Saturday, 30 March 2013


Hello you lovlies!!! I got great inspiration from all of you and I started experimenting with hair styles and make up. It's baby steps and I love it!

Which brings me to what I trully want to know! I know all of you lovely ladies have great forward styles. But I'm sure all of you want to push it a little bit further and I want to know what are you experimenting with at the moment?

I link up with Visible Monday and I'm dying to know.

Friday, 29 March 2013

Going Granny

Sometimes( well more and more recently) I feel like pushing things a bit and style something very conventional in a crazy way. Like this granny cardigan I bought 3 years ago from a local market and so did 10 other old ladies that day.
I don't particulary like it ,I only wanted to challenge myself and I only wear it once every winter.

Pink shirt(thrifted) Patterned skirt made by me(vintage fabric) Cardigan granny's style Jewellery assortment (refashioned by me) Boots leather old and trusted.

There you have it. A bit of patterns mixing, a bit of bright color and lotas accessories and granny vibes fly out of the window.

What I like the most is how the patterns go with this recently thrifted bag

I only got compliments though about the pink shirt and the blue bead bracelet! But what I like the most is how the light blue beads look against the black necklace.!

And finally Dimitri's favorite way to style me ...against plants.

Have a happy, creative weekend everyone!

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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Beads and pieces

The sunny weather seems to be the only thing on our side here in Greece. All other things seem to fall apart with each passing day. In the middle of this gloominess I dress to bring a bit of optimism in my days.

Skirt &bag thrifted  Tartan shirt  gift manifactured in local company Top berska(2005) Bright beads local market new addition

 Since I decided to leave the rules behind and follow my own path I seem to pile up things and bang... I have a result that brings me satisfaction .

Green beads bought for a euro (can't afford more for accessories) that I would pass before because they are not in, now are the pride of my outfit and I trully like.

            See how well spring and I and my bangles  get along?

And that's how Dimitris chose to photograph me ( by the way he gets more and more involved in taking my photos) to show my natural beauty,his own words

While I'm trying to write something inspirational here my teenage (he's14)son has asked me twice how he  could  give more volume to his hair cause girls like it and when maybe  can he pierce his ear cause girls kinda like it ,too.
What a mom who is supposed to follow her own path to true style is supposed to answer?

What would you answer?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dressing for me

Inserting more originality to my style is like walking on shaking ground.There are no safe choices anymore only the need to be creative.After a soul searching winter I dived into who I really am with the help of some self help books. One of the things i discovered is that I care too much of what others think and I behave accordinly by censoring myself.
Dressing this spring is springs from the need to wear what I feel like and force myself not to care of what others might think.

Last weekend I spent a lot of time reading the blog of Desiree and it was exactly the kind of inspiration I needed. So this outfit is dedicated to her for being brave enough to follow her heart and 
sharing her individual style with the rest of the world without a second thought of others opinions.

Shirt Berska  Lace top found on the beach one day  Pants Stradivarious(Zara group)  bag(thrifted)  jewellery(refashioned by me)

 So here I am with a lace top on top of my denim shirt, red lipstick, animal print bag, lots of bangles and blue/green nail polish, all in one outfit.

Hmmm feeling a bit weird but I will survive

I pilled my bangles and refashioned necklaces and proudly strode to school

Holding this tacky fake bag with pride cause I really like it

Love to hear what you think though!!!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Childhood memories

Experimenting with style brings fresh air to my everyday life and play dress up wakes up fond memories of my childhood. I grew up in a house where women's clothes cataloques were all around and love of fabrics was a frequent talk. Both my mum and aunt knew how to sew and I was fascinated of it all. It took sometime though to realize how drawn I am to clothes and how much these women influenced the way I dress and shop.

Shirt(thrifted) Top sewn by auntie Skirt sewn by me Bag (thrifted0 Bangles thrifted/refashioned Belt Berska Shoes Stefania

This post is a tribute to mum and Auntie who deeply influenced my style.
In what ways your family influenced your style? In which ways your childhood memories shape the way you dress? 

