Saturday, 2 January 2010

70's feeling in 2010

Today was another fine day and but really hot for this time of the year.It makes me worry because the climate is changing really fast and we don't seem to do something drastic about it.
I chose this outfit because I wanted to wear my LBD as a skirt.Out of necessity (it's the only long sleeved I've got) I wore this purple long sleeve and to top it all of I put on my 3 years old red tank top.

Because of red and purple I felt like venturing in the 70's hence the scarf on my head . A bit of accessories to make the end result more interesting and I'm set to go.
Lately, I get a lot of compliments that I don't wear the same outfits plus I get a lot comments on how big and stuffed my closet is. Well ,I'm working on showing you tomorrow the contents of my closet.

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