Monday, 29 August 2011

Lace & black skirt

Minus the evening bag is this visible enough to wear while doing some errrands in the morning? Cause this is what I wore in the morning and during a visit to a new born together with my children inthe evening ! And it felt so comfortable and chic .
I've got a little story for the lace top to share. I found it while on holidays last year abandoned  on the beach. I didn't pick it up because someone might go look for it later . But the next day I was on the beach ,  it was still there so I pronounced it mine . If I'm allowed a tip here, a camisole under a thin top goes a long way . I felt well covered  and warm all day.
I will dedicate today's post to my sweet fashion blogger Patti for the inspiration behind this outfit . It's her Visible Monday series that got me into something I wouldn't normally wear . Check her out for the 10th challenge already !!!

inspiration photo : madeleine
lace top : found
skirt : sewn by me

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Autumn blues

It's been more than a month since I last posted and I've spent most of it in a bathing suit and a sarong around my waist.
But I'm back in town now and the transition to formal dressing has been a difficult one. It took so long to pick an inspirational photo and twice as long to get used to wearing so many items of clothing. I had a slight feeling  of being restricted by my clothes but I know it will go away.
As for my outfit , the scarf is a new addition because I love the colors and because it's a tribal/ethnic print a huge trend for the winter or so they predict . The navy blue jacket is given to me by my mom  and it's a classic item that will stay with me for many years be it a trend or not.

inspiration photo : madeleine cataloque
white t shirt & navy blue jacket : given by mom
scarf : blanco
pants : my husband's
shoes :boxer
straw hat : spriderstores

To end yet another come back post I'd love to share a photo from my holidays and wish everyone

                                                      happy autumn