Monday, 30 April 2012

Color break

shirt husband's fitted    skirt zara      necklace,bracelet ,earrings diy
I'm too much into colors lately and I kinda got bored . So today I was in the mood for a monochromatic outfit preferably with earth colors. I looked into my closet and there it was my husbands chaki shirt which I fitted a few weeks ago and my trusted zara skirt which can be worn in a thousand color combinations -no kidding.
Well,it seemed a bit boring so out goes the crochet necklace I made in winter and the earrings and the  old bracelet I covered with fabric.
The red shoes seemed the only choice.Do you ever feel annoyed by all this color mania on the web?

Sunday, 29 April 2012

I so love trends

top thrifted     cardigan &skirt zara    obi belt diy
I so love following trends . I just dived into my closet today and picked up two items I already had in the two of the most trendy colors of this summer. If I wasn't aware of the 'trends' I wouldn't have been able to put together this outfit .Actually there is nothing wrong with trends as long as I use them to re invent my own wardrobe and not as an excuse to consume.
Lately, I noticed two things the first is that because my wardrobe is well stocked (if that's ever possible) I can fake trendy in no time and second that while looking the outfits at trendy magazines I don't search for what I have and what not but I try to capture the vibe of the outfit, the colors the fabrics the styling and re arrange the whole thing to fit what I already have.
Most of the times I come up with nice outfits and this way I make sure I remix everything I own. It takes some practice to really study the photos and boards on magazines to be able to get the essence of a trend or outfit and adjust it to my wardrobe but it's worth it.
This way taking inspiration from magazines  is much more fun.
How do you use magazines ( do you even use them?) to get inspiration to remix your outfits?

Friday, 27 April 2012

One of those days

top and jeans zara   shoes converse   belt berska
Today I had it easy. So easy that I simly put on my jeans and strippes. Trusty and comfortable. The only excess and my personal touch is the double necklace and the animal print belt.Some days are not for elaborate outfits but just for simplicity.

Thursday, 26 April 2012


polka dots , cardigan,belt , hat all  zara       skirt thrifted and altered     shoes boxer
This is the photo where my hat takes a walk on the wide side. I know what I'm talking about. I have this hat for quite sometime but upon seen my photo I realised that hats and accessories can have fitting issues , too.
The hat is lovely and stylish but it's big for my head so it has to go. The same holds true for some of my bangles , they slide down from my wrist and don't look good on me. They will have to go , too unless you know of a way I could fix the sliding.
The same goes with the chains and necklaces as they have to fit the actual body's proportions to look great. Many times I bought a necklace and I went home to adjust it a bit (make it longer or shorter) until it seemed right to my eye.
The list will get a bit longer as I don't want belts to go unmentioned. They have to fit  , too.Wear them too thin and they disappear ot too wide and they swallow everything in the outfit. The belts have to follow the proportions and on top of that be placed on the right spot of the waist. For some women that's higher than the natural waist line and for some others that's lower.
It's the attention to these details that makes or breaks an outfit ( it has the word fit in it for a reason , right?)
You got confused? That's ok as it's a sign you are heading to the right direction. Confusion over my outfits now makes me think what's wrong and  I  try to deconstruct my outfit in my mind and try to figure out which item doesn't fit and why.
I leave you with my favorite line . Style is not about new clothes , it's about seeing your clothes in a new way.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Florals and pale colors

skirt thrifted &altered    top shirt la redoute    floral shirt berska
I've been searching high and low in my closet cause I knew I could recreate the pale colors trend of this spring along with florals. I admit I thrifted this skirt and fitted it to my body but it only cost me a couple of euros.
My top is consisted of 2 tops worn together. The top layer is in this sweet pale blue color so much in trend but also one of my favorite colors ever. But because it's very sheer it was almost unwearable until I thought to pair it with the floral top which is too tight and almost unwearable as well.
I love this outfit and I hope you like it ,too.

Monday, 23 April 2012

White pants found

White pants thrifted and altered  denim shirt berska cardigan zara shoes stefania

It might be funny and trivial but I 've been looking for a pair of white jeans for the last two years. There were tons of outfits that I couldn't recreate because I missed this basic element. The main problem was that the fabrics were not thick enough for my level of modesty. But last Wednesday was my lucky day and while thrifting I bumped into this pair. New and in need of some minor alterations.
So here it is paired with denim shirt and bright colored cardigan , animal print details and a bright colored bag I own for 3 years now .

