Saturday, 7 December 2013

A day well spent!

Refreshing excursion to the mountains today for me and my family and a close friend.Glad I had my pocket camera with me!

Look at those bullet holes on the sighns! We are entering dangerous territory!

Traditional Greek folk needle work and crochet I found inside a small chappel in the mountains.

 Amazing detail of the floor tiles inside the chappel. You don't see those very often.

 A tree of wishes ,an unexpected sight! What did I wish for? but it's a secret you know that.

Looks like Santa's house, isn't it? But it's a cosy little taverna.

 Magic sky late in the evening and all too silent. Something for the soul to hold on to during the busy week to come.

That's where we spent most of the day. Opposite this fire place waiting for granma to tell stories. Like the good old times.

I promised to myself today that I will carry my camera with me this year everyday and catch all little miracles that dance in front of my eyes  . It sometimes takes the camera lense for some magic to unfold.
Have a great day ,everyone and thanks for stepping by.

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  1. Beautiful places to see and remember, Angie. Have a lovely Sunday. xox