Saturday, 31 May 2014

On personal style

There is some talking lately about style, its definition, and finally how to know when you have it. It's complex and there must be a doctorate analysis by someone out there or more. But for me a woman with own style is somebody who can wear anything that comes along in a way that  her
personality is expressed. One can be nicely dressed or expensively dressed but with no personal style whatsoever. Really stylish women find litte subtle or not ways to create not just wear an outfit. Like artists they put the necessary strokes in the outfit to stand out. They leave you inspired and wanting to see more outfits. That's why real style is consistent.

How do I fit in this? Well, I can wear anything I come along in thrift stores or shops , clothes that are difficult to style. I treat my outfits with creativity, like a small cnvas on where I paint and I'm consistent with my approach.

My canvas today was this 90s thrifted dress. I have noticed that few people wear them and there is an abundance of them in thrift stores. I added my red linen thrifted jacket . I bought it 3 years ago, a hot bright summer morning for just 1euro because I had owned no jackets until then and I wanted to experiment. I have worn it many times since.

I then added my favorite belt to define my waist and I was ready to choose from my growing accessories collection. The skirt made me think of tex mex and cowgirls so I added accordingly.

And then came the boots and the little colorful bag I crocheted. That's how I created my outfit today and what I told you is how I perceive style. In my head I tick all my boxes so I have style. Simple.

PS > Cuffs are 2 more of the jewellery I bought yesterday and are 50cents each. Good things come to those who wait!
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Friday, 30 May 2014

Something simple

I had to put on something really quick andeasy today because I'm very busy and when life demands a lot of me I try to dress simple.

You can't beat a dress/jacket combination, both thrifted, of course. I put on accessories the last minute and I went out the door!

I had no love for jackets before but as I discovered they define the silhouette and add tones of elegance if only if the fit is good. For me it has to be small, rather short and with defined waist.

I scored 6 pieces of jewellery today for just 3 euro! This set of earthy toned bangles is the first.

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Thursday, 29 May 2014

Orange bits

Orange has never been a favorite color of mine and that's about everything I have in orange. A skirt, a bag and a necklace and none of them is totally orange,anyway!

 I thought I might cook something interesting with what I have in orange. In my head what I have in orange had a 50s vibe and I tried to capture it with the tight tshirt and the belted waist.

The skirt is polyester and thrifted last week and I like how it hits my knee just in the right place.

I might go more orange in the future but for now it's just fine I gave it a try. And felt great with it the whole day!

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Uplifting colors

 The middle of the week is always the hardest to blog. The schedule is tight and I hardly have time to post my outfits let alone visit other favorite blogs and comment.

 Documenting outfits almost everyday sometimes is only about visuals and not much talking. I mainly want to document what I wear everyday but also write a bit about my life and the story behind an outfit.
Well some days this can't happen.

Check my diy nails. There is always some kind of nail art I can do when I browse pinterest. Today it has to be dots in different colors! So easy! The dots are made bt dipping a hairpin in nail paint!

All in all, I got some nice compliments today and people generally felt happy when they saw the colors in my outfit! I'm not bragging I just take note that people respond always positive to colors. Have a nice middle of the week!
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Tuesday, 27 May 2014


I have a nice feeling with the skirt I'm wearing today! It's a tight skirt but not an uncomfortable one! It hugs my body but not restrict it. It's strange because the material is thin but isn't elastic. This feeling asks for lots of repeats. so I wear this skirt again today.

What qualities have the clothes you repeat? For me it's comfort and versatility in color and layering.

 Outfit details *shirt Berska *skirt thrifted * belt fullah sugah * flower crocheted by me* shoes local

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Monday, 26 May 2014

3 more outfits

For some reason I am left with 3 outfits I haven't posted but wore the last couple of days. I take the day of but you still can have 3 more versions of what I wear everyday.

Earth tones , my favorite jacket at the moment and the short dress worn here and here  but this time as a shirt were the elements of my inspiration on Friday.

On Saturday the whole family spent the day in the fishing village we spend our summer and work in our family business .

See, a tree is growing out of my daughter's head!

 I thrifted the pencil skirt the other day and I had this combination in mind. Jacket and skirt form a suit that for me it has 40s vibe. The skirt is super comfortable and flatters .

 Belt defines, shoes and scarf give the vibrant red tones and my bag and nails match.

What more should I want from an outfit with total cost of 10euro? Excluding the bag.

Saturday, 24 May 2014

Personal style vs trends

After wearing some of my dresses for the last 10 days I was so ready for the skirt/ top combination. Not a shift that would change the world but a small note of playfull on a serious  activities day.

I own so few red colored pieces I could easily count. It's 3, this skirt, a tank top and a linen short jacket. I absolutely have no explenation because I love red but maybe I'm scarred of its intensity or maybe the association with vulgar many years ago. How do you feel towards red in big doses?

What I hold in my hands is the In style magazine of June. Honestly, by looking at the pages I can tell that I've never been so out of fashion in my life before! Whatever I own and rotate lately are non existant in the trends reports. If I take the reports seriously, I'm officially out of fashion. And this in a period in my life that I feel I'm the best dressed I 've ever been. I have discovered my inner stylista only to find out how out of fashion I am according to In style magazine. But I feel fine!!!

Outfit details *Skirt thrifted and shortened by me *shirt gift by a friend *scarf zara 4 years old * favorite thin belt Stradivarious 3 years ago and falling apart * bling 1-5 euro *Blue pocket for my mobile also a gift * shoes palatino, very comfortable.

My question is Who needs trends??? My answer People who don't have their own style yet. And in this sense this kind of magazines can be used as a guide to discover personal style!

I'm in the company of stylish Sacramento  and it's all about red!