Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Repeat after me ...pink is great

To be totally honest today's outfit is just a variation of yesterday's . Pants shirt and sweater over it. I even wear the same scarf. Well, shame on me. But I do like the color and I love this shirt and  I put it all together so easily this morning...it was a case of why not.

pants levi's   sweater zara   shirt berska  shoes reebok 
But what I like mostly about this outfit is that I can wear pink easily now but a year ago pink was a taboo color for me. I owe it to style blogging that I wear pink without shame. Is there a taboo style situation that you got over because of fashion blogging?


  1. Yeah...you should wear pink with shame! Great outfit and pink is always a big color for spring!!

  2. This would have been perfect for the EveryBody, EveryWear challenge on Valentine's Day. I am unafraid of pink, but sometimes imagine that my female colleagues frown on it.

  3. yellow makes me happy too, alla to roz to sixainomai ;)to mantilo omws einai polu polu omorfo.sigoura tha to forousa (an kai roz..). kisses****