Saturday, 21 April 2012

B&B bags & bracelets

B&B bags & bracelets
Now that I've cut my way through fit I think these accessories would sky rocket my wardrobe.

You don't see but it's yellow polka dots

jeans zara fitted  yellow polka dots top thrifted&altered  shoes boxer

No matter  what I did today there seemed to be no way to line the photos correctly. But I believe that the vibe of my outfit comes across so I just leave it like that. After all I've got kids to feed and it's getting late already.
This outfit is totally touched by me and let me explain. I bought these pants because I liked the fabric but the fit was terrible (wide legs,long) and didn't flatter my body. So I shortened and skinified them and that made a huge difference and for me now fit is the most importand factor for an outfit.
As for the top, I went thrifting with this summer's trends in mind esp pale colors and scored this pale yellow polka dot top for very little money but it was too big so I took out my sewing machine and did what I had to do. All in all I'm so happy to dress trendy and still save  my money. Mission complet.

Friday, 20 April 2012

When outfits happen

shirt berska   vest swapped  skirt thrifted&altered  bag uterque

Today's outfit is around the cobalt blue vest (if it's called otherwise please let me know). It was swapped last autumn and I've been puzzled since then on how to style it.
But something about its color that is so much in fashion this spring sparked today's outfit. A bit of cobalt blue , a bit of pale blue together with red proved to be a good combination. On a second note  I see a bit of cowgirl details like the boots the shirt and the brooch which was not my intention but I love how they add to the whole look. Have a nice weekend ,everyone!

Thursday, 19 April 2012

The power of styling

What I love about this outfit is that it's simple yet elegant and that it cost me less money vs the impression it gives off. It was put together with great care to the detail and with a certain styling to my mind. But  instead of rushing to the shops to buy something  I searched and found all little accessories I own for a long time but never put together with a certain style in my head.
As my style evolves I know better what I need and my purchases are more targeted and cost me less money when I thrift which is basicaly my only source to buy clothes now that I'm on a tight tight budget.Still this is the time that I seem to put together the most stylish outfits.
What I'm trying to say is that you don't need much money to  be stylish only knowledge of what fits and little tricks to know where to find it.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I wish...

I wish...
These skirts inspire me so much to try and sew myself or find similar to alter. Please excuse my first attempt to polyvore but I will get better and I didn't want to lose contact on a busy day.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Trendy on a budget

shirt marks&spencer gift  pink sweater zara  pale blue pencil skirt thrifted and altered  shoes stefania

Today's outfit is all about the skirt . I had my eye on a pale blue pencil skirt because I thought it makes a great basic and because along with other pale colors it's a big trend this summer. As luck have it I found this skirt only longer and much bigger for a few bucks...just a couple. I took the risk with tightening and shortening it and today I present you with the result.
I'm very pleased because it's just what I had in mind.
Now trendwise I see a lot of strong colors around, along with pale ones. What I'll do this week is sort out all I own already in soft and strong colors and see what outfits I can cook .Stick around to see my new white pants. The first pair I've ever owned.

Friday, 13 April 2012

It's all about fitting

shirt thrifted& fitted   skirt sewn by me& fitted   shoes nina rossi   earrings mambo  necklace stradivarious   lace bracelet diy

Those who follow my blog for sometime know how I get exited about  certain things until I move to the next stage. Last year this time it was about minimalism and tomboy style. This year it's all about fitting and altering.
As my sewing skills grow ( I learn as I go through trial &error ,never had any classes until now) and my awareness about my body type becomes bigger it was only logical to step into the next level ...that of the elusive fit.
For years I couldn't understand what fit is all about let alone be able to say what fits me. It was lately that the lack of money( I say luck) to spend on clothes sort of pushed me to make tighter or shorter some of my clothes. It was then that I realised what fit was all about as the small changes I made transformed how the clothes looked on me.Both the skirt and the shirt are fitted on today's outfit . The former was an a line skirt and the latter was a man's shirt a couple of sizes bigger.
The next elusive thing I need to tuckle is high heels....really.
How do you feel about fit? Was it as elusive to you as it was to me?

