Thursday, 26 December 2013

Being creative

Time rolls nicely lately and I had a lovely experience when I spent an afternoon together with my daughter to make colorful bracelets for her friends. It was the best introduction to do it yourself spirit for her. Although she watches me doing my crochet projects she isn't really into it. I don't know what all of you dear readers do with your daughters but I could use some advice.
A white neck warmer was never on the top of my list but I had plenty of white yarn so I'm giving it a try. Since it's a simple project I decided to experiment with the star stich which is a simple stich but gives a nice tight weave and it's pleasing to the eye.
post signatureYou thought I'm done with neck warmers? Think twice cause this is the second one I made this week. Oh! I love how the colors work together and how well this neck warmer suits my favorite denim shirt. I got many compliments on the color combination and my appetite to make more neck warmers is stronger now. After all, it's a great way to give my shirts new looks in little time with very little money. Actually, I haven't been to the shops for months, only to my local store to buy more yarn. 
I finish this post with a couple of photos I took with my camera. Since I'm not going to get a new one soon, it's better if I learn all the possibilities my camera offers.

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