Monday, 27 February 2012

Monochromatic green

I've been really productive this weekend. Not having stepped my foot in a shop since the begining of January meant  I had to do something to add new stuff to my wardrobe. I've been refashioning my jewellery like crazy. The web is full of wonderful ideas and I plan to photograph all that I've refashioned or made so far.

collar necklace  made by me    pants stigma    belt skondras    cardi worn backwards zara  h shoes massimo dutti
This is one of my as monochromatic as it can be outfits. It's shades of green with a bit of unexpected cardigan worn backwards once again. It's such an easy way to feel I have something new.

This collar necklace is one of the things I made. I just recycled a piece of fabric of my silk dress and I made myself a collar necklace. I made the template, cut a left over faux leather piece to it and glued the fabric. Easier than going out to shop and took my mind away from the political situation in my country,too. It's becoming a sort of therapy. I'm drawn to creativiy as if my life depended on it. It keeps me balanced to know that at the end of the day I will sit down and create something when my country and the world around me as I knew it is falling apart.
Excuse my constant rambling but it's something I've never experienced before.Have a nice week ,everyone!!!

Saturday, 25 February 2012

Silk memories

I don't know about you but I prefer to get dressed and then take my photos and a bit later in the day to put it all together in a post. I don't take all the photos of the week in just one session or plan ahead in any way. This way each post is new and fresh to me  and keeps my interest. I don't like writing about older outfits , it feels like cheating although I understand that a busy scedule can easily make someone do it. I also understand that sometimes I get into a creative mood and once I start I want to wear and photograph many outfits. Today's outfit is a few days old and a product of this kind of creative mood.

silk dress  handmade by my aunt  belt zara  obi belt  by me  fake fur collar by stradivarious
This dress was made by my aunt back in the beggining of the 80s and I have strong memories of my mother wearing it. She was about the age I'm now. I shortened it a few weeks ago but I did a bit too much shortening. 

I wish you all a happy weekend!!!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

LBD is basic...myth or reality?

With feelings moving between hope and desperation life still goes on and the happy laughter of my kids trully makes my day.

LBD and sweater   marks&spencer  scarf local summer shop  jacket berska

The truth is that the little black dress hasn't been in use as much as the style experts claim. But it has been there in a few formal  occassions and really saved my butt. Do you use your LBD as much or occassionally?

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Experiment with color combinations

Today's outfit was the result of experimenting with color combinations.Green pants and pale blue shirt looked good in my head but not so good in reality until I grounded both with a black cardi.

green pents stigma  black cardigan marks &spencer shoes zara
I've got to come clean for the shoes though.They are summer shoes worn with socks but so slippery to wear in the real world. So I changed them to go out.

The collar is made by me. Just a piece of  fabric glued on a fake leather leftover.

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Repeat after me is great

To be totally honest today's outfit is just a variation of yesterday's . Pants shirt and sweater over it. I even wear the same scarf. Well, shame on me. But I do like the color and I love this shirt and  I put it all together so easily this was a case of why not.

pants levi's   sweater zara   shirt berska  shoes reebok 
But what I like mostly about this outfit is that I can wear pink easily now but a year ago pink was a taboo color for me. I owe it to style blogging that I wear pink without shame. Is there a taboo style situation that you got over because of fashion blogging?

Monday, 20 February 2012

Υellow makes me happy.

It's so emotionally stressful to watch and experience history in the making. Austerity measures are so hard to swallow and although my family is not immediately threatened others around me are. I try to strike a balance between reality and blogging fantasy to keep me sane and present for my family. So yellow today was a survival choice. I had to wear happy colors

yellow sweater zara denim shirt berska scarf mabo necklace stradivarious

Denim shirt was a big hit last year and it has become a statement piece in my wardrobe.It can be worn with almost anything I own and I still see bloggers wear it with great success .

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Why am I paying this?

Sometimes I wonder what's the real value of the clothes I buy. Take this skirt I'm wearing today. It's polyester all right but does that justify the price of 1 euro that I paid to buy it? On the other hand I've seen items of no real value to cost crazy amounts of money. Why is this happening? Just add this to the many crazy out of logical thinking stuff that goes around us every day.

skirt from local market shortened black cardigan marks &spencer belt zara fur collar stradivarious
I tried a new lay out today but i'm not quite sure. Please can you leave me some feedback as to how you want it better ,maybe more photos or something that I can't see but you can. Thank you so very much in advance.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Grey sweater 2 ways

I rarely wear the same outfit twice let alone wear it 2 days in a row . But today I almost did it . When I say almost I mean the same top but different bottom. I like the second look more.

sweater armani  jeans levi's  shoes reebok  necklace berska  pink pants shirt  local market
I have to say that this tartan shirt still amazes me. I don't seem to stop finding new combinations that I don't post because I don't want to bore you.

