Thursday, 29 March 2012

Color inspired

What I wore today was based on color. I just picked my green pants and my purple cardigan and added my strippes.Color is an easy way to base your outfits around. There is plenty of inspiration around be it blogs  , magazines or any other color combination that is around and strikes your fancy.

Green pants stigma  strippes ansd cardigan zara
To add even more color I pilled many of my bangles

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Lady like

A great way to uplift a black and white skirt or any b&w outfit in general is to add a bit of bold color. This can be in the form of accessories or by wearing a bold colored top or bottom.
When I bought this yellow sweater a year ago I wasn't sure of how often I would wear it due to its strong , unconventional color. But  this spring I have to stop myself from wearing it every day. Maybe it's because I see yellow everywhere on magazines and the web.
I love the lady like vibe of this outfit and this lady like issue of getting dressed is a lot on my mind lately. I seem to have a wish for more feminine and elegant outfits , the ones with the pencil skirts and the heels, the make up and hair do. I feel closer to them than any other time before in my life. I will keep you informed but was there a distinct time in your life that you decided to get dressed in a more feminine (lack of other words,hope you understand) way?
skirt :thrifted and shortened
bag:Louis Vuitton

Friday, 23 March 2012

Copy cat period

Do you have style periods concerning the way you dress ,or you blog about the way you dress? Well , I have and although it sounds grand I announce the begining of the copy cat period.

skirt diy  top zara  tshirt la redoute
What I love about copy cat outfits is that the danger of going totally wrong is minimized and that my clothes get worn in unexpected ways and that many clothes ,otherwise forgotten, get a chance to be worn.
What many people don't realize is that it's not nessecary to exactly copy the outfit but rather convey the vibe of it just like I did today.

Thursday, 22 March 2012

My small jacket

The last two years jackets have conquered the fashion world  . Never before have we seen so many versions of jacket worn in so many ways and in so many different colors. In my opinion the reason why women loved jackets this time around is because they don't look so formal anymore.

shirt mango   scarf blanco   shoes massimo dutti   pants&jacket local shop 
That's how I styled it today with a shirt of course but also with an ethnic scarf ,tight pants and oxfords. Although I like the overall look I can't help but notice for the first time how small this jacket is. It's not my's smaller and I didn't know until now. Do things like that happen to you ,too?

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Straight skirts and powder blue

This spring I'm so in love with this pastel shade of blue called powder blue. I seem to be drown to any color that has the word powder in like powder pink which was my favorite last year.

Both skirt (altered ) and shirt are thrifted  cardigan Zara  necklace  Zara

I'm into straight skirts lately and I plan to sew some during summertime in all basic colors( black /white/grey/camel/purple/red/hot pink/green/cobalt blue/powder blue). I seem to understand what fits my body more these days and I think basic straight skirts is my thing. I plan to come up with a basic pattern and stock the fabrics and then start sewing. It would be a long project but worth the effort.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Strippes for spring

I don't know when this happened but since I was very young I have associated the beginning of spring with strippes. It was only since last winter that I started wearing strippes in winter. Before that I never did. Strippes and spring went hand in hand. This outfit celebrates the start of spring although it was quite chilly today that a cardigan was necessary.

jeans Levi's  top Zara  shoes Converse  necklace diy  leather  bag  Louis Vuitton

When I diy not everything is a complete success but I like it all the same because some of my creative energy is in there and because it's the stepping stone of many future success. This necklace is totally my inspiration and I put together using left over material . Tell me what you think.

Monday, 19 March 2012

The green pants project

You think these pants remind you of something? You are not mistaken ! It's my trusted green pair that I wore in many ways since I bought last summer.
Here is what happened . Basicaly I'm in a non shopping mode for many months now. As I go down this road many interesting things happen . For one , I seem to fall back on strategies women had many years before consumerism hit the door and overwhelmed our society. For instance, I took to sewing ,altering my clothes and refashioning anything that takes my fancy.
The first project were the green pants that I altered to fit my body and give them a more modern twist.

green pants stigma  blue shirt sprider waistcoat zara  jacket from local shop necklace zara

This is a reminder of how I wore the pants recently. Notice how differently they look . Like new ,right?

