Sunday, 19 April 2015

On Marie Condo and my 47 birthday

                                              Οn 6th of April I turned 47 years old.

           What does this number mean for me and my life? Thoughts started popping up in my head.
 Obviously, turning 47 means a whole lot of different things to a whole lot of different people all over the globe. But what does it really mean for me? Here is some of my most prominent thoughts in case you are interested.

47 means to me that I don't need to wait until 50 to get panicked for getting old and have lived more than half of my life already.

47 means that I have had a full life experience until now and hopefully a whole lot full life experience to go.

47 means to me that if I want to be in good shape from now on, I have to work out for it because it will not just happen.

47 means to me that fewer well invested  clothes choices is the road to go style wise.

47 means to me a more relaxed approach to life. No real rush to arrive somewhere. I'm already here, now and that's enough most of the days.

47 means to me a huge need to go minimal. I don't know what this might mean for others. For me it's that I only want to be surrounded by people, projects/commitments and objects that I absolutely love and feel happy and they cannot be numerous.

47 means to me that I also need to go more simple in my everyday schedule and the time I spend to tidy up the house. To do this, it is absolutely necessary to reduce the stuff we have. I don't want to spend the rest of the rest of my life to tidy up and organise stuff constantly.

47 means to me that I should do all the things I enjoy like crochet,sewing, blogging etc and that I should dedicate time to the things I like and not be available to anyone in the house anytime. Moms (and not only) out there know what I mean!

                         47 feel like a milestone and I plan to live whatever comes next fully!

                   To prove how I did simplify our house, I'd love to post some photos of our bedroom .

 The nice thing is that after I decluttered and found a place for everything the Marie Condo way, sort of, everything is still tidy a week later. This is a huge relief for me and something I didn't expext or beleive it would happen. I strongly suggest you should give it a try.
 It works.

        One wall of the room holds my accessories bookcase, the reading armchair, and bed.

What you see here is all my bags and accessorie and winter shoes exept my black boots which are stored away for next winter.
 I plan to let go of some more accessories that don't feel right but I'm not in a hurry.

           Empty surfaces can be so liberating  and not at all ugly.
I don't mean totally empty but with very few loved things like this orthodox painting, a gift from my mum.

As for my clothes, I only kept the ones I really liked.

To be honest I kept a bag in the attic with some clothes I couldn't decide on the spot. But the greatest majority I gave away with no regrets.

 They had served their purpose in my life( helped to experiment to find my style, kept me warm/fresh etc) and they had to go.

 The simple act of saying thank you to them for their service so far like Marie Condo proposes, was totally liberating and helped me take good decisions.

That's basically all I own right now and winter/summer stuff all mixed up and I plan to rotate for about a couple of months.

Then, I will donate some more that I will probably outgrow. From left to right are my jackets, then some thick cardigans, my leather skirt and my dresses .

Under the clothes that I feel more comfortable hanging, there are a few simple boxes.
No fancy storage.

The white one is filled with bottoms, skirts or pants. The pink one next right is filled with all my shirts. To the left all my summer light skirts.

On top of it, in the red box are all my scarves.

On the bottom shelf I placed in a big box all my cardigans and sweaters.

 There is one more box that I keep some clothes I want to give one last chance but I'm pretty sure I want out.
But don't feel like saying thank you ,yet.

Although I was highly inspired by Marie Condo's method I didn't go all the way with all the stuff we own in the house. I still have to go through the memorabilia and the photos.

And I will have a big edit by June after the finish of school year.

I also found very inspiring the way she folds her clothes, in a way that shows respect and helps you see at once so all possible combinations are there to choose.

That's when I realise I have to much to choose from... but that's a topic on its own.

Of course, I don't plan to stop blogging my outfits as I have tons of fun doing this.

 See how happy I am carrying my minimal shopping trolley?

 Maybe one more visit to the greengrocer's during the week as I have already planned my menu around what I already have in the pantry and deep freeze.
                                          Feel free to comment any part of my long  post.

