Saturday, 31 October 2015

Thrift again! Yeah!

This outfit is based around my newly thrifted simple and basic sweater. It's the first of the 4 sweaters I thrifted last Friday. I love how its  quiet presense helps to show off my old flower scarf ( so many accent colors in there) and my new burgundy leggings.
The perfect buddy for creating so many outfits!

 I seem to prefer my family jewellery lately like the ring that is what my mum wore when engaged and the bracelet that is mine since I was 6 years old and because it's adjustable, I can still wear and enjoy all the more.
 The ring belongs to my teenage daughter who is happy that somebody found a use for it since it is absolutely not her style, as she puts it.

Outfit details: sweater/ Classic Woman- Thrifted 2 euro, Scarf/Stradivarious, leggings/Tally Weijll, shoes/Berska, nail polish/ Chanel 455 Lotus Rouge

 In a haste, I took some fotos of my thrifted sweaters. I'll be building outfits around them in November. It was rainy today so maybe colder days are coming.

 All in beige/tan color, basic and 2 euro each!
Two of them have wool in the blend. 
The cardigan is cotton blend. 
I had forgotten the joys of thrifting!
The truth is that if I want to keep on blogging I need to rely on thrifting. But mostly I thrift because I want my money to stay locally and because it's better for our planet.

Friday, 30 October 2015

Hand sewn silk sleevless cardigan

This outfit was created around the silk piece of fabric you see coming out of my jacket. The story behind this item is that it had been given to me by my 80 years old aunt who used to be a seamstress. I've been toying around with it for some time but silk is difficult to sew so I never ventured until this summer. For a while, I was into researching( the scientific term for endless hours of Pinterest) very  basic patterns of sewing mostly from Japanese magazines. Then, I came across groups that were into hand sewing only. When I saw this video and this video I decided to make a long scarf cardigan. This is how I wore it.

 I don't know why I chose a sporty look to go with it but I don't regret it now that I see the photos.

Outfit details: Silk cardigan/hand sewn, top/Anna Riska, Jeggings/Stradivarious, Jacket/thrifted( Made in Canada), shoes( Marks& Spencer), necklace/Berska, sunglasses/ thrifted 

On another note, I went thrifting today since last spring. I scored 4 beige/tan sweaters (new) for 8 euros.
I will post photos and will wear them soon enough because a bit of cold weather is required and there is no sign of cold weather in Crete, yet.( not that I complain!).
I can see a pattern developing about my thrifting habits here. I work in a school as a teacher which means 9 months of everyday different outfits. That's when I blog the most and thrift the most. In summer time the need for dressing( other than very casual staying at home or going to the beach) is limited. That's when I usually don't post often or when I purge like mad. Only the most favorites of the winter thrifting extravaganga stay.( I exept here the days I work/help my husband for AutoRentals-Crete)
And then I go back to school and off I start again. 
I believe that because I managed to tidy effectivelly my house the KonMarie method and took the Project 333 I was able to clearly see the pattern.
How about you? Do you notice similar patterns in your dressing/thrifting experience?

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rock around ...the shoes

Some days I put together an outfit mostly to creatively combine some of the elements in my closet and ocassionally surprise myself with the result. But today was another story.
I just wanted to break in my new shoes and protect my feet while walking in them. This meant thick socks  and some protection patches.
This meant no skirt or dress for me today, it had to be pants. And then I thought my shoes are of a masculine vibe so a man's shirt is what I need.That's how the blue shirt was added!

 Αnd then I added the scarf because my outfit was asking for it and partly because I have been experimenting with scarf rings( can you spot the scarf ring in the photo?). It was a mildly cold day of autumn and the waistcoat was enough to keep me warm. And of course the scarf and the waistcoat are details of equestrian style which I love.


 Details of outfit: Shirt/Anna Riska, pants/Zara, equestrian waistcoat/Zara, Belt/stradivarious, shoes/Joy shoes, watch/Follie,Folli, bag/Achileas Accessories, nail polish/ Chanel 455 Lotus Rouge

happy almost end of the week
How do you put outfits together?

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Practice makes perfect

Another day, another way. Today a totally different outfit created itself and I did nothing for it. All pieces stood out of all others in my closet and I just wore them. As soon as I took the photos I noticed how well coordinated everything is. Practice makes perfect like they say.

Burgundy pants ( a color much in fashion right now but always a favorite of mine) match the color of my hair (not really visible in the photos) and the ring matches the shirt and my eyes. The scarf ties everything together and the bag is a bit off, so that not everything is matchy-matchy.

Details of my outfit: Pants/Zara, Jacket/thrifted, shirt/Anna Riska, silk scarf/thrifted, ring/Berska

Monday, 26 October 2015

Creative and loved outfit

I'm so glad I'm part of this supportive blogging community. As soon as I expressed my confusion about what direction I'm going style wise, many of you offered helpful insight which is deeply appreciated, needless to say.
Today's outfit is partly hand made( cardi/hand knitted by mom), part expensive ( grey tunic American vintage 65euro) and part retail(jeggings by Berska).

