making a collection of scarves and ballet flats and keep the rest of my clothes on a basic line and one of my future projects is to make my own bags.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

See what I've done?

By looking at the photo of my outfit I do hope that the scarf and the ballet flats qualify for my equestrian vibe for today. It's still very hot around here as you can see. I still wear short sleeves...I just couldn't add leather boots.

 So I opted for these really cute ballerinas although my husband believes they are more suitable for easter time.

                                                                    See how equestrian my scarf is?

On to my crochet projects now. First I present you with my new project that of the romantic pattern you see bellow. I plan to place this beauty when finished on my night table.

This yellow fillet (it depicts a lighthouse) I finished 10 days ago and I plan to put it on a pillow for a 2 year old along with the beret hat you see below.

 This last photo is about a piece I had made 2 years ago and because I am the queen of procastrination I haven't yet attached it to the bottom of a curtain .
Now I have to run back to crochet plus making a chocolate cake plus studying for school plus getting (mis) informed about the situation over here and in general multi tasking to make it through the day.