Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I've never had pink pants in my life before. Not even in my 20s . Is this called streching my confort zone or being ridiculus at the ripe age of 43?

pants-miss swan top given by mom-jewels berska-shoes reebok

Because of  photoshop demon I appear both tall and short and it's a bit of a mind game to me.

I don't want to cheat so after I took the photos and because it's bloody cold at the moment I threw my warm sweater on and left for school. I think you should see that ,too.

Now that i see the photos there is a slight 70s vibe on my outfit today and it's surely by the  orange color and the fabric of my pants.See hoe the color on the bangles mixes with my outfit.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Green pants again

It's gloomy and cold. The news are bad really bad.There is insecurity all around and I try to find a way to feel positive.I know everything will be better in the end but...what we do now.
I felt like wearing my bright colors to give me a lift.After all colorblocking is a huge trend for the comming summer as well. For more on trends and how to be fashionable over 40 visit Patti's blog Not dead yet .There you will find many real life bloggers forming a warm community.

green pants stigma-pink sweater zara- cobalt blue cardigan massimo dutti-shoes converse

The scarf is what I wear as a sarong in the summer. It felt so good to put it on and tie the colors together. The pants I wore in 10 different ways in a pang of insipation back in the summer. Take a look and figure out for yourself how much you can do with a pair of green pants. You can also vote which one you like the best.

which of the 10 do you like best?
Red jacket and gingam
Floral and cobalt blue
Purple silk top
White top and scarf
Animal print and black
Purple and print
Red top and animal print scarf
White shirt
Beige waistcoat and scarf

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Friday, 27 January 2012

The court dress

This was one of the most stressful days of my adult life. It involved my appearance in the court. I've never done that before but it turned out well so it was worth the ...panic.

dress marks &spencer-shirt gift-belt bangle necklace sradivarious
I chose this dress ,well it's obvious why,because it's serious but I wanted to bring some of my personality to the outfit to make me feel confortable in my skin. So I put on some of my favorite accessories as you know by now.

When this necklace and I met for the first time I just knew it would be a great accessory to my wardrobe because it's so versatile and colorful. It's also the one accessorie that you loved the first time I posted a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Aviator converse

I was inspired by a photoshoot called the aviator . I don't know how much of an aviator you see in my outfit but I surely enjoyed the process of putting it together .

pants &cardigan zara- turtlleneck top berska-fur collar stradivarious-belt skondras
I've always wanted to do the pants -converse look , it's sort of sporty chic to me and an adult way to wear converse. The over 40 way that is.

I got nice compliments about the fur collar and I wore it once more today but this time I pinned it on the cardi and I think I got a different look. What do you think?

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Styling is a challenge

Today I got a great compliment at work. A colleaque said she saw this dotty shirt of mine on a pile of clothes (that's where I got it from) and looked awful. But when she saw it on me it looked great. That's what I love about styling ...how any cloth can be transformed.

dotty shirt on sale-black sweater marks &spencer-chaki shirt husband's own-stripped scarf zara belt skondras
I even figuered 2 ways to wear the shirt ,that's how much I like it. For the second one my husband commented I look like a cow girl.Can this be so?

As for the accessories I love how the animal print matches the dots.I could never figure this out a few years ago.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Luxury has always been so elusive to me. I've never worn gold or velvet or fur or lace until recently. What I realize now is that they give instant glamour to an outfit and healthy amounts of confidence to my behaviour.

dress zara-pink shirt local shop on sale-fur collar&belt stradivarious
 In today's outfit I just added this fake fur collar and suddenly I felt so classy and 50's kind of lady. Oh! I suspect those women knew how to dress. Even now when I look at photos of this era I always get amazed at how well dressed people were even if they were poor. I don't know maybe they wore their special clothes just for the photos.

The jewels today were bought seperately but match so good together and their retro vibe matches the fur collar.
The truth is that I felt luxurious today but for just a while because then I turned on the TV to watch the news and the miserable reality kicked in my living room and I felt desperate and helpless the rest of the evening.I should have known better and throw my TV out of the window.

But let's change the mood a bit and go over at Patti's blog for the Visible Monday series. There one can find many real life bloggers who try to make themselves visible no matter what the situation is.

Friday, 20 January 2012

What a shirt

On my way to work today I found on sale this pretty shirt and another one in pink.The cost for both was 2 euro. And although I don't have money left to spend it was such a good deal to pass by. This is how I styled the blue one today.

shirt on sale local shop- waist coat &skirt given by friend-belt stradivarious -cardigan zara-scarf oh la la

What I did today is to show off how by changing the accessories one can get a totally different look. I wore the first outfit during the day and the second in the evening.

You can see here how nice and dotty the shirt is and the velvet texture of the waist coat against the (fake) leather skirt. The shirt has a satin like feeling like the scarf so maybe it doesn't show on the photos well but it felt quite luxurious when on.
Wishes for a happy weekend ,everybody!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Mistake or not I like this dress

It seems this is the month that I will style all my pieces that are difficult to wear. This dress Was on sale and I loved the pattern but never bothered to try it while on store.Yea! one of those dresses! When I put it on I felt like a cleaning lady.But so nice pattern...I had to give it a try.

shirt dress berska-cardigan &skirt zara-belt&scarf stradivarious-sweater swapped.
First is the lady like version and then the more casual one that I admit wore the whole day yesterday and today.

