Monday, 9 December 2013

On the way...and some finishing touches

 What happens when someone you love makes something for you that you don't really like? Well, I feel obliged to honor it but deep down, I know, I put pressure on me. Growing older has alot to do with respecting oneself, so pressure is out of the question. The above little number is too short for my figure and today I took action to make it look longer. I will share the results with you in a couple of days But for the moment I want you to get a glimpse of the original cause I have big plans.

 Meanwhile here comes another question for you. What happens if you have a lot of unfinished projects. Do they count? How can you use an unfinished bag? You obviously can't carry anything. It's like you have put so much work on something and then your leave it there unfinished and all is wasted. So today, there came out 3 bags and one bolero to be given the final touches, mainly put fabric inside. This way they will not be considered clutter but beautiful,useful things. I also have a feeling that if I get all my unfinished projects out of the way then the road for new creations will be freely open. Unfinished projects weigh on us and that's how it is.
 Today was crisp and sunny but very cold and the light of the sun was a perfection not to mention the warmth. I decided to take some photos on my way to school No1 and share them with you.I will begin with the olive trees just outside my house and  go on with this old school my final destination after about 10 min walk. Right after I will take you inside this class with a lot of character and a strong vintage feel. See for yourself...
 Isn't it adorable inside the classroom. Totally old times about this cabinet! You don't see those very often anymore! And the big map against orange and those little pupils' chairs? I've seen similar settings in vintage decor magazines. And of course a bit of christmas spirit decoration!
post signatureOn the way back I spotted a rundown building and as the sun shone on it,all its rundown beauty looked so worthy of a photo. I esp like the earthy tones on this wall. I promised to myself to always carry my instant camera with me to capture all the beauty that goes unnoticed. Have a nice evening, everyone!

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  1. I know what you mean about someone making or giving something to you that is full of love, but not your favorite. You have to make it work!