P.S Now that I'm sorting out the roots of my style i'm all the more ready to follow my true style and I'm becoming all the more visible by each new outfit.
and what better place to showcase my doings than Pattie's Visible Monday ? 
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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Bolero overdressed

Ι'm spring cleaning since yesterday and I'm in that chaotic stage that everything is in the middle and the results of my effort are yet to be seen.
However I got dressed for the necessary round to the super market.

Dress Sprider, Bolero crocheted by me, Scarf Gucci but fake, accessories Berska, shoes thrifted

The earrings are refashioned by me and the tutorial you can find here

This is a light linen dress in a classic potato sack shape because of its loose structure. To give it more structure and hopefully wear it more often I put my bolero on top and used a scarf to tie it to my taste. I find this an idea worth trying a couple of times more in the future.
Take care and have a happy creative weekend

PS This post is dedicated to all my friends in Cyprus whose future is so much uncertain as we speak
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Friday, 22 March 2013

My denim shirt

Cowboys and factory workers used denim shirt for protection during their hard working days!
I feel ashamed to say that I only use it for pleasure, variety and feel good reasons in my hard working days!

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I've worn it many times more but photos were never posted or  even taken.
I will put it away until automn and this is a temporery goodbuy post.
See how shallow I can be? 

Which denim outfit do you prefer? free poll

Thursday, 21 March 2013

About additions

Today was meet up with parents day and later kids got their grades and we all celebrated the end of the second semester. This was followed by a seminar on self evaluation. Was I presentable and well dressed for the day ahead? Check my photos and tell me what you think

I'm not your typical dresser and I always add crazy little details ( crazy for the others that is) in my outfits

I explain myself...the dress I made 2summers ago and it can be a very serious dress if I wanted. But that's not the way I go and here enters the gingham shirt followed by a green belt, green tights and an unusual necklace.

On the same theme today I spotted a mustard yellow, a light blue and an orange fake leather belts like the green one I'm wearing and I plan to add them to my accessories collection, Now that I think of it I might as well make them myself!

I leave you with a big smile and urge you to follow your style insticts and never worry what the style profrssionals might say. Some of them get paid to sell and we all know what that means.

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Win -win situation

Visiting museums can be a very inspiring thing to do in the middle
of the week. And wearing florals can make me double inspired of the things to come. So today was a win -win situation

The story goes like this...I had picked the shirt and the yellow sweater to wear but inspiration striked and I added the floral waistcoat. I bought it last spring for a few cents and it's children wear but don't tell anyone.

Well I sense a theme here. My polka dot pink shirt could definitely be worn by kids

and floral bracelets can be kids favorites


and escorting primary school kids to the museum is inspiring but also exausting!

 So, I leave you now for a well deserved afternoon nap

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Happy smarty remixer

Wearing light fabrics in March is a sign that spring is here. Using both winter and summer clothes
is a sign that you are a smart remixer. Isn't this a kick in know what of fast fashion retailers?

Biker's jacket and self made floral skirt are here to stay with my style no matter what style conaissers might say. We real life fashion bloggers are here to stay and decide what looks good on us!

I love rings against floral backgrounds

C'est moi smiling and a closer look of my beads against hot pink

Monday, 18 March 2013

Almost flying

On the first day of Lent which is today it's a tradition to fly a kite. The whole family made one from scratch and we had fun trying to fly it. We failed but who cares. I wore yellow pants and a big smile the whole day.

The pants and silk scarf are thrifted  and I crocheted the bag. I tried to match the colors of the tunic with those of the blazer and add some color with the scarf and bag.

My bracelets and the ring are in the bag though because I had taken them out to wash the dishes ...hum.

Here is to manifest that we actually tried to fly the kite!

And now I go over At Pattie's to post for visible Monday.
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

A dress with potential

Dinner with my in-laws is a great opportunity  to keep family spirits alive. father in law is always Gallant and mother in law so sweet. and the house is full of delicacies for the kids. the photos today are just outside their home

Dress, shirt and jacket are bought for 13euro while thrifting and are of good quality. The orange/red details give character to the outfit or so I think.

I love the way the patterns mix mainly because they belong to similar color families.

Notice the orange hues of my glasses how they match my jacket. Is this matchie-machie  case?

This is how I've worn this dress before a bit on the safe side but I think it has potential

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