Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Burgundy elastic pants

How about colored, elastic jeans? Are they age appropriate? Well, they work just fine for me. Since I don't want to mess around skirts and matching tighs yet, I find them extra practical especially if they are the jeggings type. Forgiving and sooo comfortable! Here's the proof...

Pants in rich burgundy, recently bought from Zara worn with my basic annariska tshirt. The soft cashmere mix cardigan is thrifted and a favorite piece.

                This scarf is a gift                                                                                                          the     shoes are from Zara    

                        See you again here tomorrow. They say it will be a lot colder, tomorrow!        


  1. A very nice look, I like the color of the pants and I love your scarf.

  2. What a lovely trick with the scarf. Looks like a vest. Jeans look perfect! Xo Jazzy Jack

  3. They look amazing on you Angie. Love how you've wrapped the scarf. Beautiful casual outfit. xo

  4. You look great. Love this scarf :)
    habe a nice day, kisses Tina

  5. Love them! I never find coloured jeans or pants that are long enough for me. Burgundy is a great colour and I would definitely wear it as it would go with everything in my closet. xoxo

  6. I have already noticed that burgundy is one of your favorite colors. I hope you do find a pair. It will freshen up your wardrobe!