Wednesday, 8 July 2015

My capsule wardrobe/ Project 333/outfit 4

 When it comes to simple, wearing a dress and slippers is the perfect choice. In just 2 min I was ready to go. It took more time to pin the flower on my hair the right way(?), though!

The dress is cotton and light . It is of simple design pattern and the creation of yet another Greek designer called Anna Kourbela. My minimal design sleepers are a trend this summer and of course very comfortable.

About my Project 333 all I have to say is that
  •  I'm now dressed with style in a flash of a second and I absolutely give no second thought since everything combines together.
  •  I don't browse via Internet for inspiration. Instead, I comment more on my favorite bloggers or make new connections!
  •  I 've been to the shops twice to shop summer essentials for the kids and I was not tempted to buy. I was even puzzled and comfused by the huge amount of choices I found there.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

My capsule wardrobe/ Project 333/outfit 3

 I love how this outfit turned out. And I have to give many thanks to my photographer, my sweet daughter. Also for her diy necklace I'm wearing today.

The culottes has a story. Basically of not importance to the rest of the world but a kind of milestone for me. It was a warm spring afternoon and I summed up the courage to step into an expensive shop of good quality clothes.

Although I had long ago made the decision  that I need a few good quality clothes always quantity won over quality in my case.

But not that afternoon. I stepped inside, I asked for what I had in mind and I tried a few pieces. With each one I tried I could see how my body image was transformed. The fabric draped in all right places, the design, the height of waistline, the length and even the pockets were the signs that I would absolutely enjoy wearing this culotte again and again.

It wasn't cheap and no discount was made for me but every time I wear it I feel special and I don't want to buy anything more. I am satisfied. I don't lust over something else bacause what I bought is special and when I wear it I am and feel well dressed.

With fast fashion, one reason I always wanted more, is that I'm never satisfied because rarely something is well made. There is always something to worry. Sometimes the length is not right or the sleeves are too long or the fabric not so forgiving etc.

The culotte is of a Greek  designer brand called Anna Riska and I'm totally happy I shopped there.

The white (tank) top is a must for any versatile capsule wardrobe especially in warm countries. I like the simplicity of the tank top but can be anything white on top. Accessories look so much better against white.

 I had a few questions conserning Project 333
Their site is very explicit and inspiring at the same time. As for me I'm taking the summer edition roughly for the next 3 months. I will be posting a few times a week to present you with the combinations I come up with. The rest of the days that I don't post is because I'm repeating, or wearing a slight  variation. I want to test my creativity and check how well I have chosen the 33 pieces in my summer capsule wardrobe. And of course how long will I last without buying anything.
Have a great  rest of week.

PS ask anything you want to know about what's happening to Greece. I will try and answer.