Sunday, 5 January 2014

Travel in Patras Part 1

 There is something thepapheutic about visiting my home town. I now live on the island of Crete and it takes 9hours by ferry and 3 hours by car to get to my home town Patras so my visits there are not frequent. But as you can see above my travels start in luxury inside the ferry.
As soon as we arrived we drunk a cup of coffee with my parents we ditched the bags and we went for a stroll in the city. Patras is famous for the big squares and the old buildings. I couldn't wait to take a photo of my favorite attic.
After the stroll in the city centre it was time for another cup of coffee in my favorite cafe. Notice this clever tableau to hang the coats at the entrance of the store!

Then it was time for us to visit my parent's summer house which is located in a very beautiful green enviromnent. It was this sweet time of the day when all photos come out in such a beautiful light, so I took photos to my heart's content. All plants are on our balcony and you can also see the views all around the house.
My kids found unexpected company that kept them enjoyed all the time we stayed there.
While my kids were busy with the beautiful dog I photographed this beautiful painting of a japanese woman hanging on the living room wall. I always liked her elegance and the subtle colors. I have plans(but still in my head) to make a crochet blanket with these colors.
While I was in Patras my mum was in the middle of a huge clear out and she honored me with many beautiful things. One of the first was this fabric bread basket which I admired for a long time and now I'm happy to serve the daily bread on it, in my own house.
That's all for now. I will come back with more photos from our trip to Patras.