Wednesday, 11 January 2012

The belted vest look

Usually my husband has something nice to say about my outfit. Today he blantly said he doesn't like my outfit. I went from surprised to disappointed to angry and then I just ignored his comment and went on with my day!

scarf blanko-cardi zara- vest sprider stores-belt massimo dutti-boots old
I know that I wear these pants a lot lately but it's very cold around here and they keep me warm and match my boots well.

Both bracelets are swaped and the scarf and belt are bought on sale which makes me double happy when I wear them.I hate paying full price when I know how much it cost for the products to be made and even worse when I think under which conditions they are made.
I dream that one day I will be able to make my own clothes and accessories and only buy what I need to make them.


  1. Menw proswrina Thessaloniki logw spoudwn, etsi sas milaw apo ekei!!I mama m einai apo Kriti!Ara ki egw ;)
    Poly omorfo outfit, to entono xrwma tis mplouzas kanei ti diafora!
    POlla filia kali m!

  2. I think you look great in the outfit. I especially like the boots.

  3. I like the look...

    Last night, my husband told me that the food I'd prepared tasted terrible. My daughter and I looked at each other and raised our eyebrows, like "what's gotten in to him?"

  4. ti omorfa axesouar***se kathe sou post ta thaumazw!!euxaristw polu gia to comment sou*ti fousta tin pira perisi apo ta Bershka*kai tin exw kataboleutei!filakia pollaaaaa**