Thursday, 24 January 2013

How to make a bag for a little girl

post signatureThis is the granny square bag I made for the birthday of a little girl ,classmate of my daughter. If you want to make one just follow the simple instructions.

 First you make a couple of granny squares depending on the size you want the bag to be. I used 8 big ones.
 Join them together with a needle or hook . I used a needle.
 Fold in almost 1/3 of the length to get the aquired shape of a little basic bag and start stiching to secure in place.
Choose a couple of lovely buttons. I used the buttons of an old cardigan.
 Pick 3 more granny squares....
Fold in half and stich

Then place next to each other and stich to form a basic handle

 Ta - da a couples of hours later the little bag is ready to be gifted.
P.S I didn't have much time to line it but you can do it and to be honest it's the right thing to do.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Easy look

post signatureThese are 3 of my basic equestrian looks this week . This is how I do it.
I will take inspiration from my board in Pinterest then I go back to my closet and create an outfit.
My outfits look a lot similar but it's not out of lack of creativity but because I 'm building a strong sense of style.

  Here is a closer look.Have a nice week everyone.!!!

Monday, 14 January 2013

Equestrian inspiration

Just a quick pass to say hallo and demonstrate my rekindle of equestrian style. I still find it elegant and practical and lots of the clothes I accumulated the last 5 years seem to fit this particular style.
But I confess I get a lot of inspiration from the board I have created in pinterest .
I don't of course have all the luxury stuff it's required but I make do. Go and check my board and get inspired,too.
 This post is for the Visible Monday series over at Pattie's and what I want to make visible today is that we don't need new stuff only new ways to wear what we have.
If we don't master this attitude it's a spending money and disatisfaction spiral.

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Monday, 7 January 2013

I made these

Hi! everyone.These two beauties are the result of my hand work during the holidays period. Totaly useful and so easy to make. As many of you know I have the crochet bug and I advise all of you to start creating little things for yourself preferably short projects that you can see the results immidiately.
For those of you who wonder how I got the skills the answer is go to utube and you will find thousands of projects and tutorials.
A good source of inspiration is Pinterest . You just write crochet in the search tab and there you go.Watch out , though , as it can be addictive to pin all these beautiful projects.

I decided to share my doings and outfit with you as part of Pattie's Visible Monday post and you can do the same so as to make a vibrant community of real life ladies! I've noticed lots of you ladies want to shop less this year cause you already have more than enough. I'm telling you cause I've been there...the best way to inject new life to your wardrobe without spending the earth and without feeling quilty is to create something yourself.
Stop the excuses and start creating.

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Saturday, 5 January 2013

Crochet & Denim pillows

My year started with an urge of inspiration and the result was a pair of pillows! I used vintage denim fabric and two crochet pieces I made the year before.
I basically recycled things I have in stock and turned them into something pretty and useful.
Never mind the imperfections ...I love them to pieces.
I'm in the middle of crocheting a round scarf and cowl neck scarf. I've already finished a crochet bag. I'll keep you posted!