Friday, 21 November 2014

Second recap

Today another recap of outfits while I'm getting ready for my daughter's name day party tomorrow. I have been experimenting with layering and different patterns for some time now but recently I find myself longing to streamline things a bit and showcase just one piece of my outift and keep the rest neutral. I did that with the second outfit . I also found out that many things I have thrifted need layering
because of false fit or another little problem. The dress on the first outfit had loose neckline so I had to cover it with the scarf.

Grey wrap like dress thrifted* scarf &earrings Stradivarious* cobalt blue cardigan Massimo Dutti* bag thrifted * ring Blog Accessories *Sunglasses Rayban

*black top Berska (old)* cardigan M&S *skirt Berska(old)*small leather bag vintage/thrifted

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

3day recap

It's a busy week but I have so much fun. On Monday, I had so much fun with my collegues. It was a national celebration and after school we went to a small tavern and while eating and drinking we sang so many beautiful songs and listened to great music. This went on the whole day. I went to school the next day with hangover. This is what I wore.

I have been trying to revamp what I already have with a few accessories I'm collecting lately. I meant to buy a bright necklace for sometime now but never found one I really liked until today. This pink babe is mine.

                                                 I'm also guilty of buying the ring,too.

And last but not least, this is what I wore on Sunday. These are clothes I had for long but I used the white sweater  I was given to put together an outfit.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Black wrap like dress

I spent most of the day decluttering our house and streamlining my wardrobe. I also helped my daughter with streamlining hers. The only time I went out was to the drycleaner's ( I rarely go there) to pick up my winter coat. That's what I wore.

*shirt The shirt factory design by Linea Brown thrifted for 3€ ( shirts of this brand are usually100€ and up) * wrap like short dress soft cashmere ( given to me but no brand tag)  * leggings 5€ * Shoes Berska Full price 35€ * ring 1€ *necklace thrifted 1€ * bag gift from mum

Friday, 14 November 2014

3days recap

Internet connection failed our household the last few days and God was it well missed. Not nice to admit my addiction but there was a huge gap in how I spend my free time!
So, I hope you will forgive the photo bombing that will follow!

I tried to use my thrifted top as a spice to the black and white outfit. The necklace seemed as the best addition to the top.

 I swear over my white shirt! I have made so many outfits using it. Actually using a lot of unworn pieces around it. I;m on the mission of a black one. If you have one you don't want I politetly ask to have it.
The blue cobalt crochet flower is a gift by a colleque!

I did my best to play the brown tones in my outfit. All clothing is thrifted or gifted and I'm glad I get a nice result!
Have a nice weekend!
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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Animal print scarf

A lot of 'firsts' for me lately. The animal print scarf is the first I'm buying  ever. Well, I don't mean to say that all bloggers should have one but actually all bloggers have one!!! I do now!

                * fleece in green emerald lidl * skirt zara *grey t shirt M&S *shoes Massimo Dutti

                       I'm going over to Patty's to check other animal print owners. See you there!

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Monday, 10 November 2014

A white shirt, finally

I've got 16 shirts and maybe a couple of more and I enjoy wearing them. There is no logical explenation why I only recently bought a simple white one . How is that possible? I had a range of colors and patterns and I missed the most basic white one? I don't have a black shirt either. How about that?
Since I got my white shirt I was able to make a couple of outfits around it. To my mind the white shirt is like glue. Yes, glue because you can stick together different pieces of clothing that otherwise don't go together and have a nice result,too.

*Pants thrifted *shirt Stradivarious * black sweater M&S *shoes Berska * necklace Stradivarious

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Vintage hair style

Easy like Sunday morning was the song that kept on coming to my head today. I had some free time and I spent it to make my hair. I watched a couple of videos and I experimented. I will say I'm happy with the result. It makes my simple outfit to look special!

 * skirt thrifted and shortened * shirt brand new full price Stradivarious(zara group)* necklace new Berska* shoes Massimo Dutti * sunglasses Rayban

 Sorry for the many photos but Icouldn't choose between them so I posted them all.

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