Leather beret borrowed by husband and nail color by Chanel.
 I love how the outfit turned out. It's casual, friendly and creative and the kids at school loved it. I was also very happy wearing it.
 And even a couple of cars stopped to let me cross the street!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Shirt-Pants combo

The complition of Project 333 and the change of season have left me somewhat un decisive on what to wear and the direction of my style. I know it's not gonna be experimenting with paterns and colors any more or pile up on accessories. I can feel the new direction coming, I have a need for a change, however I don't know how it will manifest, yet. So, I keep on posting everyday and I'm sure my new style will emerge when the time is right. I the main time let's have fun with today's outfit.

Like I said , same idea, shirt plus elastic pants like yesterday,only different colors. The pants are new from Zara and the shirt is thrifted, exellent quality and a favourite.

Just take a closer look of shoes, bag and short boots.

I'm linking again to my favorite Visible Monday. Come join me and all beautiful ladies out there!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Floral is cool

I wore burgundy pants and floral thrifted shirt in similar colors today
 and never looked back. I also bought a pair of low heel grey shoes for 15 euro. I'm not sure though if it's too much or too little money. For sure they are comfy and that's why I bought them. I'll post an outfit with them next week.

                                                                   Sneakers bershka bershka, pants zara
                                 I have planned my outfit for tomorrow. It's same kind outfit but different colors.

Today I'm linking with : Tina from

Wednesday, 21 October 2015

New top after a long time

Another casual outfit and the 4th day in a row that I post. I wore my jeggings, my favourite red shoes and a top I bought on sales last August. I would describe it as chaki colour, adorned with lace. It has a feminine cut, too and I got many positive comments today about my top.
The children at school went crazy about my necklace, especially about the fringe!

                         Top is from Anna Riska, jeggings and necklace from Zara group and shoes are 
                     St. Oliver

                                 Snake skin bag and red shoes are a match in heaven,aren't they?

I promise to meet you here tomorrow! See what I will be wearing. I haven't figured anything out , yet.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Burgundy elastic pants

How about colored, elastic jeans? Are they age appropriate? Well, they work just fine for me. Since I don't want to mess around skirts and matching tighs yet, I find them extra practical especially if they are the jeggings type. Forgiving and sooo comfortable! Here's the proof...

Pants in rich burgundy, recently bought from Zara worn with my basic annariska tshirt. The soft cashmere mix cardigan is thrifted and a favorite piece.

                This scarf is a gift                                                                                                          the     shoes are from Zara    

                        See you again here tomorrow. They say it will be a lot colder, tomorrow!        

Monday, 19 October 2015

Nerd style

I' m totally focused on my teaching this year. I want simple, easy to move outfits on the classic, a bit nerd side. This truly describes my outfit today.

 The blue shirt is classic style and it's actually well made out of thick material. It's by a Greek company called Anna Riska and was bought during sales times together with the black trousers I wear today. Both well fitting classic and basic pieces!
As for the silk scarf, it's thrifted and of excellent quality.

                 My only watch by folli follie                         Shoes bought this week by Mom shoes
                                                                                                axel accessories is my bag.
                                                    Best wishes and hopefully meet  you here tomorrow!

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Autumn decisions

Happy autumn ,everyone! It's this time of the year that I always think about where i want to take my blogging next. I had some free time in summer and took it easy with my style choices. I had a sort of break, a break I'm all too eager to stop it now. 
This is because I'm working again and I will get dressed first thing in the morning, everyworking day, for the next 9 months and I want to document my outfits.
The other reason is that I go to work everyday passing through the main shopping streets and I know I will be adding somethings to my existing wardrobe that I want to document.

 So, this weekend I got down to work and took my camera out SONY a37 dslr ( 18-50mm lens) and my tripod and I did some research on how to make some decent fotos without sweating it that much.
My purpose is to be able to document my outfits everymorning as soon as I'm ready to get out the door. 
I want a simple point, pose, shoot on timer and go procedure and I think I nailed it. I designed everything to be simple so I will not miss a single outfit. Not much posing, no photoshop after, just shoot in the morning and post later in the evening. I want sort of a chronicle of what I wear.
I've been doing this for years of course but this time I want to do it more systematically. That's my goal for the next season.

 The jacket is thrifted, the scarf is gifted and the leggings are bought from Tally Weill last week.

 The jewels are in the family,vintage,well loved and will pass on to my daughter! Sentimental value!
Shoes  Anesia
The bag is real leather and the size of it has become a favorite. I carry it everywhere from school to shopping to nights out with my husband or family walks.
The shoes are the newest addition. They are flats because I value comfort and they are of burgundy color because it's one of my favorites and it's a trend this winter, yeah!!!

Have a great week!