Sunday, 3 January 2010

My little china dress

I'm very pleased with the fact that I've managed until now to not show any of our six bikes or our 3 dogs .
Today I surprised myself because a) I wore this multi colourfull dress without looking like I go through a middle age crisis and b) I put on my boots with this pair of socks with lace ending that I didn;t know how to wear for 10 years now but I didn't feel it in my heart to throw away.

I 'm so happy that everything looks decent and the denim skirt adds lenght to the dress.
Now here is the photo I took of my closet. I'm a big believer  of the consept that you don't need tons of money to look stylish . What you need is tons of creativity . This alone with some common sense will make your wardrobe go from drab to fab.

I only own another drawer with clothes from summer and clothes that I wear indoors or shabby old favourites of mine. Plus a few coats and Jackets. (I plan to do some photos of my coat and jacket small collection.
Hey I'm a real woman so no fancy ultra modern stuff around. Everithing you see in my blog until now comes from this closet. Have a nice day!!!!!

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