Thursday, 31 December 2009

Out in the garden

Today was lovely weather indeed so I thought to venture out in the garden  to take my pictures. It looks peaceful in the picture and you don't see the 3 dogs and the six bikes all out there.
My outfit today is inspired by parisian chic because of the berret hat. As you can see I remix a lot with my denim skirt and the black turtleneck but hey that's what real women do.
I usually get inspiration from other fashion blogs and always find ways to remix what I already own.
I also realised that by simply using more colour ,accessories and hats I start creating a style of my own that actually evolves.
I'm really curious to see where this is going to take me cause I suspect it's less about clothes and more about a trip to manifest who I really am.

Or is it plain swallow to take my photos like this almosst every day?

Monday, 28 December 2009

The belted look

It's the second day after Christmas and although I don't go to school things go back to normal which means lots of household work and a lot of noise of the children plus their friends hanging around.
So the first thought when I picked this outfit was how to escape all these just for a while.(basically I like all this fuss)

I put on my hat ,my oh so handy cardigan,my white t shirt plus tank combo to give some colour and my black leggings and boots.Piece of cake!!!!!

Sunday, 27 December 2009

After christmas

After two days of non stop eating and drinking with family and friends we took the kids out on a picknick by the olive trees .To top it all of the day was glorious and the field was very close to the beach.
This is what I wore for this short trip.
A basic black tshirt ,my capri pants tucked into my boots (very practical) ,my favourite scarf for this winter and a dress I was given afew months ago that I had no clue about how to style it (too short and too tight).

Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Today was another pretty warm but rainy day. So no question about shoes, it had to be the boots.
For the rest what intriques me the most is to play around with what I already own ,to make full use of my clothes and occassionally shop.
I beleive that's how one gets creative . So I put my black skirt over the dress from the day before and I employed my simple tank top together with the cardi.
I admit that since the idea of layering skirts became known to me I think about ways to work my skirts together.And my dresses and my t shirts and.......
It's a whole world  and a total new way of getting dressed

Monday, 14 December 2009

Today I got more adventurous about my outfit but not that much as to wear it in my job. Instead ,I wore it to take my daughter to ballet class. I got some weird looks since I had my summer shoes on and I had layered two short dresses.
I 'm not sure about the result but I enjoed my first attempt to layer dresses.
All these are very new to me and I'm very pleased I took the chance.
No harm was done and the earth still moves around.

dress given to me by a friend
top dress as a gift by elle magazine

Saturday, 12 December 2009

This is my first day at work after being sick.My mood is to look fresh and feel happy.This is a cheerful outfit because after all I never thought I could put an outfit like this out of my clothes.
Since I decided to go with my gut feeling in all the things that matter to me a sense of being creative with clothes emerged.
And what better way to keep me motivated and inspired than a blog..
Anyway ,I got this dress for just 2 euro's from a chinanese shop just because I could see the potential of it.Here I wore it with a plum colour tank top underneath and a dark plum coloured cardigan over it.
As final touches I added my favourite elastic belt and my polka dots scarf.( unfortunately it doesn't show in the photos).

tank top Berska
summer dress chinese market
cardigan Zara ( I made shorter by folding it and kept it in place with my one and only belt extraordinaire).

since I got better today I thought I might as well celebrate it. Add to that it's christmas period and ta da what a better opportunity to put on my golden shirt.
That's how I callit anyway. It was bought about a year ago on my last visit to my home town. Now why on earth did I bye a shirt that is a) a shirt that is difficult to wear b)a golden shirt even more difficult to wear c)it's got some kind of pleats in the front,impossible to wear.
But somehow I knew it was time for me to find a way to wear it. So I took up the challenge and paired it with a long sleeved t shirt and belted it under my summer denim skirt . To top it all of I used a summer dress as an under layer to the denim skirt.

golden shirt local market
purple t shirt Berska
denim skirt Max Mara
summer dress Berska
green suede shoes stock house

Thursday, 10 December 2009

It's raining outside but inside is hot .I still have some trouble with my cold but I put some effort and took out one of my few printed pieces.
This is a colourful printed blouse I bought a year ago to wear it for my son's birthday party.
Since I wasn't sure how to wear it it stayed in my closet for a year gathering dust.
But as soon as I became more skilled in the consept of layering it came to life again. Today I wore it over a mid thigh black T-shirt together with my cropped pants(remember how they make me seem slimmer) tacked into my black riding boots.
To top it all of I wore my favourite purple scarf (also for practical reasons, to warm my in pain throat).
Here comes my thought of the day a bit extreme I may add.Do you sometimes attribute human qualities to your clothing like this one needs a rest or the other one feels sad for not being used or that some clothes take their time until you become mature enough to wear them?
Am I taking this to extremes?

Leather boots stockhouse
cropped pants Zara
mid thigh black t shirt Stradivarius
colourful blouse Berska
fake pearl like bracelet purple scarf from somewhere cheap

My first post ever

Well this was a tough one since I stayed home all day being sick.It could be the swan fly for all I know .
I put on my cropped pants cause they make me look slim a black T shirt (a good friend gave me) and my college looking vest.
But what makes this outfit special is the thin black belt.
I've never before thought of putting these clothes together let alone incorporate one of the hottest trends of this winter ,the thin belt.
I bought 3 of them (black,bright blue and white) in the beggining of the season in a pung of inspiration and those belts alone (2euro each) inspired me to put together many outfits.
have you ever bought a little something that had a huge impact in your wardrobe?

black Tee shirt given
vest by Zara
cropped pants by Zara
thin belt by Berska
shoes stockhouse

This is what I wore yesterday while I was mentaly debating about having a fashion blog .For a few months now I 'm an avid reader of such blogs and  I thought the time was right to make one myself!
So this is my first pose ever taken in a corner of my kitchen!!!