All parts are irrelevant between each other and I've been all over the place but somehow they fit inside my head as a new begining to something I'm not sure about.

                                   Have a great, creative and full of nice activities week and why not check what other beautiful ladies are up to over at Patti's Visible Monday!!!

Monday, 30 March 2015

Round up 22-28. Just 2 outfits!!!

I remember growing up in Greece by the begining of 70s. Greece at that time was a slow paced, rather poor country where human relations were of more importance than possesion of things. Not that people didn't aspire to a better life. It was more that they didn't need many things to be happy. Of course, as I was growing up I absorbed all values of those years and deep in my heart never really believed in  the "I am what I have " bubble. I always took it for what it is, a bubble, certainly not something you can built your life on.

 Cherrising items, refashioning, sewing, exchanging and passing down things were great parts of the culture before commersialism swept everything away. I'm considering myself lucky because I had a taste of this life before it changed for good during the 80s and 90s. During the 00s the credit card culture swept the nation and everybody bought like crazy. A huge culture of life style tv shows, magazines, celebrities, advertisements, luxury goods, luxury cars totally was the norm in my small country. It all happened so fast

Me and my husband and our growing family mostly stayed out of this. We worked hard, saved and rarely used our credit cards and if we did never mindlessly. As a result, when the crisis  took over Greece we had no debts and had even a small amount saved to invest in our rent a car business.

I was inspired for these thoughts by my knitted white sweater. It's cherised, 20 years old, knitted by my mum and excellent quality cotton. Ι know I say this everytime I wear this sweater but now you know where my love of old things comes from.
I'm writting this post after I was inspired by my favorite bloggers Natalia Natalia and Beate who recently refered to their love of old or thrifted things.

On another note this outfit is based around my newly thrifted navy blue cardigan. I somehow need to stock up in browns, navy blues and greys and thrifting is a good way to do so. The white shirt is given to me by my mother and the grey jeggings are new but something I needed for so long. A basic piece that helps me create new outfits with what I have already.

                Now that i look more closely on my accessories, it's animal print everywhere but I never did this on purpose!

                                                          Have a great, creative week ahead!!!

Monday, 23 March 2015

Round up for week 16-22 March 2015

I chose to start the week with a floral patter introduced by the thrifted blouse and the floral scarf. But because one pattern is not enough for me there is also animal print and geometric print on the skirt.

 This is my nail art for this week! 100% diy and web inspired. Yet another way to uplift my outfits!

         I love how my bracelet, by chance of course, echoes the colors on my niece's outfit!

This outfit is based on my newly thrifted military jacket. I've been looking for a jacket like this and I finally found it, the perfect fit, too. And because it was a cold day, I put my thrifted woolen vest on.

                      I'm so in love with this style of jewellery lately, totally 70s inspired look.

Yet another newly thrifted item to style! The floral cardi, it was lying there waiting to be brought to my house, hah ha joking! It is also perfect fit and fotographs greatly. I think it's highly versatile, too.

 The shirt is also thrifted and the skirt is real leather from the 80s given to me by mum. The fleece jacket is from a Lidl line called Esmara.

I had been waiting for this military jacket for so long that I wanted to wear it again this week. This time with a floral wrap dress to give a more feminine twist!

   Ooops! Yet again the same jacket this time with one of my favorite dresses and my denim shirt! Animal print is essential, too.

For a Sunday morning out in the town I wore my also newly thrifted denim dress by H&M. I had been looking for a flattering one and I was lucky to find it. It fits like glove. i'm sure I will be remixing it and maybe add a little something to lenghten it.

I almost forgot to mention my navy blue cardigan also thrifted recently which is so soft as it's 25% cashmere wool. It's 100% what I  want from a cardigan and it only cost me 2 euro.

                              Primark earrings and a reminder to have my hair dyed this week!

Have you noticed the dots on my nails? An easy way to give some rest to my nails from constant polishing and yet have something decorative on them!

                         Happy week for everyone! If you want to get a glimps to my style evolution and perhaps get some more ideas for outfits to inspire you to recreate please visit my Flickr page!!!

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