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Real preppy

skirt  thrifted &altered  strippes&sweater  zara  shirt husband's  sprider  sunglasses rayban

I haven't worn my sweater like this since I was eighteen although  it is the epitomy of preppy look. But I've seen it around lately so couldn't resist a post. The skirt is my fourth find which I took the sides in and shortened.
It makes a great difference to fit the skirts to my body and I'm amazed how few simple stiches can transorm a skirt from unwearable to flattering.
It also opens new horizons to thrifting cause I don't pass out on many lovely skirts because they don't fit.
I'm in a fitting mania lately mainly making my pants tighter to fit my body and also tightening my shirts. It feels like I have a totally new wardrobe .
Do you alter your clothes? If not would you like to try?

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I love pencil skirts

shirt thrifted  skirt thrifted altered  cardigan berska  shoes stefania

It took me 8 photos , 5 min for the bloggers hair do and half hour skirt alteration for today's post. Add an average of a quarter to write down the post and I'm done. Life gets pretty hectic here and kids and housework demand a lot of my time. How much do your posts take?
I'm too much into pencil skirts lately as I figured match my body type the best . This skirt is one of my finds of last week and I had to shorten and take in the sides to give it the perfect fit. It's linen so excuse the wrinkles yet again.
I have another one great find on the wait to alter in pale blue that I can't wait to show you.

Monday, 9 April 2012

I shrunk the skirt

jerry weber skirt thrifted    pink shirt given by mom  cardigan zara  belt & necklace stradivarious

Today I present you with my second find from the local market my not so well ironed Jerry Weber skirt. I looked it up in the web and found those skirts are priced 100euros up but I got mine for a mere 3 euros. It's of excellent quality fabric and very well made. I washed it carefully but it shrunk only to fit my size perfectly. Because of its neutral color it makes an excellent base for colorful tops like this hot pink shirt and purple cardigan.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Navy blue and linen

skirt hirsch   shirt berska   lace accessories diy

I''ve always wanted a long skirt and I've always wanted a navy blue skirt. And when I found it at the local market in the great price of 3 euro I grabbed it at once. It came as a bonus that it's made of a thick , strong linen fabric the kind that clothes are not made of anymore.
I added checks and lace accessories to keep it simple and trendy . I need a little help though . The brand name of the skirt is Hirsch .It seems familiar but I'm not sure. Do you know anything about it?

Saturday, 7 April 2012

My preppy look

skirt thrifted and shortened    shirt a gift    cardigan zara   animal print shoes stefania

You know sometimes how the most obvious things are there but we don't see.This little corner in my house was under my nose but only this morning I saw its potential to turn it to a little studio to photograph my outfits.

This is one of my preppy looks that I seem to be drawn to recently. It evolves around skirts and pumps and it feels very clean and feminine. It's also chic but very comfortable to go about my bussiness all day and to be frank it earned me many compliments all from other women which is quite an achievement.

Thursday, 5 April 2012

Easier than you think

A pink skirt might sound as a difficult piece to style but in reality it has given me many nice outfits much to my surprise. The same goes true for my green pair of pants. And because this is a season of strong colors I advise all of you to just pick a colorful bottom piece and try to experiment.Simplicity is the key.

skirt mango strippes zara belt skondras ballet flats local shoemaker
I know I should have kept it more simple but I couldn't resist a bit of animal print and turquoise . This has to do with my style evolving and my obsession with style. But you can certainly keep it more simple.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The 4 skirts

It's been a hectic week hence my absence from the bloggosphere. I have to admit , though , that I missed you all . Today I went to the local market that doubles as a kind of flee market to get the familly fruit and veggies and I also brought home 4 lovely skirts ( in need of tiny alterations,mostly shortening) with me in the price of 10 euros. Two of them are good quality linen , one is a label and all of them are pencil skirts ,my new obsession . I can't wait to wash and alter and then make beautiful outfits out of them.
jeans  levi's  shirt & scarf  berska cardigan zara  trench coat burberry shoes convers bag uterque

Today's outfit is relaxed and spring inspired and all in all is about mixing strippes and gingham ( i'm not sure how to spell it). I like how the top layer of an outfit can be different from what's inside. Excuse the size difference in the photos ...something with the zoom went crazy. I wish you all a nice middle of the week.