Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Happy crochet anniversary

post signatureToday , was the blessed day I had been waiting for a whole year to come.
Today was the day I finally finished my first crochet blanket ever, a present to my lovely niece.
It all started about a wear ago when my creativity was seriously channelled to crochet.
Oh! what a glorious moment. My  everyday life trully got so much less monotonous. I found a hobby and a whole new world opened in front of me for discovering.
Since then I have made several thing to keep me warm and accessorise me and my house and I have made some more to gift.
Marvellous crochet blogs and addictive pinterest have been my source of inspiration along with utube for fantastic video tutorials. I have to admit though the if I spent more time crochet and less time browsing I would have opened and Etsy shop by now!
Boredom, bad mood, aimlessly hanging around have flown out of the window.
Real creative urge has visited me for the first time in my life and stayed with me. I have day dreams for my next projects and I even plan my day so I can have free time to sit down and crochet. I keep my house clean and tidy so i can enjoy crochet without guilt.
Now that I'm preparing to give up smoking I know I will have a true companion to hold on to.

As I dutifully follow my glorious crochet path I realize that crochet goes hand in hand with decoration with a certain vintage feel. I have already declared my love of vintage but I hadn't realised how much vintage like stuff lurks in my house.

Today, I easily put together this composition just above my sink. The top with the pin up girl is from a tin full of sweets I bought in the early 90s in Holland and the needle work is made from my mother back in the 60s.

 I will keep my eyes open for more things that have gone unnoticed but right now my eyes close because it's way beyond bed time . Καληνύχτα! (Good night in greek)

P>S I'm putting together a post with all my crochet projects. Stay tuned!!!


  1. your projects are so lovely, Angie! It's great to see you again, xox

  2. What a pretty blanket! Happy Crochet Anniversary!

    - J