Saturday, 25 May 2019

Transitioning stylewise and weatherwise

Welcome back to another week of outfits! Little black dress has been a save that day little thing. It served as a bakground to my favorite and only checkered Shirt. Vintage cardigan and leather bag are presents from mum.

I must have felt adventurous the other day hence the far west vibe of my outfit. It was though one of my formula outfits that is a dress and my denim jacket on top. Works for an easy stylish outfit every time! Leather bag is new and the dress thrifted.

I've been secretely loving the twin set concept but wasn't so brave to try it in this modern world. But I did put my fears aside and I like the result! Classic! Skirt is thrifted!

This business woman look was a big hit with my students, I don't know why. Maybe they are showing me a more appropriate for me work path? Sometimes the less creative choices and obvious from my wardrobe are the best. Not that I will admit it! This jacket from Zara has proved a staple and I 'm considering to bring it to a tailor for a better fit.

Must have been a Thift Shop day and I rocked my thrift store finds. Not a bad monochromatic look. It looks better on the photo as I had to adjust the various parts all through the day.

Clean lines, simple colors and basic clothes help make the most elegant outfits. Period. I'm sold.

From now on you will hear me raving about white! How haven't I realised before how classy and elegant it looks. It elevates all outfits and makes me look more put together. I love white !

I bought me the other day a matching set of white bag and white shoes and one matching set of beige bag and beige shoes and matching belts and I  plan to be matchy matchy and not regret about it. It looks so proper and elegant and have never tried it before! White top is from Zara and dress is from Lacoste and I always enjoy wearing it.

Have a great week ahead! Stay blessed and creative and approach life with massive amounts of  gratitude!

Friday, 10 May 2019

In between weathers

This is probably the last heavy outfit for winter 2019! 
This heavy winter had finally ended and I can't wait to move to my favorite season of light layers! 
I'm determined to explore more feminine styles like skirts and dresses and light materials like lace details sported above!

Speaking about feminine touches what could be more appropriate than floral prints!
 Bright colors and romantic flowers along with a thrift store price tag is a woman''s best friend when it comes to renewing THE wardrobe for spring and summer!

The day called for a bit of covering as it got pretty chilly so out goes this light well fitted thrifted shirt with subtle flower pattern. The shirt however has an ill fitted neck line that I covered with my scarf . It has strippes in similar colors as the flowers.
The leather bag is a family vintage one and the knitted top is so vintage I used to wear it when I was 17 !
I hope the weather progresses nicely! Creative and productive times to you all!


Friday, 3 May 2019

Mix and match goes strong

 Welcome back to a new week of outfits!Mixing and layering feels so fresh and inspiring especially if most of the items are thrifted!

 This short sleeved light dress allows for layering a lace detailed long sleeved top I always had difficulty to wear. The chaki top layer keeps everything together and smooths the proportions!

My trusted black dress with grey top under it and grey vest on top of it! I love the possibilities!

Spring is around the corner and I love how the flowery top brings that in mind. However, the grey tones ask for a bit of patience before the weather really turns to spring!

All in all it was a good mix and match week! I had the chance to splurge on a few thrifted items and thus refresh my basic wardrobe! Till next time ...may we all get wiser!

Saturday, 6 April 2019

A week's of worth outfits and a comeback

 It's been a while but here I am again. Let's see if I will be here for a while. I want to. I went through a tough minimalist phase only to return to thrifting and enrich my minimal wardrobe so that I can be more true to my style.
And have something to talk about because minimal is self explanatory.
So in my today's outfit I wear 2 dresses on top of each other and enjoy the contrast.I top both with a short denim vest hand down to my daughter from one of her friends. 
I wore it to give me a bit of shape and to add interest to the black and white dress. i'm happy with the end result.
Out dress/ Julia Bergovich inner dress/ Primark  Denim jacket /Bershka scarf/thrifted bracelet/diy

  I love this new thrifted skirt in olive color. It's synthetic velvet and curdouroy mix and it feels sassy when I move.The musturd yellow top is a bit dramatic but hey! a girl has to wear everything she has one way or another! The short  cardigan Isuspect will be one of my favotite versatile pieces. it's neutral and defines my upper body in a way I like.
               Skitrt and cardigan / thrifted the same day necklace/gift from mum

  Cold day so I had to pile up but not get lost in my clothes. So, I wore my new jacket which is very warm and elegant and I tried my new vest to give my cashmere turtleneck definition. And yes, the skirt is new and thrifted. Someone has been out there thrifting!

On day 4 I wore color and only  of the clothes is thrifted the tank top you see coming out of the knitted by my mother sweater. The cardi is very neutral grey and compliment my grey jeans and grey hair.
Cardigan /H&M  jeans/Bershka tank / thrifted sweater /knitted by my mum jewellery diy by me shoes Marks& Spencer bag/Doca