Saturday, 27 April 2013


Life is going back to normal again and mother in law is recovering in hep peaceful home away from the hectic hospital and I'm able to sllep in my comfortable bed again and not in a chair on a chair in the hospital. The good thing though is that I got to know many people and people come really close whan they are in need.

Outfitwise, I'm in a 40s mania mood. I study and copy the hair styles and make up and of course the style of clothes. This weekend I'm editing my clothes and only keep those that have a vintage feel and hopefully I will be able to look 40s like while trying to sew some vintage inspired stuff.
So here is my attempt of today

I had no pencil skirt ironed so my denim skirt was the only option. no denim skirts in the 40s and the flower in the hair is mostly from the fifties but I beleive I gave my outfit a vintage twist with what I have.

This brooch gets noticed and commented on everywhere I go and it's not even a's a hairclip but as soon as I saw it I sensed something nostalgic about it.

My girl took all the photos but she got fascinated by the flower the most and couldn't stop shooting with the camera.

I feel I'm embarking on a nice adventure and can't wait to start sewing. I'm on a very basic level and I'm gathering my fabric and patterns this week so hopefully I will start the week after,

Happy weekend everyone!!!

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Detail inspiration

When things get complicated it's a grand time to experiment with style. After all it's the little details that save our day! So this is what I did over the weekend for some quality me time...

 I experimented with make up inspired by 50s make up trends. I find this an easy to follow and glamorous routine. Those ladies knew how to look good!

 Then it was time for some hair style make over inspired by the  40s. Bandana and pumped up front ,bobypins and voila an inspired look to get me through the week.

 Later I put together an outfit also inspired by 50s that is a pale blue twin set I thrifted some time ago and a lace collar I crocheted in the winter for my daughter but she doesn't seem to appreciate. Oh! those Zara kids!

And the final touch were some colorful bangles and two tone nails.
What did I do dressed like that? Well, I served dinner of course and everybody felt welcome and well cared of.
Happy week, everyone!!!
I'm linking for Pattie's Visible Monday weekly post.
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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Inspiration of the week


Hello lovelies!
Due to medical problems of a member of my family, my loved mother in law, I've been spending endless nights at the hospital. this means that my normal everyday routine has vanished.
However now is the time of all times to get some inspiration going on in my life as a counter force to a difficult reality.
And what inspires me is to dive in the wonderful world of turbans preferably of older decades 20s to 50s.
And addicted as I am to crochet there are endless possibilities to crochet some when the storm is over.
Isn't she a beauty, crochet turban , peackock feathers and all?

I swear I'm going to make the set, turban and bag as soon as possible.
Vintage Crochet PATTERN Turban Hat Bag Purse Tote 40s TwoToneTurban

Travel to quiet waters all through the week and maybe let me know what inspires you at the moment!

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Manic Sunday

Just another manic Sunday here and lots of work has been piled up after a relaxed Saturday. You know 5 people make a mess and only one cleans up. But I had to be presentable and comfy to do the job. Both sitting and standing.

Check this out !Real 40s style by simply tying the sleeves. Brilliant idea of my sweet daughter.

The turbanesque headpiece I crocheted yesterday night and adds to the atmosphere .

A closer look at the accessories and we are done for today.Who's up for a game of Monopoly?

And then you think it's over but it's never over. I have to help my son with  Ancient Greek.
See? Better do it with style then!

I'm linking for Visible Monday .Come join us!
All photos courtesy of my seet daughter. e had so much fun together!
Have a nice creative week!

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stop following

A big kiss to all lovely style bloggers out there. If it wasn't for your inspiration and engouragement I wouldn't be posting yet for another year. And it becomes more and more fun to play around with my clothes, god bless you

On my way back from work today I entered Zara headquarters only to fly away after 5 minutes flat 
with a sense of utter boredom. Cheap quality stuff, no imagination, no fun and expensive.

See, I've got all my stuff second hand and at a fraction of the price and above all they are unique.

 My bangles are cheap but no one else has them ,so they are priceless
What i'm trying to say is that mainstream fashion is not everything there is and a woman has more possibilities to find her true style when she steps out of it than when she follows. So stop being a follower.

Who's resisting mama's kiss?
An adolescent to be!

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Pile up franzy

This is how it goes these days.
 I choose a basic outfit and then I add an odd piece.Today is the pale blue shirt that looks like a pyzama top and whish used to bother me but not anymore, all the more so. But it doesn't stop here because then comes my favorite part which is to pile up on jewellery!!!
You can see the results here

 Finally everything gets a chance to be worn and I get an excuse to pile up on cheap stuff and it all makes sense.

Since I accepted my fate that I will never manage to afford expenzive sh... I feel so blessed that I can at least have fun with what I can pay for and gaze at the future with style

I will stuff you with more proof and then I will leave you with a kiss goodbye and dive into my family jungle

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Every moment is special

Here in everyday land things go on as usual. Nothing ever changes but in the core of it everything is special.
From son's birthday today(yeah! he is 14 already) to the photo with my little precious.

Tomorrow is market day and along with vegetables I hope I will bring home something special like the above top. It was love at first sight and although a bit short I wear it constantly.

The eastern vibes together with the silk top underneath make for a loved outfit.

Spring is all over by now and is expressed via my colorful(cheap) jewellery against the blooming flowers.

Have a great and creative middle of the week. As for meI go back to household wasteland in the hopes my house will look better and my kids will be well taken care of.

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