Friday, 3 May 2019

Mix and match goes strong

 Welcome back to a new week of outfits!Mixing and layering feels so fresh and inspiring especially if most of the items are thrifted!

 This short sleeved light dress allows for layering a lace detailed long sleeved top I always had difficulty to wear. The chaki top layer keeps everything together and smooths the proportions!

My trusted black dress with grey top under it and grey vest on top of it! I love the possibilities!

Spring is around the corner and I love how the flowery top brings that in mind. However, the grey tones ask for a bit of patience before the weather really turns to spring!

All in all it was a good mix and match week! I had the chance to splurge on a few thrifted items and thus refresh my basic wardrobe! Till next time ...may we all get wiser!

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