Monday, 29 October 2012

Fall recap

Hello! everyone. It's been a strange month that had me take an unexpected turn. You know how crazy I am with style but I felt like taking a break of it since I fell in love with equestrian style. I was suddenly so satisfied with my looks that I felt I had no more to offer to you since my outfits are very simple and get a lot of repeat.

So there happened a shift in my interests towards home decoration and crochet. But I wanted to take a break from the internet and I wasn't sure how to demonstrate on my blog what my interests are at the moment.
It took me a bit of time to decide that the best approach is it . So here we go......

My necklace collection and the decor on my night table

From this old poster and frame this

I even found an incredible relaxing way to occupy my hands now that I gave up smoking and that's crochet. It's a whole new world for and is full of possibilities for home decor and accessories like bags and scarves.

I'm working on this lace piece to add to a curtain on my kitchen window

 And I made these pillows from burlap and lace ( this one is machine made)

I love how these materials match together - the harshness of burlap and the delicacy of the lace .
I have even bought a couple of magazines and I have so many projects on the way to last me the whole winter.
Things around here -politically speaking -are tough and it;s hard to live in a country that I feel it goes totally the wrong way and there seems to be no way to stop it.

That's all for now, I quess I have to post more cause I missed it and follow all you lovely ladies again.