Friday, 21 September 2012

Equestrian style

 I found the scarf I'm wearing in a pile of scarves in a local market. It's good quality ,second hand and equestrian themed...and there it hit me ...from all the styles out there I'm gonna love and wear equestrian style this winter.
What another change in style ? the negative voices in me asked and although I don't have to justify myself I will say that first I love to evolve my style and second  I fell in love with how practical and elegant this style is .As a bonus it accomodates my love for scarves and boots.
I hope you see why I'm all happy .It's because I've pinned my style for the whole winter which means very targeted minimal shopping as I already have so many pieces that qualify for the style. All I really need is a couple of skinny  or jodpur like pants and I'm done. Of course I don't have the horse....but who cares ...I prefer walking.
Get a closer look of the scarf that helped me sort out my winter style which led to a massive but quick edit of my wardrobe. I without hesitation put away in the attic all my clothes that don't qualify for equestrian.
On a second note the buckles of my leather bag  soo qualify for the style.
So does my Cartier-esque watch and some of my accessories although equestrian style is not heavily accessorised .You don't want to mess with jewellery while riding your you?

Or maybe this massive attraction to the style that was once  of the rich is a strange reaction to my worries that we will end up all poor in Greece just working for a piece of bread which is a strong possibility beleive it or not.

The best part is you can get away with a messy bun or a pony tail and still look polished. For more inspiration check out my page in Pinterest .Photos say it better than words. Have a peaceful weekend ,everyone.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

How to wear basic grey with purple

My heart is still on holidays but my body is getting ready for school tomorrow. This is what I'm going to wear but phorograph today because I have the time. Basic black skirt and my new grey tshirt. I dig in my closet and took out my purple scarf and bling ring for you to enjoy. 

 I love how purple and grey go together and how easy it is to style grey. It practicaly goes with any color except of brown maybe.

 So here is to the begining of a creative week . May we all make many good and fun things before next weekend arrives.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

How to year yellow pants with basics

 Yet another outfit based on basics and spiced up with a scarf and yellow pants. Doing this series of basics +accessories I feel grateful of the fact that I own too much stuff .I have the core of my wardrobe covered and I play around with accessories and the possibilities seem endless.

What you see here is a bracelet I own via swap and one of the very first scarves I ever bought years ago. It's polyester but so multi colored that suits everything basic in my closet.

This necklace has a huge sentimental value as it was given to me by my mum in the begining of the summer. It used to be an earring (the pearl is real) but she custom made it to a necklace.

Friday, 14 September 2012

How to wear basics with accessories

It took quite a few tries to get today's photos. All my kids and my husband took photos of me but they somehow managed to delete them and we had to make a new session. So tiring to pose....

 Like I've already explained  I'm into basics right now and I'm exploring  the endless possibilities of basics + accessories. So I will be doing this series next weeks where I will keep the outfit basic/minimal and play with  the accessories I own.
However ,upon looking at the photo I started having second thoughts as to whether this outfit is age appropriate( I'm 44). I'm not saying more but I want your feedback in this (honesty is greatly appreciated).

I have to confess that I bought 3 basic cotton tshirts in white , black & grey this week. I sort of hope they will connect some orphan clothes I have and that I will be able to form new and neat combinations. After all there is a certain amount of clothes one with common logic can own but (there is always a but) with's another story. You can have many and they don't take too much space or money.
But you should keep it simple with accessories , one or two pieces a time  or only bangles or only rings ...whatever it takes to look polished. The eye should not wander from one accessory to the next, there should be balance.

I'm wearing pearl bangles , a scarf with strippes and my favorite lipstick today.

Happy weekend everyone !!!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

It's in the detail

I'm getting there with the house cleaning and it seems I will relax this weekend to finally pamper  myself and meditate for the begining of a different school year in the middle of an economic crisis that threatens to become a humanitarian crisis leading to social unrest.
But enough with the pessimistic stuff , I 'm still here , healthy and ready to help and inspire  my students .This smile goes out for them and their families.(Don't I look teacher-y???)

On to the outfit now. It was inspired by the androgynous trend hence the denim shirt and the oxfords and the bold colors trend .

But what I love about this outfit is the scarf which I found in the local  fruit market on a stall full of scarves many of which were pure silk. The red flowers against the blue background are exactly the same as the flowers on the latest Prada bags only different colors.

You are right to notice that I need two watches to keep track of time and not get carried away when I do something. I tend to multi task and lose it at one point so I really need a watch or two to  keep me focused.

That's why I love styling...I've worn the same clothes a couple of times before but not with the denim shirt tucked this way . This styling detail makes my outfit feel fresh to me .
Hope you'll have a nice week and to all teachers out there have a happy creative school year , everyone!

Saturday, 8 September 2012

House cleaning and a basic outfit

 I love how basics make for nice outfits with the least of effort as I'm in the middle of a huge autumn cleaning of my whole house !
This is exactly the expression on my face when I look at the mess my house is at the moment. Am I ever gonna clean this place?

 But then , in the middle of all this I take time to photograph what I wore when I went shopping this morning and photos like the above happen...
 And then I just smile and go on with the chores....

By the way ,I put some effort to make up today and this gesture of love to myself has helped to keep my spirit up...
  Having my nails painted black brings scrubbing the dirt away to a whole new level.

Unfortunately, this is the best photo I could get of the outfit so you have to use your imagination to get the whole picture of it. Sorry, it rarely happens!

Friday, 7 September 2012

Fall for basics

jeans 7 for all mankind , shirt given , silk scarf thrifted , leather bag Uterque
Happy new school year ! I'm back in the city , I'll fill in the details in another post and I 'm yet again caught in my fatuation for basics. It seems that fall is the time of the year to ...fall for basics as I go through my summer wardrobe and I  pack to put to storage what I got fed up with.

Today's outfit is very basic and provides the stage for this silk scarf I found while thrifting yesterday.

I came along this tutorial by The Elegant Bohemian a blog I really love to read and she's done something pretty amazing ...she machine washed her leather bag!!! I'm having thoughts of doing the same.