Thursday, 30 June 2011

I had to post this

This is from yesterday's massive attack of the police against the protesters in Greece. There was heavy use of tear gas (forbidden in other countries and expired) to send people at home.
 The photo speaks of itself!!!

On thrifting

In my country Greece, we don't have a culture on second hand shops mainly because we did not consume   until the begining of the 90s  .  Before that ,  people would only buy what they absolutely needed and there was a savings account for every family .Big multinational chains were yet to be seen.  So there was a natural process of recycling and multi using everything  ,  nothing was to be wasted but all this strictly inside the family. To accept second hand things from another family was a sign of weakness  , of being poor and people were very proud to accept second hand/used things.

The last 20 years all this has changed and consuming was the main thing because people were encouraged  to borrow large amounts of money from the banks to shop. So now there is an abundant of stuff acumulated in Greek households but still there are no shops you can leave the stuff so someone else can profit. (maybe in some big cities there are a few second hand shops but still not popular).
But there are still a few alternatives for second hand finds.  Like I said, you can get huge amounts of clothes from family members , like aunts ,  cousins , sisters and mothers. Outside the family in the local markets where you buy fruits and vegetables,  there are always a few stalls that sell clothes in discount prices that some can be second hand. And there has been a few clothes swaps lately in my town quite to my surprise!!!
So every week , after I do my grocery and have some money left I can stroll down some of these stalls and dig into the piles of clothes to occasionally  find something really beautiful like today's skirt which cost me just one euro! Is this called thrifting or not?

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Pick me up skirt

I made this skirt last summer and it's just a piece of cloth sewn on a wide elastic band which can be hidden or half hidden under a belt. You can't have more simple !  Since last summer I've worn it ...

with tanks

with shirts

with cardigans

and with simple t shirts
I quess that the following weeks that I will desperately need some pick me up pieces but I absolutely have no money to spend I will make some more of these skirts. I've made some for my daughter already!
Do you have any pick me up pieces in your wardrobe?

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Just colors

There is a story behind todays outfit. I bought the pants on a great price at the local market in early spring as I wanted to experiment with color blocking this summer.
A  few days later I went through a strict minimalistic period and the pants went on the throw away pile together with the red jacket I'm wearing on the photo.
I was determined to never wear cheap colorful clothes again. But for reasons unknown to me I decided to keep  a lot of my clothes in bags up in the attic. Thank God I did.
Looking at this photo today, I can't believe how nice the jacket and the pants look together!
Has something similar happened to you? Do you keep clothes away for the mere happiness to discover them again and look at them from a fresh angle? Please do.
I have to admit because I trust you will never tell anyone that the red jacket is on the tight side but it looks good unbuttoned like that over the shirt.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Easy like Sunday morning

One of the good things of being a fashion blogger is that I am aware of major fashion trends before they become mainstream (not that I care ) but it helps a lot when you shop. If I come across a real bargain and I know it's gonna be a trend who am I to pass it over?
To make a long story short I thrifted the tshirt for pennies (strong colors trend) and I made the skirt ,I stayed on budget and ...I look good! Is there more to ask?

The watch doesn't work but I was in need of more bracelets so it stayed !

Saturday, 25 June 2011

I surprised myself ,today

Remixing the same old clothes without buying anything new for months  can be a drag for absolutely any woman (just don't believe them when they say otherwise). But there is a bright side! How else would I be able to come up with this brilliant idea for an outfit? Does the top remind you of something? (attempt to check if you follow my blog)
Yes,it's my favorite denim skirt seen here as a ...skirt. Why not wear it as this time?
Now I can think of more than 10 outfits based on skirts worn as tops to renew my options. I even changed the skirt worn as a ...skirt twice to give my outfit a more relaxed feel.
What do you think?

P.S I noticed that wearing there is no tomorrow is a big thing this summer!

Friday, 24 June 2011

Le... pantalon

The fact that i cannot shop at the moment will not bring me down. The solution is only a few... hangers away in my huband's part of the wardrobe.
His white pantalon is brought to my size by adding a belt and having the down part part rolled up.
Add a button up and an interesting scarf and there you have it... a colorful,simple summer outfit.

Yesterday ,I made a visit to my attic and I picked up the children's summer clothes and my clothes that I put away at one point in spring when I went through a minimal phase.
I washed ,dried and ironed the lot and carefully filled the drawers. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment when the clothes front is in order in our house. I also had a chance to rediscover some old clothes.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

La historia... of a dress

Simple cotton dress bought on sale zara February 2009 . It fits nicely but not sewn in a nice quality way. Shorter than I prefer my dresses to be.

Worn as a skirt under a black sweater and with black riding boots, no tights. I remember feeling very light and comfortable.

Summer 2010. Worn over a simple white t shirt and adorned with a simple thin brown belt. This time I went barefoot. I think it makes nice contrast on white!!!

 Worn as a dress under a cardi( customized by me. I made it shorter )in similar shade.The focal point this time is a green necklace that gives a surprise element to the outfit.
 Autumn 2010. Nicely tucked under a white turtleneck and olive green cardigan. Again worn with boots but not tights. I remember it was the wrong choice, though, cause the day was far too windy for a dress!

 Winter 2010. This time the dress is worn with a  black cardigan and a matching scarf. I think the colored tights make it look special.
Summer of 2011.Worn under a simple tshirt tied in a knot. It's a nice but not common combination.

Yet another start

It's been almost a month since I last posted. The reason lies in the social,economical and political crisis my country Greece is going through. All the unrest , injustice and luck of freedom for the people to decide and plan their future just got me badly.
This  week I was bordering depression when I decided to direct my mind consciously to something that gives me pleasure.
Fashion blogging, yeah!!! And because it's nice and sunny and I desperately need to fix my mood this summer Iwill go for color and a lot of mix and match.
I sported a very strict minimalist style lately but now I feel like I need color and variation to lift my mood.
Today i wore a very simple t shirt over a floral dress I've worn many times before.I did tie a knot on the t shirt to  make it look summery.and to control the fit.
The shoes are bought in February sales from zara very cheaply and it was a well thought buy as I had predicted this style of shoe to be a hit come summer time.Other than that the shoes are made of natural materials like wood and leather and they are quite confortable.

No matter how corrupt a government may be or how bankrupt a country may become the nature is still the same .Beautiful ,soothing and always there!