Friday, 18 April 2014

How to wear thrift finds

A lot of the clothes that end up in thrift piles are clothes difficult to style like this sheer dress with the low cleavage and the short length which is a size bigger on the upper part. Unless they are super model material most women won't wear a dress like that. So the dress becomes donation pile resident.

But there is hope and it's called layering. Now look again at my outfit and notice how I addressed the problems because you will try to do the same or maybe similar next time.
Problem 1 and 2
Sheer fabric and short dress are no more if you wear leggings or thick tights.
Problem 3
Low cleavage is no more if you wear a shirt under it.
Problem 4
Bigger size on top is fixed with a jacket or cardigan on top of the dress.
Warning? All colors must be similar, doesn't matter the patterns.

Upon the unusual jacket allI have to say is that is full of holes and a nightmare on how to wear it. But things are not always what they look like. Trust me but this jacket can be used as a basic with the added bonus that  it adds texture to the outfit by letting what is underneath be shown. It gives depth that's why it's important the colors to be very similar.
I hope you enjoyed my style advice that I aquired only by trial and error.
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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Two tops

It seems that I can't get enough of my shift dress so I put together another outfit this morning in two variations. Because I coudn't decide which one is best I posted both for you to decide and tell me which one you prefer.
You can't decide, can you? Here is two more...
You are being difficult, so here is my best pose and your last chance...
In the main time, I will reveal a bit of backstage
and a close up or two
A little later in the day the cold rainy weather decided for me and chose the first one for being warmer!
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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Work in shifts

It's Easter holidays and kids happily sleep until late, play games online and go out with friends while I run around like crazy trying to keep up with cleaning and festivities because Easter is a huge celebration in orthodoxe Greece. But I also find a couple of hours everyday to relax and play with my blog.

 I have thrifted this dress recently and it's made out of a fine stretchy fabric which is amazigly comfortable. I'm more of a skirt shirt/blouse person but more and more my heart goes for shift dresses. I think they flatter my 45 figure more. Do you find them flattering ,too?
Outfit details *dress thrifted *silkshirt C&A thrifted *shoes Pallatino * sunglasses Rayban *cardigan zara shortened by me
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Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Desperate housewife?

I've been too dressed up for domestic chores today, I mean heels and pearls for cooking and doing the laundry not to mention some unfinished tasks in the bathroom! But it was worth it when I took some nice photos in my backyard.
Outfit details*blouse couture line thrifted *skirt swapped *bolero crocheted by me *belt stradivarious,zara group *2 sets of pearls refashioned by me * little bag gifted by mom
Do you sometimes get all dressy just to stay inside and do everyday stuff? I rarely do but today's experience might be the beggining of it. How about once in a week?
Of course going to work everyday is a strong motivation to wear clothes other than jumpers and of course keeping a blog stops me from being lazy with what I wear. But I wonder how women who don't work feel about getting nicely dressed and just stay indoors.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

On a rainy day

What would you wear on a rainy spring day? Something that's 2 thirds thrifted and 1 third refashioned. Top all that with a 40s inspired make up and a 60s hair do(o.k in my head) and all boring errands in the city centre were completed on high spirits.

 Outfit details*skirt thrifted and shortened by me *blouse thrifted and hand sewn * cardigan zara and shortened by me*shoes zara *bag blog accessories

 I will leave you with a photo of the mess of the house I live in. It's not as much as it seems but it needs my time and attention.
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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dress over dress

What would you do with a dress of which the fabric is too thin, a dress which is too short and a shirt which you love too much?'s outfit!!!
Somehow unusual for the taste of my neighbours but so obvious solution for a blogger like me! Hence the pride in the pose.
Outfit details* longer dress Berska *shorter dress thrifted * Denim shirt Berska* glasses rayban * bag fullah sugah *shoes super mode * beads local shop
I fell in love with this dress because of the fabulous pattern,somehow tropical but I hemmed it too short.
I thought it would be nice to share a selfie of me and my husband Dimitris of autorentals-crete 
and show you how proud I am for the new cars we add to our fleet for our tourist customers that come to Crete. 
Have a great weekend, everyone!
And make sure toShare in style hosted by Mis Papelicos and friends! See you there! 

Friday, 11 April 2014

A simple skirt to make my day

Εvery time I sew something I'm more than eager to share it with you. This time it's just a simple  basic skirt in navy blue the kind you wear with everything all the time and everywhere. Everytime I sew something I'm amazed at how much money I have spent during the years because I hadn't given sewing a try.
 The fabric is a heavy cotton sewn on a piece of elastic and took me about 2 months of procastrination to put everything together and 20 min to actually make it, if you know what I mean!

 Outfit details Skirt sewn by me *shirt H&M thrifted * jacket chinese market *L&Z shoes *bag thrifted

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