Thursday, 24 April 2014

Eye catcher

Waiting for the freshly baked bread to cool down a bit so I can devour a piece together with olives I kept thinking what a head turner red is. I wore it today and people kept turning their heads. Instinctively, they couldn't help it.Quarantee sucess for those of you who seek attention. 

Outfit details *shirt quasimodo * skirt linen&cotton blend thrifted and shortened *cardi refashioned aka shortened by me zara*shoes cheap but comfortable

 In the blue pocket I put my mobile and headphones. I walk a lot every day and I always listen to music. Sometimes drivers make strange gestures and say something but I play music loud so I don't know!
                                                            See, my walking legs????
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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

I'm expanding

My stop smoking kilos are starting to show now but I'll deal with them later on. Right now I'm only counting the blessings since I quit. One of them is that I have more free time to blog and more money to shop eh thrift I mean.

 I thrifted the black long vest  because it gives texture to my outfit as it lets what's underneath show. Today I tried to layer a shirt and a vest over my basic white tshirt. You can do the same by using two shirts. There is a huge number of shirts waiting to be thrifted out there and be worn on top of each other now that is getting warmer and a jacket is no longer  necessary.
Outfit details*shirt H&M and vest thrifted*basic t shirt M&S *pants zara* beads &bag local market

Enjoy the details and have you noticed my socks trick?
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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Pink socks and crazy nails

It was getting dark when I had the chance to photograph my outfit for the day. I did it though because I need your opinion on my new style trick ,the socks and the short boots. I find it a wonderful way to add an extra color or texture to my outfit but wonder if my age is past for good for this kind of details and I look like a fool lady. There I said it. I think it's quite discrete but maybe I'm wrong. So, what do you think?
Outfit details *shift dress made by me this winter vintage  Burda pattern *bolero thrifted a few years ago, not sure how to style it until recently*collar crocheted by me * pink socks gift for my, ashamed to say,daughter *beads gifted

Why don't you come over at Pattie's now and check all the wonderful and stylish  real women out there?

Monday, 21 April 2014

Shift dress as skirt

Τhe second day of Easter is a national off work day that famillies spend together trying to eat what's left from the lamb of the previous day and enjoying each other's company or not.

I chose to wear my black shift dress partly because I want to conceal my easter belly and partly because I think to make shift dresses my signature style piece. I can make one, I've seen some while thrifting and certainly the shops have some every season because they are classic. But mostly I think they flatter my midde age figure the most.
Outfit details? shift dress Marks & Spencer * stripes top zara* blouse hand sewn and thrifted * boots palatino *bag fullah sugah *blacksocs my husband's* favorite watch follie follie

Of course it looks like a black skirt but you know it's my shift dress. Once again the power of layering. 
What do you think is it a good idea to start a coection of shift dresses? Do you collect something else of clothing?
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Friday, 18 April 2014

How to wear thrift finds

A lot of the clothes that end up in thrift piles are clothes difficult to style like this sheer dress with the low cleavage and the short length which is a size bigger on the upper part. Unless they are super model material most women won't wear a dress like that. So the dress becomes donation pile resident.

But there is hope and it's called layering. Now look again at my outfit and notice how I addressed the problems because you will try to do the same or maybe similar next time.
Problem 1 and 2
Sheer fabric and short dress are no more if you wear leggings or thick tights.
Problem 3
Low cleavage is no more if you wear a shirt under it.
Problem 4
Bigger size on top is fixed with a jacket or cardigan on top of the dress.
Warning? All colors must be similar, doesn't matter the patterns.

Upon the unusual jacket allI have to say is that is full of holes and a nightmare on how to wear it. But things are not always what they look like. Trust me but this jacket can be used as a basic with the added bonus that  it adds texture to the outfit by letting what is underneath be shown. It gives depth that's why it's important the colors to be very similar.
I hope you enjoyed my style advice that I aquired only by trial and error.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two tops

It seems that I can't get enough of my shift dress so I put together another outfit this morning in two variations. Because I coudn't decide which one is best I posted both for you to decide and tell me which one you prefer.
You can't decide, can you? Here is two more...
You are being difficult, so here is my best pose and your last chance...
In the main time, I will reveal a bit of backstage
and a close up or two
A little later in the day the cold rainy weather decided for me and chose the first one for being warmer!
PS Today i link up for Mix &Match  fashion blog. Come over, signature

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Work in shifts

It's Easter holidays and kids happily sleep until late, play games online and go out with friends while I run around like crazy trying to keep up with cleaning and festivities because Easter is a huge celebration in orthodoxe Greece. But I also find a couple of hours everyday to relax and play with my blog.

 I have thrifted this dress recently and it's made out of a fine stretchy fabric which is amazigly comfortable. I'm more of a skirt shirt/blouse person but more and more my heart goes for shift dresses. I think they flatter my 45 figure more. Do you find them flattering ,too?
Outfit details *dress thrifted *silkshirt C&A thrifted *shoes Pallatino * sunglasses Rayban *cardigan zara shortened by me
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