Thursday, 7 January 2010

chinese dress challenge day 2

It's been an amazing holiday period for me and my family that today comes to an end . Tomorrow morning me  and the kids will go back to school.
We took good rest ,we played board games ,we spent time with members of the family and now we are ready to face the challenges of the new year.
Speaking of challenges here is a minor one. How to wear my favourite dress for 5 days in a row .
Yesterday I had it with my boyfriend jacket on .Today, I put it over my denim skirt and purple long sleeved t shirt. Then ,I accessorised with my ring and bracellete and I chose my red shoes to inject a bit more colour.
I'm pleased with the end result. I managed to create a confy ,warm,interesting outfit using what I already own.
How do you feel each time you create a new outfit out of what you already have? An  outfit that you hadn't think of it before?  Good luck for the rest of the day !!!!

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