Friday, 28 February 2014

So many influences

Wearing what you see below I went thrifting a I bought 3 tops and 1dress. Nothing strange so far. They caught my eye and I could visualise a couple of outfits with them.The strange thing is that 3the 3 out of 4 were hand sewn. I told you I sort of have a charisma for spotting hand sewn clothes.

 *black top Berska *tunic esmara * leggings chinese market *coat quasimodo *turban, brooch and bag crocheted by me *booties super moda recently bought  

                                                                     My comments
Today, I 'm 40s influenced from the waist up, 70s punk from waist down and hopelessly in need to work out those abs !

                                                              This is my crazy photographer

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Something old, something new

I don't know how to discribe the feeling but I feel so thrilled when I put together clothes I own for a long time with new ones. It's the mix that makes me feel rich not the money I pay.

When I thrift something for a few euros or wear a dress that I sew myself  I mutiply the choices to create new outfits  and it feels like I've spend hundreds of euro.

 *dress sewn by me a month ago, wool fabric vintage, pattern vintage Burda*shirt dress as shirt Zara equestrian theme 4years old, cardi Zara since 2009, new booties peather Palatino *mittens crocheted by me a month ago * leather bag gifted

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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Versatile shirt

With this shirt  falling apart I'm already on the lookout for a new one. One of the most versatile shirts ever. It seems to match almost everything I own.

*blue shirt H&M *brown vest crochet by * jacket chinese market * pleather skirt swapped *black leggings zara *scarf stradivarious.

Ι feel both embarassed and thrilled now that I can take mutiple photos. This way a better presentation of my outfit is possible and I can have a better judgement over my outfits and the way I look.

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Monday, 24 February 2014

Rain or not.....

Ι'm in half mind about my outfit. From the waist up I really like it. From the waist down my creativity deserted me. All in all it was an easy and practical outfit for a rainy day.

*shirt H&M thrifted ,* bat sleeve sweater thrifted * pants zara *leather bag gifted *necklace Stradivarious

Meet some more devoted bloggers having fun over at Pattie's. You will see so many more interesting outfits.

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Silk is for spring

Τhe camera settings failed me today but my pale blue silk shirt(bought for just 1euro) was a total success! Pale blue shirts are  mostly men's wear and mine is no exception but I hope that the lacey vest and the crocheted flowers fix this.

*men's silk shirt C&A, thrifted* lacey vest, thrifted * leggings, chinese market 6euro * shoes L&A * bag and flowers crocheted by me,*glasses Rayban

                                                               My comments
  • silk is a pleasure to wear
  • the lacey vest is so very versatile because the fabric underneath is visible which brings added interest to the outfit.
  • the pattern of my leggings is winter-y but my outfit looks springe -y

Saturday, 22 February 2014

I love this pattern

Ι was determined to make this shirt dress work today. I like the fabric and the color but the shape and the quality are non existant. The method today was ...dress equals white canvas accessories equal colors and shapes and that's how the painting turned out

*dress Berska 3years old but worn only a couple of times *belt massimo dutti on sale 3summers ago *scarf Stradivarious * leather bag gift from mum * pink flower crocheted by me

                                                                           My comments
  • More than the outfit, I experimented with my camera settings today and found out it has more potential than I thought. It's just a point and shoot camera but it got me some serious blogger photos.
  • I told you how the leopard ring fits everything. Do you believe me now? 
  • I think I love this dress because of the equestrian theme on the fabric and it's hard for me to give it away. Happy weekend to all.

Friday, 21 February 2014

New vest

Building different outfits every day and trying to use most of the clothes I have can be confusing sometimes. Inspiration from the blogosphere is welcome but sometimes blocks me because I tend to focus on the things I lack.
Lately, I have come up with a new to me method. I take a piece of clothing that grabs my attention and I throw it on the clothes hanging in my closet. More times than not interesting combinations happen and I add until I have an outfit that satisfies my mood for that day.
Today, I grabbed a black lacey vest which I thrifted recently and added until I got this outfit

*shirt Mango *lacey vest thrifted *summer pereo turned to scarf *flower brooch and bag crocheted by me *pants Zara *boots old *beaded bracelets 1euro shop

  Comments by me

  • I like how the colors of the bracelets and the scarf match
  • Τhe scarf makes me look taller
  • The lacey vest might look good over dresses.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

I love colors

Ιt was last week that I went thrifting after maybe half a year. I was more into crocheting and sewing and not so much into outfit creation. It was a succesful outing and I got hold of several pieces to inject new enthousiasm into my already big wardrobe. What I want to say in two words is that today's outfit was planned around this colorful thrifted tshirt (that was not 2 words)

 *denim shirt Berska  *colorful tshirt thrifted *jacket chinese market * denim pants levi's 100euro *jewels between 1and 5 euro *bag fullah sugar

                                                                             My comments
  • I loved mixing this burst of color for a tshirt. I already brainstorm a couple of outfits.
  • I like how the color of the tshirt goes with the color of my jacket.
  • I desperately need a new camera for my far shots mainly. 
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