The necklace is actually a real quartz clock but I always forget about this and keep on looking at my mobile to ckeck the time. The scarf is one of my favorites at the moment( in case you 've been wondering).

Friday, 17 February 2012

Grey pattern and gold

I made this simple A line skirt last autumn and wore it a few times ever since. It's a nice pattern very much 70s. If I weren't kind of lazy I could have made 20 more but ...never mind.

Skirt made by me cardigan zara golden shirt gift from my mom accessories stradivarious

See ,how lazy I am? I never made it to iron the skirt before wearing it. My biggest problem though was how to bring down this golden shirt. Too formal for day wear ,too much shine if you know what I mean. Choosing a serious grey cardi hopefully did the trick. See, too busy to iron !

It's worth noting that the patterned fabric is actually vintage from the 70s and it's of excellent quality which proves how badly contemporary fabrics are made.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

My twist on classics

Nothing makes me feel more creative than taking classic pieces and wear them in crazy not conventional combinations.

stripes zara skirt max mara denim shirt berska scarf mabo belt stradivarious
I wore my stripes an otherwise classic piece over my denim shirt and I accessorized with a floral scarf and bangle.

P.S I recycled my old bangles using these tips and got myself two new bangles and I plan to recycle a couple of more. You should try yourself.!!! It's so refreshing.

Experimenting with creativity

The fact that I didn't post for so long made my creativity boiling and I wanted an outfit both creative but stil wearable. Hopefully I kept the balance.

blue man's shirt given pink shirt bought on sale skirt & belt stradivarious scarf berska oxfords massimo dutti
So let's keep track ...I introduced stripes and dots with the shirts and pattern with the scarf and the skirt. I think the similar  color of the scarf and of the skirt tie the outfit together. But then again it might only be my idea,I'm not quite sure.
What I know for sure , however, is how short the skirt is. To give it a few extra inches I lowered it as much as I could under the shirts and I tied the belt a bit higher on my waist to make the lower part of my body look longer.
Lately, due to difficulty of renewing my clothes, I experiment with proportions( it cost nothing) and discovered for myself that changing the natural waist makes the same outfits look different and fit better.

Color and texture

When reality is not of my taste I often seek comfort in colorful outfits . A bit of color lifts the spirit and a fluffy sweater makes me feel pampered and warm.

pink pants on a sale fluffy sweater from local market turtleneck top zara shoes reebok
What I like about this outfit is how the black details bring down the colors a bit and make the outfit a bit more age appropriate. What feels a bit strange to me but I welcome it is the texture of the sweater which is fluffy and so soft. Playing around with texture is a learnt ability that I plan to explore this year. This outfit is just baby steps.

Sweater dress

I don't know about you but I often start my day with a certain outfit and change it around a bit during the day. It makes things a bit more interesting.

dress berska cardigan massimo dutti
I also noticed that the color of the dress is much in fashion lately. This makes me extra happy as I bought it on sales last winter. As you can see from the photos I worn it under a sweater in the morning and under a cardigan and belted in the evening.

I even changed the scarf later in the evening to give it a bit more twist. It's a Gucci not original version but it does the trick.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Back cardi

Spy Gir 52 Pick me upIf life throws you lemons , make lemonade. I've always loved this saying and the last few months I have no choice but apply it to my life. While hoping for things to get any better I make use of my creativity and the stock of clothes and material I gathered over the years and I try to make new things from this stuff. Buying new is out of the question for a few months ahead. This is what I came up with today.

cardi worn backwards zara-denim peacock-shoes reebok
It dawned on me to wear my cardi backwards as i've seen it in magazines before...and it worked. So I got myself a couple new sweaters in bright or neutral colors that if I layer nobody will know they are actually my cardigans. So, more looks no money spent.

I also offered myself a new bangle that is I wrapped some lace around an old bangle and called it a day. Have a nice weekend everyone!There is abundance evrywhere it just takes a bit of adjusting to see it.
Isn't it great  that 2 years later I would join  the woderful blog of Anne for the 52 Spy Girl pick me up /back to front. Join in ,too.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

I thrifted the skirt back in the summer for a couple of euros , a great price in everyway even more so as it's of excellent quality both in fabric and sewing. Back in the summer it was a midi skirt but this trend was not my cup of coffe so I shortened it a few weeks ago.

skirt thrifted -stripes zara- belt & scarf stradivarious

This way the skirt is a lot more user friendly. Actually I got inspired by sweet Shey that has a great collection of shortened skirts. I feel proud of my outfit today because I managed to incorporate stripes with pattern and color.

There is a little story behind the bangle. As you all know by now there is an undeniable financieal insecurity for my family but I still manage to add little new things to my wardrobe as this bangle.The good thing is that it cost me nothing as I had the bangle via swap and the fabric. I just sort of followed the instructions and voila ...a brand new accessory. There will be more I warn you. Now that I come to think of it I can transform all my bangles and have a brand new collection just by using a bit of fabric and thread. I think you should try that , too.