Saturday, 21 May 2011

Capsule wardrobe week 20#

This week I'll be mixing 2dresses, 2 shirts and a skirt for 5 outfits. Here we go...
Blue linen dress with lace detail altered by me - brogues

Little black dress - denim shirt - brogues

White shirt - blue linen dress - brogues

Denim shirt - skirt tailored by me - tan leather belt - broques

White shirt - red scarf- skirt tailored by me- brown leather belt - broques

I found out that dresses are not so easy to use in a capsule wardrobe .Other than that I feel that I want to alter this dress a bit more a skirt!!!


  1. But it's such a nice dress! On the other hand, perhaps you could get both a new skirt and a new top/blouse out of the dress if you do decide to alter it. :)

  2. These are all fun looks--you've got marvelous creativity. And I hope you keep your dresses as dresses--there are few things more fun than a flirty dress when the temps and social situations hit!

  3. Angie - I agree, your blue dress is so pretty as a dress. But it is fun to be creative too, and you do it very well! Love the wide leather belt on you. xoxo- Patti

  4. Thanks for the ideas.I'll keep it as a dress and maybe belt it next time. And definitely iron it more.But it's linen so... you get the picture.

  5. aw hell, i love it both ways. when i saw it today i was a little surprised - i remembered it as a skirt (from the ways you've worn it before).

    too bad we can't just have a magic wand for these kind of situations! ;) again, another collection of great looks angie - have a happy week! steph

  6. I'm really admiring the linen dress. Have you tried it with a belt?

  7. Terri-) you are back!I 'll try it belted next time around.I was thinking the obi belt!
    tinyjunco-)I love reading your comments!They make me happy.Thanks.

  8. oh!lovely blog!
    hope you follow me bazk!