Old , swapped and vintage like accessories  are what I used to spice up this outfit.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Grandma's cardigan

There are a few pieces in my wardrobe like today's cardigan that I bought because they are a challenge ( to me ) to style. I call this cardi a grandma's cardi because  much older women wear them in Greece. I challenged myself to give it a different style. This is what I came up with.

t shirt zara-yellow sweater zara-cardigan local market-trousers levi's- shoes reebok
In this post you can also see in all it's glory one of my diy disasters.It happened when I decided to shorten the most expensive (120 euros)pants I own , myself. I hemmed more than I should and destroyed the pants.

This swapped bracelet is not of extraordinary quality but has become a staple with me lately because I love its design and how it stays in one place when put on. I hate bangles that don't fit and are ready to slip of my wrist any time.My wrists are so thin that it's difficult to find something that fits. Tell me you have the same problem!

This is how I've worn it in 30 for 30 challenge automn 2010. I still have 7 more attempts to go.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Shopping for potential

Some years ago , I bought this tartan shirt from a local clothes manufacturer with mixed feelings ,mainly because it was cheap and seemed like a basic piece. In my mind , it wasn't female enough or adult enough ( you know... grunge looks) to contribute much to my style.

skirt max mara-shirt local shop-scarf & belt Stradivarious-bag voque-earrings oh la la
Now I love its strong red color and its classic pattern and I hope to make a lot of creative outfits out of this shirt the years to come. ( It's a strong cotton/polyester bland and doesn't wear out).

I was never a big fun of long earrings but I'm into reconsidering mood. I've worn this pair twice but I always liked the color. Now that I come to think of it both the shirt and the earrings , I bought because they had potential and a good price and not because I really liked . Where does that leave me in terms of conscious shopping ?
I'm not sure but I'm glad I have both in my possession.

           ***** This is how I've worn my tartan shirt in the last month. We talk about a big crash!*****

Check out so many more lovely outfits on Visible Monday 's series of one of my favorite bloggers Patty.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

My favorite patterned skirt

When I shopped this skirt in the summer I was with a close friend.I fell in love with the pattern and its colors but my friend tried to stop me from buying it.I'm glad I didn't listen. No one knows what are our preferences except from us.

skirt yessika-tshirt thrifted cardi blossom-necklaces berska

I so like patterned skirts because I can mix so easily with ny colored tops and have a more creative outfit.Today I went a step further and teamed pattern with strippes but colors are matching so nicely I don't even see it. Or is it only me?

You can see here all details ,the pattern ,the colors and the 3 little buttons on the tshirt that I especially like.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Accessories fever

While I write this post there is a large pizza baking in the oven for tonight's dinner. Everything is fairly  clean and organised and just about time to write my post. It's a big commitment for me to post everyday and a bit of planning is needed to arrange for my outfit , the shooting part ,the edit part ,the actual writing the post and my most favorite reading and answering comments. What I do is split the parts during the day leaving the comments part for when kids are asleep.I try not to spend more than 15 minutes for each part more or less.

dress thrifted sinequanont sweater marks &spencer belt and necklace stradivarious
This is a summer dress that I can easily wear in the winter as well when the weather gets mild. What I like is its muted colors that are easy to combine with similar colored sweaters and tights.

But what I like most about this outfit is the recently bought accessories like the belt and the necklace. I picked both because of their bold colors . I hope I didn't make a mess of my outfit because I was impatient to wear all my new accessories!!!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

A bit of luxury

It's sales time here in Greece and a shopping fever took over me . I hadn't been in a shop for months but I managed to save a few bucks so last week I looked around and made a few purchases , mostly accessories. For the first time my shopping was targeted and filled some gaps. This faux leather collar was something I had in mind to add a  touch of luxury and warmth to my outfits. I bought it in black and emerald as well.

fur collar stradivarious-shirt thrifted-skirt guasimodo??
The black skirt is of 2 years ago and it's a very basic grandmother-ish skirt but I gave it a little twist by belting it a bit higher than my natural waist. By doing so I changed the proportions and the fit is better and the skirt looks more modern.

However , my main  issue today  was adding a bit of luxury to my outfit by using my silk skirt , my faux fur collar and vintage like bracelet.

So what I learnt today is that by changing the proportions and by adding a bit of luxury I can turn my somehow oldfashioned skirt into something more special.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The belted vest look

Usually my husband has something nice to say about my outfit. Today he blantly said he doesn't like my outfit. I went from surprised to disappointed to angry and then I just ignored his comment and went on with my day!

scarf blanko-cardi zara- vest sprider stores-belt massimo dutti-boots old
I know that I wear these pants a lot lately but it's very cold around here and they keep me warm and match my boots well.

