Friday, 6 May 2011

Blogging my way to bliss

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As it is always the case with blogging every so often something new  comes along. Lately, many thoughts about what direction my blog is going started to form in my head but nothing I could put my fingers on.
Then I read this post and everything fell into place.
I started my blog as a journal of everyday outfits with a small text that described the outfits or explained my choices.The smaller the text the bigger were my photos.
However , for over a month now this is changing.My posts are not daily anymore,the number of my outfits is reduced and the photos are becoming smaller and smaller. As for the text , it becomes more diverse and more subtle.
What gives me a greater pleasure at this point is to express my thoughts and feelings as they happen to be triggered by the world of style and not so much the fashion industry/trends.
As I struggle to understand and sometimes justify my love of style blogging I realised that  it's not the preoccupation with clothes per se that gives me the greatest satisfaction . For me it's the fact that blogging keeps me focused on something (style,fashion etc),gives the chance to over analize it and in this way to go deeper and deeper into it to wherever this might lead me.
Contrary to what happened to many bloggers, I have been able to control my spending through blogging because it gave me such a strong idea of my style at the moment that I have managed to pair it down to a few items and I only look to replace those when it is needed.
And it is needed only a couple of times a year.
I have to admit though that I often wonder how healthy this hobby of mine is .Granted we are far too many style bloggers around but it's not your average past time!What if I 'm bit by bit creating an avatar for myself, a certain way to present myself to the blogger's community  that has little to do with the real me?
I beleive that's not my case but how can I be sure?
Happy mother's day to everyone!


  1. I have been wondering about the avatar possibility as well. At the same time, I love the idea of projecting only the "glamorous" aspects of our lives, even if that means the blogs become a bit fictional. Yes, I want to read about real girls with real budgets and bodies, but I don't want blogs to be another reality tv show for the minutiae of their everyday life. I want some glamor, photos that make one look better than in real life, articulate blurbs, and so on. By focusing on quality as opposed to quantity, I think you've been achieving just that. Keep it up!

  2. Many of your comments resonate with me, because I focus far more on text in my blog than photos. (Of course, I don't think I'm really a style blogger in the same way that many others are, but that's another story). But my point is: I think it's really, really good to do what you want to do, the way you want to do it. I really dislike it when bloggers start saying what others "should" do, or criticizing bloggers who step out of the mold. It's about self-expression, right?

    Besides -- style is a window into many, many other areas. Why shouldn't we follow our thoughts wherever they lead? Outfit posts are fascinating and often inspirational, but they are not the only way to go.

  3. From suns to moons-)In my case is mostly about finding a balance between private and public and you are right we don't want every boring detail of the reality.
    Anne -)This window to other aereas is what fascinates me about blogging.I use style as a stepping stone to something else.What?I still don't know.

  4. This post has opened my eyes to style blogging. I never realized that style blogging would require frequent shopping expeditions and would be costly...ok, googling "how to transition into style blogging"....kidding! I say:do what makes you feel blissful! Clearly you're on the right track.

  5. I don't think I have very much style (I'm too lazy for that LOL), so I don't try to make my blog be about style as much as it is about learning to consume less in general and occasionally about items I've purchased that I think are worth the price. I do like seeing all your clothing posts though!

  6. Amanda-)What I like about your blog is all the nice quality items you pick.And I enjoy yor collages.I actually want to buy the kind of brogues you recently bought.

  7. hullo angie! i've kept coming back to this post of your - it expresses so much of what i'm thinking/feeling about blogging in this area.

    my short and sweet answer to you is that if you're thinking about the balance, you're probably achieving a good balance! but personally i've really enjoyed following your journey in this blog - trying so many different looks, finding your beloved personal style, paring your wardrobe down to 'mad, passionate loves'. because you talk about how to do it practically speaking but also the emotional effects and transformations. steph