And this is how I accessorised

Sunday, 18 March 2012

To jacket or not to jacket?

I love jackets. I mean I love to see others wear them but I haven't yet found a way to wear them myself in a way that doesn't look formal. This red jacket is quite playful to start with because who would wear a red jacket to look formal , right? Plus I put my denim shirt on and my floral skirt both not formal at all. Now the thing is do I look anything like well dressed at all? Please I need your feedback and suggestions.

skirt thrifted and altered (it was a dress)  jacket thrifted  denim shirt berska  necklace diy
This week I put my crochet skills into good use and came up with this necklace. I crocheted the base and sewed some old beads on . What do you think?

This is how I've worn this skirt the last 12 months. I accidently found it in a chinese market and it was a halterneck dress which I altered into this skirt.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Style zen

An outfit that I've seen so many versions of it last summer is the following where the denim shirt is teamed unexpectantly with a floral skirt. That is to say masculine with romantic or if you like it soft with hard. It 's a lot of zen philosophy into styling ! Who knew???!!!

skirt I made myself    denim shirt & scarf berska      leather oxfords massimo dutti

Check out the ring and the watch . The funny thing is that the watch is not working but who cares , it makes a nice accessory all the same.

Friday, 16 March 2012

No tights , finally!

It was a real pleasure to be able to go without tights today after the long winter. Finally sunshine is here and spring is in the air. Today's outfit is such an obvious option that I didn't consider it for so long. The shoes are an ode to summer that is coming full speed. The skirt is thrifted and refashioned.

skirt thrifted and refashioned    tshirt & shoes zara    belt stradivarious    bangle refashioned 
See here for more details and maybe you can see the black nail paint .It's the first time I tries and I absolutely loved it on my nails.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Refashion is my new crazyness

It's been raining cats and dogs the last few days and all my dressing was revolved around keeping me dry. So not much interest in style or at least something interesting I could document.
But because I'm a post addict I made a collage with all the jewellery I refashioned lately and I've been meaning to present to you.

I used fabric and lace , pearls and colorful strings to give new life to some of my jewelery. Some turned out right and some not so but the overall result left a sweet taste on my mouth and gave me tons of confidence and even a positive outlook that I so desperately need. I urge you to do some refashioning yourself and I deeply hope you enjoyed mine and that you got inspired. Have a good day!!!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

My summer dress

It feels so nice when I can extend my wardrobe by wearing summer clothes with the help of layering. This is what I did today .After a hard winter the promise of spring is near and we were granted with a glorious sunny day today. So I put on my summer dress under my cardigan and over the tights

dress thrifted   cardigan marks&spencer   scarf stradivarious
And because I love to mix patterns I put on my floral scarf

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Denim & lace

One of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe is this denim shirt. Before it was a trend last winter I had never thought of it as a basic or even flattering to be part of my wardrobe. Even when I bought it on sale I did it only to experiment . But it has proved to be a versatile basic in a neutral color that grounds many of my outfits esp patterned skirts, like in today's outfit.

Also what I also like with denim as a fabric is how well it fits with lace. And here follows my version with the pearl necklace I refashioned by threading it through a piece of lace my mother made and gave me this summer.

Have a great day everyone!!!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Orange for spring

It's been a hard day's night and what a better way to finish the day after kissing the children good night than posting my outfit of the day. true to my newely found love for orange I teamed it with powder pink and grey pants for a more serious look.

pants cardgan and top all zara

And because I didn't do many purchases this winter I strongly depend on accessories to renew my looks.

The necklace is my latest refashioning project. I tied my pearl necklaces around a piece of lace that is a big trend this spring. it gives a romantic vibe to the outfit and it surely makes me feel that I wear something new.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Bright orange again

The whole week was busy and the feeling wasn't there to post outfits and I surely suffer from lack of commitment. But as they say it's better to post later than not post at all.
It's a brilliant spring day today the first after a long heavy winter .It was the coldest winter in Greece since 1935.
I was so releived to feel the rays of sun on me that I chose to wear orange the bright color that made a huge come back this winter/spring or so they say.

skirt by zara  orange blouse given by mom  black cardigan  marks & spencer

It was an outfit I enjoyed wearing but mostly I enjoyed the necklace and the bracelet I recently refashioned.