Thursday, 17 November 2011

Blog therapy

It's been a little or better say a lot crazy these few weeks in my country (Greece) so no much time to blog or better say no mood to blog. Fashion blogging seemed like a luxury but one I still love and indulged today to lift my spirit a little higher .
As you already know I'm once again in my pair down phase that i use what I already have but in a different styling concept.
Do you make sense? Well ...let's see ...I have the wool brown sweater for 5 years now ,the jeans for 3 years and the jacket for 2 years. However ,I've never put those together.
I like the result and enjoyed the outfit except for the sleeves. I shouldn't have rolled them like that.
This is another outfit I worn recently and a new way to present it. I have to admit that cardigans together with scarves just make everyday dressing so much more fun.
If I learnt anything all the time I fashion blog is this one...just have a few basic pieces and play around with accessories. No one will notice even if you wear the same clothes for a week or two (cleaning is allowed).