Sunday, 29 December 2013

Sisi love

 The last days od December always flow very fast and before I know it it's the New Year celebrations come and with it the promise of a wonderful future. The photo above captures this feeling as I look at my 2 boys stroll down the road going their own way to the future they want to create. Seconds later after I took the photo, they dissareared only to come back in 2 hours.
 Sometimes there will be a shore for them to take a rest and sometimes the open sea to sail to their dreams. Me and their father are a bit worried but mostly curious about their decisions.
 As for my little girl, she still gazes the open seas but  has no desire to fly away

 She is so happy surrounded by our love in the safe harbour of our family. Oh! how much the harbour you see in the photos captures her feelings!
 But she occasionaly balances the mild turbulence of pre- adolecence like she is  doing now!
post signatureOh! how she will always be our little kitten! Or do I fool myself! Whatever, what will be will be!
P.S The beautiful fishing village you see in the photos is called Sisi. It's in the north -east part of Crete
and the perfect spot for family vacations.
This is where our rent a car office is located (although we bring cars to rent at the airport or hotels too) and where I spend all of the summer holidays. I'm in love with this place both in the summer but in winter time,too.

Friday, 27 December 2013

Living room thoughts

post signatureToday, I felt the need to take some photos of my living rooom. To see what it loooks like posted on the web. Does it look as mismatched as I think it looks? Does it look as not much money spend there as is the case? Can people spot the needle work on the curtains dating back in the 70s which they won't because I didn't think of photographing seperately. Can you tell the covers on the sofas are a blanket and a green bedsheet?

 And is it obvious that me and my husband made all the furniture you see except for the chairs and the sofas ? And for last, can you tell how much I love my living room because of this rather untidy, fully comfortable, humble family feeling it gives?
It's a living room far from the perfection I see on the magazines but  that's the kind of space that I don't feel pressured. I've come to terms that I'm no great decorator and I won't spend much money on my living room but I promise to make 2 huge crochet covers and a few pillows for my sofas and see where I will go from there. How do you feel about your living room?
                                                                HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Being creative

Time rolls nicely lately and I had a lovely experience when I spent an afternoon together with my daughter to make colorful bracelets for her friends. It was the best introduction to do it yourself spirit for her. Although she watches me doing my crochet projects she isn't really into it. I don't know what all of you dear readers do with your daughters but I could use some advice.
A white neck warmer was never on the top of my list but I had plenty of white yarn so I'm giving it a try. Since it's a simple project I decided to experiment with the star stich which is a simple stich but gives a nice tight weave and it's pleasing to the eye.
post signatureYou thought I'm done with neck warmers? Think twice cause this is the second one I made this week. Oh! I love how the colors work together and how well this neck warmer suits my favorite denim shirt. I got many compliments on the color combination and my appetite to make more neck warmers is stronger now. After all, it's a great way to give my shirts new looks in little time with very little money. Actually, I haven't been to the shops for months, only to my local store to buy more yarn. 
I finish this post with a couple of photos I took with my camera. Since I'm not going to get a new one soon, it's better if I learn all the possibilities my camera offers.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Flowers in the winter!

 Serious danger, here. Watch out! Both making and photographing these crochet flowers can be addictive.

I've made one last Saturday evening following this simple pattern ( so simple, just a few photos) and since then I have made a whole bunch of them in many colors that have brighten up my sweaters, shirts and bags.

They trully give instant glamour to simple outfits. I only put 60 stiches in the first chain but if I added more the flowers would look so much bigger.

Needless to say I got so many compliments and even some ...orders to make some for others. I still have a few colors in my head that I would like to try and make some more. Please , try and make them, too, to see for yourself.

post signatureStars, Santas and small hanging pictures from the school bazaar. A bit of festive feeling among the chaos basically for the shake of children. Nobody, not even economic crisis can take Christmas away from the kids.

Speaking of kids and being short of money here is a few ideas to create perfect  Christmas memories without spending money.
How about letting the kids sleep under the Christmas tree with the fairy lights on all night?

How about making a CD with Christmas music and let it play everyday during holidays?

How about eating dinner with candle light and then watch all together classic Christmas movies? 
You bet I'll try and do all those things just to see the smile on their faces!
                                   w i s h    y o u    a   p e a c e f u l    w e k !!!

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Projects 2013 Part 2

For a woman that used to leave all her projects unfinished 2013 was a different year. With my own determination and help from blogging I managed to finish all my 17 projects.
This took some time to make but it looks so adorable.

Neck warmer. So easy to make!
This little bolero became my favorite go everywhere piece maybe because I felt so proud when I wore it.

The two pieces where inspired by my love of the 40s .
Favorite bag ever!
post signatureH A P P Y    W E K   E V E R Y O N E !

Friday, 13 December 2013

The way to school No2-So much symbolism...

We are closing Christmas and in most parts of the world people get happy and excited about it. But this year in my family (serious illness) and in my country Greece(crisis) There is not really a Christmas feeling. 
So every little thing that reminds me of Christmas is like a treasure  and those stars made me smile so I thought I would share them with you.
After all, when you lose something, you appreciate it more and I'm positive that good times will come again.
Because of going through some rough times I make a special effort to find little things I can hold on to like this bright painting on a wall
And a nice detail on a doorway. Just because I 'm under pressure doesn't mean that all the beauty in the world has gone away. I just have to make a conscious effort to see it.
And that's where my instant camera comes handy. Through the lence I noticed this nice vintage looking tree. It doesn't matter that the first thought that crossed my mind was :Oh!It's down instead of standing proudly, a symbol of the lost Christmas spirit. It's still such a beautiful tree.

The last photo I want to share with you is one of those delicate plants that can endure long periods without water. I feel a bit like those plants and deep down I know that even if the water is little at the moment me and my country will prosper again . I only hope it will be soon.

On the crochet front , thanks to the inspiration I got from attic24 I have made some progress to revamp my  plain black sweater. I'm still experimenting because I don't like the big contrast between the black color and the colorful sqares. I have a similar red sweater in need of revamp that I think the colorful squares fit more.I'm working on it. In the main time I wish you a wonderful evening.
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