Thursday, 4 April 2013

Stop following

A big kiss to all lovely style bloggers out there. If it wasn't for your inspiration and engouragement I wouldn't be posting yet for another year. And it becomes more and more fun to play around with my clothes, god bless you

On my way back from work today I entered Zara headquarters only to fly away after 5 minutes flat 
with a sense of utter boredom. Cheap quality stuff, no imagination, no fun and expensive.

See, I've got all my stuff second hand and at a fraction of the price and above all they are unique.

 My bangles are cheap but no one else has them ,so they are priceless
What i'm trying to say is that mainstream fashion is not everything there is and a woman has more possibilities to find her true style when she steps out of it than when she follows. So stop being a follower.

Who's resisting mama's kiss?
An adolescent to be!


  1. I love all your funky jewelry! Cute!

  2. I love the picture of you with your son! Hilarious! My son is 10 and acts the same way. No kisses are allowed!

  3. Hi Kelly- the last time I was in Zara I felt exactly the same- I get more of a buzz thrifting at my local charity shops for something more unique and stylish to me!

  4. Your jewellery and your nails are beyond fabulous and I love that last picture so much! xxx

  5. Hello Angie,
    I completely agree with you. I love your inspiring style and the gorgeous jewelry!

  6. Amen to that. You are wonderful, and you can tell all the colours come from within, dear Angie.

  7. You are priceless! I love the attitude. Like you, I would flee from Zara- who wants to spend money on cheaply made clothes meant to be thrown away? I prefer your one-a-a-kind finds. Go thrifting!

  8. Second hand is the best. Like you say, it's way cheaper and no one else is going to be wearing the same thing as you. I love all your colourful jewellery.

  9. Love all the accessories! I agree, mainstream fashion is mostly boring and cheap! It's all about breaking the habit.
    Becky :)