Thursday, 29 October 2015

Rock around ...the shoes

Some days I put together an outfit mostly to creatively combine some of the elements in my closet and ocassionally surprise myself with the result. But today was another story.
I just wanted to break in my new shoes and protect my feet while walking in them. This meant thick socks  and some protection patches.
This meant no skirt or dress for me today, it had to be pants. And then I thought my shoes are of a masculine vibe so a man's shirt is what I need.That's how the blue shirt was added!

 Αnd then I added the scarf because my outfit was asking for it and partly because I have been experimenting with scarf rings( can you spot the scarf ring in the photo?). It was a mildly cold day of autumn and the waistcoat was enough to keep me warm. And of course the scarf and the waistcoat are details of equestrian style which I love.


 Details of outfit: Shirt/Anna Riska, pants/Zara, equestrian waistcoat/Zara, Belt/stradivarious, shoes/Joy shoes, watch/Follie,Folli, bag/Achileas Accessories, nail polish/ Chanel 455 Lotus Rouge

happy almost end of the week
How do you put outfits together?


  1. a bit to much "horse lady" for my taste but you look very chic!!!
    to break the theme you could indeed wear a knee long skirt with thick socks in your cool new shoes!!!!! just saying :-)
    hugs and kisses!!! <3

  2. Love your insight! or maybe a dress with the shoes and thick socks!