Saturday, 21 May 2011

Capsule wardrobe week 20#

This week I'll be mixing 2dresses, 2 shirts and a skirt for 5 outfits. Here we go...
Blue linen dress with lace detail altered by me - brogues

Little black dress - denim shirt - brogues

White shirt - blue linen dress - brogues

Denim shirt - skirt tailored by me - tan leather belt - broques

White shirt - red scarf- skirt tailored by me- brown leather belt - broques

I found out that dresses are not so easy to use in a capsule wardrobe .Other than that I feel that I want to alter this dress a bit more a skirt!!!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Capsule wardrobe week 19#

knit sweater - levis trousers - scarf - broques
blue shirt - black cardigan - denim skirt - broques
knit sweater - blue shirt - levi's trousers - broques
red stripped t shirt - black cardigan - levi's trousers - brogues

drnim skirt - stripped tshirt - broques

Due to hectic weeks ahead I thought I might at least cronicle my outfits. It will be a different capsule wardrobe each week so that I keep it simple.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Blogging my way to bliss

Loved essentials  Denim shirt - light blue shirt -beige pants-Levi's jeans-beige sweater-LBD-black cardigan-camel broques-black belt-pearls-leather wrist watch-red nail polish
As it is always the case with blogging every so often something new  comes along. Lately, many thoughts about what direction my blog is going started to form in my head but nothing I could put my fingers on.
Then I read this post and everything fell into place.
I started my blog as a journal of everyday outfits with a small text that described the outfits or explained my choices.The smaller the text the bigger were my photos.
However , for over a month now this is changing.My posts are not daily anymore,the number of my outfits is reduced and the photos are becoming smaller and smaller. As for the text , it becomes more diverse and more subtle.
What gives me a greater pleasure at this point is to express my thoughts and feelings as they happen to be triggered by the world of style and not so much the fashion industry/trends.
As I struggle to understand and sometimes justify my love of style blogging I realised that  it's not the preoccupation with clothes per se that gives me the greatest satisfaction . For me it's the fact that blogging keeps me focused on something (style,fashion etc),gives the chance to over analize it and in this way to go deeper and deeper into it to wherever this might lead me.
Contrary to what happened to many bloggers, I have been able to control my spending through blogging because it gave me such a strong idea of my style at the moment that I have managed to pair it down to a few items and I only look to replace those when it is needed.
And it is needed only a couple of times a year.
I have to admit though that I often wonder how healthy this hobby of mine is .Granted we are far too many style bloggers around but it's not your average past time!What if I 'm bit by bit creating an avatar for myself, a certain way to present myself to the blogger's community  that has little to do with the real me?
I beleive that's not my case but how can I be sure?
Happy mother's day to everyone!

Monday, 2 May 2011

On Remixing

I was looking through my blog the other day and suddenly for the first time have I felt the need to make a collage to document how I have worn some of my favorite clothes in the last year and a half. I've done that in the hopes to see how my style has evolved ,as well.

The favorite piece I'm talking about is this MaxMara denim skirt which has exactly  the right knee lenghth (and we all know how difficult that is).
I've worn it with 4 different pairs(boots, broques ,heels)of shoes and in 4 different seasons, with or without tights and with belts,cardis ,shirts and tshirts.The more me look is the 3rd and the 6th.
The strange thing is that the more looks I can create with my skirt the more of sentimental value it aquires and this piece of fabric starts to have history and a certain bonding with me.
I'm sure that no other woman in the whole world has worn this skirt the way I have  and I'm sure i will come up with many more ways to wear it the years to come.
Which brings me to my last point that this skirt has won a place in my wardrobe and I will not be in the look out for a denim skirt for a long long time.

The thing is I so enjoyed the collage on my denim skirt that I decided to mix another one for my stripped tshirt
It's a zara basic and in need of replacement. So I will be forced to depart with it sometime soon. But I've learnt my lesson well. This time I will find a great quality one that will stay with me for years and be part of many outfits.

I seem to fit this stripped tshirt with with skirts more that trousers and I definitely plan to change that. I like the simplicity of the first outfit but also the way it's styled under the black dress. The most unexpected combination was that together with the pink skirt and patterned scarf.