Friday, 24 June 2011

Le... pantalon

The fact that i cannot shop at the moment will not bring me down. The solution is only a few... hangers away in my huband's part of the wardrobe.
His white pantalon is brought to my size by adding a belt and having the down part part rolled up.
Add a button up and an interesting scarf and there you have it... a colorful,simple summer outfit.

Yesterday ,I made a visit to my attic and I picked up the children's summer clothes and my clothes that I put away at one point in spring when I went through a minimal phase.
I washed ,dried and ironed the lot and carefully filled the drawers. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment when the clothes front is in order in our house. I also had a chance to rediscover some old clothes.


  1. Angie, that is such a fresh, pretty outfit! The scarf really makes it special. How creative to raid your husband's closet : >

  2. Oh, I wish now that my husband had white pantalons! This is such a fresh look...and very chic.

  3. I love your wide belt!

  4. Hi! Thanks for your kind comment, I've been checking out you blog and I've really enjoyed your style, this outfit is fabulous! =D