Monday, 29 February 2016

Monday morning

Monday morning looks better through the lens

 Favorite sweater , memories from Milan and the trousers I fit again

Details not very elaborate but good enough

Outfit details/ Sweater Bershka, pants Stradivarious, t shirt H&M thrifted, nail color Chanel

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Keep trying

There comes a time in life when simple is the goal.

                                    Me and my camera and the bedroom            mirror are enough

       I can even be creative ( baby steps)

                                      So much to thing about.....

Me slimmer -3 kilos less in 3 weeks-, I feel better but eating is less fun

                                                               Shoes creative!

Outfit Details/ Seven Ocean Sweater ( thrifted)/ H&M light blue t shirt/ Calzedonia push up leggings/ Bershka shoes/ necklace and bracelet hand made by me

Thursday, 25 February 2016

In two minds

I really missed blogging my outfits. I will try and keep it very simple this time. I have found a place in our bedroom for a tripod with the camera permanently on. I aspire to just snap a few photos in front of my closet just  before I go out. I plan to post once everyweek. My goal is to be persistent and spend as less time as possible so that my blogging will not interfere so much with all my other activities.

Outfit details- Leather skirt- Primark short dress worn as top-thrifted  Only short cardigan- st Oliver shoes- leather bag( only one I carry)

Outfit details-Zara pants- oxford shirt Anna riska- cotton cardigan Massimo Dutti-boots Alpe

Outfit details-Pants Zara-olive top with lace detail Anna Riska-sawl worn as scarf is crocheted by me- lace detail tights from Calzedonia

Thrifted sweater and push up calzedonia collant (great stuff)

 But then I changed my mind and I want to try to photograph myself in front of the mirror. Never have I tried this technique but I sort of like!

I need to make the room more presentable of course and play around with the settings but other than that I like the end result.
Tshirt by Zara / pants by Calzedonia and vest is crochet by me  / scarf is by M&S
Ps Son is working with me!!!
I hope this coming weekend to sort things out and start regular blogging again. Do you by any chance have a preference in the way I should take the photos? If yes I would love to here your opinion.

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

4 outfits, some shoes and accessories

It's been a while, I know. I hold my self accountable just because I promised my self to post almost everyday and the life got in the way sperkled with bits of procastrination. 
On the other hand I've been into some interesting projects. I discovered( I don't remember any more how a great anti consumerism blog that I've been sort of studying since then. It's called not buying anything.
And as far as my creative life I'm into refashioning lately which means I get thrifted pieces and try to make new garments out of them. I've only refashioned a sweater so far and I will photograph soon.
So, here is what I wore last week. It's a mix of old, new,bought retail or thrifted pieces.

The outfits

The accessories 


The shoes

 Happy rest of week everyone!


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

How to wear the same pants 2 days or more in a row

Finally, I sorted things out (with camera)!!! That's what women always do! Ha-ha! So, I will post 2 days worth of outfits. It's the same pants but different tops and shoes.

 It's obvious that the outfits are very similar in construction. It's a shirt+ scarf+a kind of cardigan+ pants. It's the combo I mostly use lately.

It's a mix of Zara( pants, scarves) and thrifted items.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Love you all but.......

Tumblr Love Pictures

                   I tried hard to upload my photos for today but my camera and PC are against me!

Friday, 13 November 2015

Found nothing... bought nothing

Simple, cosy, everyday outfit. Not much to say other than I needed this tan/beige pants to anchor so many of my clothes. 
I went thrifting, I found nothing... I bought nothing. I left feeling proud. I have become very aware of the things I bring back to my closet! 
Nothing I don't really like comes in there!

                                    Outfit details: Pants/ Zara,  top/Zara,  fleece cardigan/Lidl

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Fall colors

I was on the lazy side today with the photos but I wanted to present you with my new outfit since  all clothes are from my last thrifting trip last Friday. And I also added my silk scarf/vest I last wore here.

            Outfit details: linen shirt/ Kookai, woolen bolero/ Only, silk scarf/vest /diy, pants /Zara
I still have time to make it to Patti's Visible Monday so come join us.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

What I bought this week

This are my purchases for the week 2-6 November 2015. A new way to keep track of what I buy and how much I spend. Hopefully after a year I will be able to draw conclusions.

Rainbow brand dress/tunic which is made in Turkey/new. A thick cotton knit, boho style and a lovely mix of blue and olive colors. Already a favorite. It cost me just 0,50 euro.

Only brand( I think danish, you are welcome to correct me)bolero/new. The softest, warm wool in long time in rich olive color. It feels so cosy to wear. It also cost me 0,50 euro.

 Another Only brand sweater made in Bangladesh/new. A cotton blend in a veriety of colors, comfy stuff with a front pocket. I think of layering it over some of my shirts! I think it will give me many options. It cost me 1.00euro

A Serrato brand sweater/ new, no other info except it's made of cotton, acrylic and elastane. It usually happens when clothes are made in China. I chose it because of the color and the design. I think of changing the buttons, though. It will make another great layering piece over my shirts or long sleeves or even over some of my dresses. It cost me 1.00euro

 A very basic linen beige shirt. There is no other info except that on buttons it reads Kookai/new. It has really nice fit and it's well made. It will make a great basic piece.
It cost me 0,50euro

 Another pair of elastic trousers, the third I have bought since the begining of autumn. They are great fit and qualifies as a basic piece. It is 1975 Denim and it's from Zara. I paid full price for it 35,95 euro.