Friday, 28 December 2012

One sweater ,two versions


White pants is a great option for the same old looks but with a twist . They certainly make my plain brown sweater look more special. I bought the sweater 10 years ago and it's a nice wool blend and warm chocolate color .What I still find amazing is how I can accessorise it so that it looks different. It's like a game I often play. I wore the blue version first but later in the morning I switched to pink. I had in mind to switch shoes ,too but I was in a hurry and already late for my appointment.
That's  me with a bit of make up. We don't get along as nicely  as I want but that's what new year resolutions are about. I will put make up in my to do list together with organising my time better and working harder and faster and procastrinate never.

That's my new project , the green one , that will eventually turn to a bag .If it works out I will make bags in all colors that match my wardrobe. As you can see my daughter is on the crochet wagon and although she isn't as much inspired as I am( truth be told) she does just fine.

This month is also the anniversary of my blog . It's my third full year of blogging and the most productive that far although I can see a swift in my interest. It's not only about style but also about crochet and other diy projects. I don't beleive that I would have discovered my creative fingerprint without blogging. I've grown in many ways trough blogging and I urge all of you to blog like crazy.
  I wish you all happy blogging and a Happy New Year!!!

Monday, 17 December 2012

Winter green

Well, because the weather is quite good I ventured wearing my green pants in a winter look. I've remixed my black cardi in a million ways and I find my white tshirt so easy to combine with everything ( the main reason I bought it). This is my basic wardrobe with a bit of color and a scarf and my favorite crochet ring I made yesterday.
I look with a bit of disappointment at my point and shoot camera that I will replace sometime but not soon. I have to make do with it for the time.
I can't wait to see more of what all you lovely ladies have to show on Pattie's blog for the Visible Monday series.

Saturday, 15 December 2012

I made myself a ring

 I'm both surprised and satisfied about this little ring
 If you weren't puzzled about how I managed to tangle my hands like this you would notice that my ring is made of a simple  crochet base of some kind and a button.
 And yes I made it yesterday while crocheting my stars . It was done in a hurry but there is plenty of potential , no one can deny this.

 And it certainly satisfies my need for something new that is both not pricey but still stylish( I hope at least) .
 And while I was at it , I made my daughter one ...
 And there is still a lot of wool and buttons at home to come up with more rings.
Happy weekend everyone! I wait for your comments.

Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas spirit

It all started with this little sketch to put me in the mood for Christmas.  I made it myself after consulting a how to sketch Christmas-y things on Google.

 Then ,  I got so passionate to crochet something myself for Christmas to send to 3 school bazzars . I found the designs you see above on Google again and got down to work.I have to give credits to this lovely lady for the tree and the star. Above you see how they look on my Christmas tree and below how they look all together.

I still have some more to make until I start my next project. On the everyday dressing front I'm pretty much loyal to the equestrian style but I plan to make some crocheted summer dresses to be well stocked for next summer.

Monday, 3 December 2012

My first crochet skirt ever

So , this is my first crochet skirt ever! As you can understand I'm so proud of making it. It's very basic but made a good impression today and I enjoyed wearing it! The color is a bit strong but tone it down with black and there I was comfortable with it!

You can have a closer look at the stiches and if you want to give it a try just follow the instructions here and before you know it you will be sporting a great crochet skirt.

As for me I go over to Pattie's blog and check all the lovely ladies there.

Sunday, 2 December 2012

A sort of a preview

 Hallo lovely ladies ...I'm still overwelmed with my enthousiasm for crochet and all things that can be made with some wool and a hook! It must be such an ancient form of art for women,too.
Anyway , I post today to show you the 3 projects I have on the way . The one above will soon be a very basic a line skirt . I hope that sometime next week it will be ready for styling and photos.
 This lovely brown mess will be an easy to wear bolero ,sleeveless but still warm since we have so high temperature still in Greece .It's a breeze to make's just my hands can't go faster!!!
You see this stick?  I will try and turn it into a hook . It gives me such a buzz to be able to make my own hooks in all sizes. See how it turns out and I might get some help from my husband.
Have a nice week you all and makes all the difference in everyday living.