Both bracelets are swaped and the scarf and belt are bought on sale which makes me double happy when I wear them.I hate paying full price when I know how much it cost for the products to be made and even worse when I think under which conditions they are made.
I dream that one day I will be able to make my own clothes and accessories and only buy what I need to make them.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Just simple

I barely keep my eyes open but I promised an outfit a day. However, I never promised a great outfit a day and this is all I could come up with.

Sweater Armani-shirt gift from mum-belt skondras
The story behind the shirt goes like this: It was given to me and it's a man's shirt , very thick good quality cotton. Immediately adopted this old fashioned shirt and promised myself to style it at least in 10 different ways before I gave it away. Don't ask why I felt the need to do it ,I still have 7 more ways to go.

The only creative note on my outfit was this animal print belt.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Would you call this nautical?

I love nautical look but in a subtle (?)way. I mean not simply red ,white and blue. All these colors are in my outfit but in the form of the patterns which makes things a bit more interesting.

silk shirt thrifted-cotton dress thrifted-obi belt made by me
I plan to add simple cotton dresses in my wardrobe (better say sew myself) in many colors as they make great layering pieces .This one was bought a year ago for just 1euro and I plan to embelish the hem line.

I only tried to match the colors but the patterns match in a weird way like nautical and hawaian surfer's pattern together.For me this takes the outfit to a totally different level as it speaks to my love of combining things.Not everyone can notice or appreciate it but I feel special wearing this outfit and that makes my day a bit more fun.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

My weekend

Some days are just for comfort , like when it's Saturday and my little world is falling apart unless I did something like shopping groceries,cleaning,cooking,doing laundry and studying.
My outfit had to be simple but my accessories did the trick and saved the day.See for yourself...

strippes zara -sweater marks &spencer-scarf blanco-bag utterque-vest sprider
I think my accessories deserve a better presantation today and I have to note that the little yellow bracelet with the bow is made by me .

Now , it's later in the afternoon already and I am going to relax with my family watching a movie. Have a nice Sunday!

Friday, 6 January 2012

How to bring summer in the middle of winter

Although it rains hard all day today I litteraly carry a piece of summer with me . How come you may wonder . It's the scarf that doubles as something to wrap around my body in the summer , after coming out of the sea. But the colors and the pattern are great so I coudn't resist to style my outfit for today around it.

scarf local market in Greece-cardi &stripped tshirt zara-belt massimo dutti-shoes roma Italy
What I learnt today from looking at my photo is that strippes in small doses together with a pattern and a strong color that echoes the pattern make for a safe , stylish outfit.

I bought the shoes 2 years ago when kitten heels and pointed toes were not in fashion. I bought them all the same because they are a classic design with 50s vibe and because the heels don't kill me while walking.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Remix evolution

The skirt that I obsessively remix today used to be a halterneck dress which didn't do justice to my upper body as it's usually the case to all 40+ women with this kind of dresses. I love how it turned out but still the pattern of the skirt is a bit unusual . So I vowed to make it versatile. Here is my results...

skirt thrifted and altered- stripped shirt zara - stripped t shirt zara- tartan shirt gifted -black cardi mark and spencer.
I like full skirts but I'm not sure how to wear them. Today I tried to wear my skirt a little higher of my natural waist and belt it. From what I see in the photos it gives a nice sillhouette .

A bit of pink and turquoise to spice things up...

and textured black tights and edgy belt to keep it interesting.

I've made an attempt to style this skirt multiple ways back this summer but the result wasn't me , if you know what I mean.

But this post wouldn't be complete unless I listed my very first attempt to style this skirt 2 years ago...

What you can see is a) it's a halter neck dress b) I did all the photoshop tricks I knew on the photo!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Ethnic inspired

I've been accumulating basics , prints and accessories for two years now and finally I feel like I have all ingredients to cook up new outfits. It could be that my inspiration is running high . I even went a little ethnic today which I heard is a minor trend this year ,which means it could be huge next season which means I'm even ahead of fashion or so I wish!

scarf bianco-denim shirt berska-belt massimo dutti-dress berska-overcoat burberry

What I can say for sure is that every little thing on this outfit is bought on sale which shows that I can restrain myself. I even went shopping today only to find out that sales don't start until tomorrow so I just spotted a few accessories and went back home.

I fell in love with the scarf which has a beautiful pattern and warm colors that I particullary love .The belt makes for nice military and safari inspired looks but I haven't explored these domains jet.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Happy again

jeans levi's-yellow sweater zara-shoes massimo dutti-tartan shirt present by mom

You don't see double today , it's just the way to disguise my poor skills in photography . I hope the planned purchase of a tripod will improve my photos.
Well, the sun shines today , I wear bright red and yellow and a few of yesterday's problems are already history. I feel...sooo positive .

I find a lot of my accessories during the sales period in 2 european brands namely Berska and Stradivarius. They are the brands that cater for younger clients but both belong to Zara.
I also get a lot of my jewellery via swaps and I have to admit I enjoy this a lot more . This great bracelet of mine today is from a local swap during christmas period.