Monday, 25 June 2012

I know what you did last summer

tops(left to right)berska,zara,swapped,zara   bottoms(left to right)sewn by me,thrifted,thrifted,berska    shirt worn as vest thrifted
This is the backyard of my house where I took the photos last summer.Since then I improvised a small studio (just two white sheets) to put the emphasis more to the outfit. I prefer the same steady background everyday also because I'm too shy to take my photos around the neighbourhood.

 Talking about my style is mostly talking about the evolution of it. If I compare my style now to my style last summer I would say that it feels more me now.
Pencil skirts are my new favorite and they fit me more . Slim pants just above the ankle do miracles for my figure and belts and necklaces are still a favorite of mine.
From what I can see I have more unexpected color combinations and more interested tops and bottoms choices.
I still like thrifting and remixing.
But the biggest change of all is that I felt it wasn't fair not to show my face to my fellow bloggers .
As to the direction I want to go in the future I can say that I want to buy a few luxury pieces once or maybe twice a year and improve my shoes collection.
What about you? Do you compare your style from year to year? Do you learn from it? And is there anything more you can spot in my style evolution that I dont?

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Summer holidays

Summer holidays
Προσθήκη λεζάντας
This collage epitomises summer style for me this year . It is a bit on the expensive style but sometimes you have to pay to get the best .

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Things to wonder about...

yellow pants thrifted and altered  white top & cardigan  zara  shoes old
I wonder if yellow wasn't a hype would I ever consider of wearing it ? Yellow hasn't been a favorite color and I don't remember I ever owned anything yellow. On top of that a yellow skirt or pants was a non existant option. But because of the trend when I came upon these yellow pants while thrifting I thought I might give yellow a chance and I haven't regretted it. I only hope the notion of slow fashion and the trendy part of me work well together. But with the price of 50cents I think I still can say I go slow.
Is there a color that you gave it a second chance because it's trendy?

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I'm slow fashioned

shirt gifted  skirt swapped  scarf  silk m&s  shoes discounted  belt  zara old 
Does the term slowfashioned exists? Or how about slowfashionable? Can I say that for today's outfit?
It's 1/5 gifted because the shirt was given to me by a friend who diddn't use it much .
It's 1/5swapped and that's the skirt.
It's 1/5 discounted and it's the shoes. An unwanted new pair won in a contest was given to me and I brought it back to the shop I bought something I really liked and paid the difference .An extra bonus is that's locally made.
It's 1/5 something I have with me for seven years and I enjoy wearing .It's the belt which I also have in black.
And I saved for last the expensive silk scarf which is of great quality and pattern and I can even wear in the summer time.
 It's a pretty basic outfit exept for the shoes but it felt special to me because I can call it slow fashion and because I consciously selected each item for less harm on the environment.
I bet you can also cook up a slowfsahioned outfit ,can't you?
Thanks to polaroin I can look like this, too.

What do you think?

Monday, 18 June 2012

Slow fashion

Both silk top and skirt thrifted  belt skondras  shoes stefania(local shoe maker)
Today's outfit is a tribute to slow fashion. You might ask yourself what's that? I will explain myself. The term goes a few years back almost a decay. It's a term versus fast fashion the endless , mindless aquisition of low quality clothing that we throw away after a few wears. It's imposed on us through advertising ,it destroys the environment and has little to do with true style.
On the contrary slow fashion is when we buy less , good quality clothes we really need or love and this can only happen a couple of times a year. It's also when we swap ,mend, alter ,pass to others or thrift our clothes.It's a choice we make for our clothes to last and not end up in landfills. It's what people used to do for thousands of years before corporations commanded otherwise.
Both items in my outfit are thrifted and in perfect condition (the skirt shortened) and will receive some loving care from me for years to come before they fall apart or upscycled into something else.
This kind of mentality feels so right and so close to me that I am extra happy to get dressed every morning and have fun with fashion and not feel quilty of destroying the recources or have people work like slaves for my clothes.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

I'm glad to see you all again

dress worn as coat  sinequanone thrifted  tshirt gifted  denim trouders authentic
It's been a rough 20 days period that all Greeks were terrorised constantly about what will happen if we exit eurozone. There were explicit documentaries and tv shows inside and outside Greece that made it clear we people have no power and we must vote as instructed or else all hell will break lose.
Some of us got terrorised ,some not and the result remains to be seen later  tonight .
On to my posts now .Since my camera broke I've been trying to figure out a way to take my photos until I get a new one which might take months.
Excuse the poor quality but my mobile and mirror are the ones I will relay on for a while.
What I'm wearing is a dress that looks very much like a trench coat without sleeves a look that was much in trend lately.
Apart from being a trend or not I'm very pleased with this new option for my dress.
This is a real me no make up photo that I would like to share mainly because I love real life blogging that shows women the way they realy are while joggling with all issues and try to give their best.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Summer chic

I'm so happy I managed to post again. Due to technical problems (my camera is broken) as well as real life issues(elections) I was not able to post.
Those of you who visit my blog for sometime know that I swing from low cost thrifted versatility to few expensive quality  items. Until now I've managed the first part pretty good but the second part still is elusive.
So once again I've made the decision to save for sometime to be able to buy one or two expensive and great quality items per year.
I know I may go between two extremes but what would you choose?

Summer chic