Thursday, 21 March 2013

About additions

Today was meet up with parents day and later kids got their grades and we all celebrated the end of the second semester. This was followed by a seminar on self evaluation. Was I presentable and well dressed for the day ahead? Check my photos and tell me what you think

I'm not your typical dresser and I always add crazy little details ( crazy for the others that is) in my outfits

I explain myself...the dress I made 2summers ago and it can be a very serious dress if I wanted. But that's not the way I go and here enters the gingham shirt followed by a green belt, green tights and an unusual necklace.

On the same theme today I spotted a mustard yellow, a light blue and an orange fake leather belts like the green one I'm wearing and I plan to add them to my accessories collection, Now that I think of it I might as well make them myself!

I leave you with a big smile and urge you to follow your style insticts and never worry what the style profrssionals might say. Some of them get paid to sell and we all know what that means.


  1. Nice outfit.

    LG Grace

  2. I think you should follow your own inspirations, Angie, b/c you look wonderful. I love the combinations of shapes and colors.

  3. Cute dress!

    The red and white is good with the jacket. Is school over for the summer or will they start another term after Easter?

  4. cute look, i love the necklace

  5. I bet you were the most stylish mom at the meet the paren't day! GREAT outfit! You really look pretty!