Thursday, 31 December 2009

Out in the garden

Today was lovely weather indeed so I thought to venture out in the garden  to take my pictures. It looks peaceful in the picture and you don't see the 3 dogs and the six bikes all out there.
My outfit today is inspired by parisian chic because of the berret hat. As you can see I remix a lot with my denim skirt and the black turtleneck but hey that's what real women do.
I usually get inspiration from other fashion blogs and always find ways to remix what I already own.
I also realised that by simply using more colour ,accessories and hats I start creating a style of my own that actually evolves.
I'm really curious to see where this is going to take me cause I suspect it's less about clothes and more about a trip to manifest who I really am.

Or is it plain swallow to take my photos like this almosst every day?

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