Sunday, 29 January 2012

Green pants again

It's gloomy and cold. The news are bad really bad.There is insecurity all around and I try to find a way to feel positive.I know everything will be better in the end but...what we do now.
I felt like wearing my bright colors to give me a lift.After all colorblocking is a huge trend for the comming summer as well. For more on trends and how to be fashionable over 40 visit Patti's blog Not dead yet .There you will find many real life bloggers forming a warm community.

green pants stigma-pink sweater zara- cobalt blue cardigan massimo dutti-shoes converse

The scarf is what I wear as a sarong in the summer. It felt so good to put it on and tie the colors together. The pants I wore in 10 different ways in a pang of insipation back in the summer. Take a look and figure out for yourself how much you can do with a pair of green pants. You can also vote which one you like the best.

which of the 10 do you like best?
Red jacket and gingam
Floral and cobalt blue
Purple silk top
White top and scarf
Animal print and black
Purple and print
Red top and animal print scarf
White shirt
Beige waistcoat and scarf free polls 


  1. Love those green pants - you are styling them very nicely with your pretty scarves and jewelry. I hope things begin to turn around for your beautiful country very soon.

  2. Very versatile looks with the green pants! Color blocking at its best! Seeing your bright colors makes me yearn for Spring.

  3. There are several of these stylings I like. I couldn't just choose one or two. My favorite is the top one, the one you are wearing to cheer yourself up. And of course, why haven't I used my sarong as a scarf? Like you, I am watching news of the euro closely.

  4. the green pants remix is so neat! the cuffs look FANTASTIC!

    dash dot dotty

  5. I'm quiiiiiiiiiiiiite a big fan of these pants. I want to wear them!!!

    <3 Cambria

  6. I love the green pants with the purple!

  7. Oh but I voted for poll #10 - beige waistcoat and scarf. I love that style!

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  8. μου αρέσει το παντελόνι σου!

  9. hey lovely!
    great post :)
    would you maybe like to follow each other?