Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Every moment is special

Here in everyday land things go on as usual. Nothing ever changes but in the core of it everything is special.
From son's birthday today(yeah! he is 14 already) to the photo with my little precious.

Tomorrow is market day and along with vegetables I hope I will bring home something special like the above top. It was love at first sight and although a bit short I wear it constantly.

The eastern vibes together with the silk top underneath make for a loved outfit.

Spring is all over by now and is expressed via my colorful(cheap) jewellery against the blooming flowers.

Have a great and creative middle of the week. As for meI go back to household wasteland in the hopes my house will look better and my kids will be well taken care of.

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  1. It is! Happy Birthday to your young man.

  2. Love the colour of your jewellry against thé flowers - priceless !

  3. Love that blue top. It has great shape. And is that a mandarin collar? Fun.

  4. It is also market day here tomorrow, if it doesn´t rain.
    Happy birthday to that gorgeous boy.

  5. He is precious, Angie!!happy Birthday to him!! I love all the color on your blog and in the header...and the top os a beautiful color!!

  6. How lucky you are to be someplace where all the flowers are out!

  7. Hi there!! That is a lovely outfit, so vibrant and stylish!

  8. I love colorful jewelry in the spring!